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Felt food

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Kawaii Sweets Jewelry By Kawaii Factory. Have you seen the sweet jewelry made by Spanish Lolita kawaii designer Pinkarol?

Kawaii Sweets Jewelry By Kawaii Factory

I am a sucker for pastels so I love all of this, especially the donut bracelets. Show the world some kawaii love. Escape Artist - Eat yer heart out, Krispy Kreme. Felt fruit salad tutorial. I love fruit salads because they are so colourful and bright, but sadly I don’t like a lot of the fruits that go in them (I am very picky!)

Felt fruit salad tutorial

So I decided to make a felt fruit salad! I can look at all the pretty colours and not have to eat any of it!! Perfect!! Download the pattern sheet here, it has the patterns for all the fruits on it. How to make the apples pieces. Felt ice cream cone tutorial. Felt ice cream face keyring by ~kneazlegurl125 on deviantART. Fruit Cream & Berries Cassis Mini Felt Cakes. Ah....

Fruit Cream & Berries Cassis Mini Felt Cakes

Been neglecting the blog for quite a few days. :P Being home makes me complacent - daily activities consist of eating, sleeping, onlining and watching TV. Even the fun of crafting seems to be wearing off. . :/ Membuat krim flanel. Seorang bunda, sahabat Griya Kreasi Nupi, menanyakan bagaimana cara membuat krim dari flanel untuk topping kue-kue flanel seperti ini....

Membuat krim flanel

Atau seperti ini.... Berikut ini langkah-langkah mudah membuat krim :) Cream flower. Mini cake tutorial. This weekend I am sharing a tutorial to make cute little cakes with fruit decoration!

Mini cake tutorial

These little cakes are very similar in method to making the banana slices from my fruit salad tutorial. Click on the pattern below to enlarge it and save/print off the pattern. Step 1.Print off the pattern above and use it to cut out your felt pieces. I decided to make a chocolate cake with chocolate icing, but you can make lots of variety.You could have vanilla cake with white or strawberry icing, chocolate cake with red icing… even green cake with blue icing if you wanted!

Step 2.Start by sewing the felt icing on top of the felt cake side piece. Step 3. When you get all the way around you will find the ends of the cake side overlap by about 1/2cm. Step 4.Now do a running stitch down the overlapping area of the felt cake side. Step by step DIY felt cream flower. Various cream flower is best decoration for desserts or cake.

Step by step DIY felt cream flower

Let’s have a look how to make this simple cream flower. 1. Yummy Felt Cake. This looks too good to eat!

Yummy Felt Cake

And it's made out of felt! What you need. Strawberry keychain tutorial. To go with the launch of my strawberry tote bag pattern here is a free tutorial to make the cute little strawberry keychain that goes with it!

Strawberry keychain tutorial

Step1.Cut out a 10cm diamater circle from red fabric or felt. The circle can be a bit bigger or small if you like.Cut the circle in half. Step2.Decorate one side of the semi circle with beads, or stitches in white/yellow. Try to make them stretch out from the center bottom edge. Step3.Fold the semi circle in half, decorated sides together, and sew along the edge bottom edge. Step 4.Do a loose running stitch around the top edge of the semi circle. Step5.Cut a circle from green felt, it should be about 4cm in diameter, but does not need to be perfect. Sunflo’s Cake Felt Craft Tutorial (1) « sunflower. October 3, 2010 at 4:39 pm Siap beraksi lagi?

Sunflo’s Cake Felt Craft Tutorial (1) « sunflower

Chocolate Mousse Cake untuk Tempat Tisu « sunflower. March 18, 2012 at 10:12 pm Kali ini aq mo narsis ajah ah… Mo mejengin karya dadakanku…, kalau mo nyontek, silahkan… Yang mo order… Hmmm, ntar dulu lah… :roll:

Chocolate Mousse Cake untuk Tempat Tisu « sunflower

Cara Membuat Mini Pie Cake dari Flanel ala Diriku… *.^ « sunflower. November 3, 2010 at 8:03 am Awalnya aku ga pede n masih tuing-tuing di benakku, gmana ya cara bikin pie cake atawa tartlet dari flanel itu?? Apalagi kue pie kecil a.k.a mini petite… ^^ Tapi setelah nyuba-nyuba, trial n error… alhamdulillaaah bisa juga neh, prens… Rollcake Felt Craft Tutorial (Kreasi Flanel Rollcake) « sunflower. Cara Membuat Mini Slice Rollcake ala Sunflo « sunflower.

November 23, 2010 at 9:54 am Di tengah suasana hiruk pikuk pembuatan wedding souvenir yang belum kelar… (haiyyah! Lebay!) Cara Membuat Donat Flanel ala Sunflo « sunflower. November 28, 2010 at 2:57 am. Sunflo’s Cake Felt Craft Tutorial (2) « sunflower. October 4, 2010 at 6:38 am. Cara Simpel Membuat Burger Mini Flanel ala Novi « sunflower. March 4, 2012 at 8:13 pm. Lit'l Brown Bird's Passion. The *Handmade Felt Cake* Pool. Full listing of felt toys patterns, DIY packages, Bundle from fairyfox. Felt lollipop. Loopy Felt Flower by Sister Diane. If there ever was a classic instant-gratification craft, it’s the venerable felt flower. I was playing around one day, and stumbled upon this method for making an interesting zinnia-style design. Hope you like! First, you need some strips of felt. I’m using a variety of widths here: 2 1/4″, 1 3/4″ and 1 1/2″. They should be at least 6″ long.

Fold a strip in half lengthwise. Then, cut a series of slits into the folded edge. Snip your way along about 6″ of the strip, and leave any excess attached for now. Now, thread up a sewing needle with about 18″ of doubled thread, and tie a secure knot in the end. (I should add: I’m using contrasting thread here for visibility. As you sew, pull on the thread to gather the strip. Take a couple little tack stitches through the end of the gathers to lock them in place. Now, fold the flower in half, matching the two ends as shown. Gently flatten the flower and adjust the gathers. Glue that felt circle to the back of the flower with tacky glue. Kristin.