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- Geek Chic - Custom, Handcrafted Furniture & Accessories for the Geek Lifestyle

- Geek Chic - Custom, Handcrafted Furniture & Accessories for the Geek Lifestyle
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Hilinski Crokinole Boards home for-sale how-we-build crokinole crokinole-gallery crokinole-slideshow premium-slideshow about-us Welcome to Carl and Stan Hilinski's crokinole and carrom web page. Crokinole and carrom are very old, wooden board games that were invented hundreds of years ago, We make them for fun and almost no profit. Each board is one-of-a-kind; we do not like to make duplicates! You can see pictures of our past boards in our crokinole gallery and in our carrom gallery, and you can now see a slideshow of our crokinole boards. You can also see a slideshow of our custom and special crokinole boards. Want to buy one? Crokinole is a board game that was probably invented in the 1860s or 1870s somewhere in either Canada or the northern United States. Want to build your own board? Carrom is played on a square board with pockets. Send us email if you have questions or comments.

NZ unveils Stonehenge replica Nestled into the verdant hills of the New Zealand region of the Wairarapa is the world's newest "Stonehenge" but this henge is no mere pastiche. Instead, Stonehenge Aotearoa, which opened this weekend, is a full-scale adaptation of its Salisbury Plain ancestor, built to work for the Antipodes. The aim of the Kiwi Stonehenge is to help people rediscover the basics of astronomy. "You can read as much as you like in a book how the sun and the moon work, how people use stars to navigate by, or to foretell the seasons," says Richard Hall, president of the Phoenix Astronomical Society which built the henge. "You stand here amongst the henge and you show people exactly how it works. Somehow it simplifies it and it becomes that much more easy to understand," he said. To build Stonehenge Aotearoa, about an hour's drive from New Zealand's capital of Wellington, the society received a government grant of NZ$56,500. Giants' shoulders Difficult interpretation "You can learn at day.

Contemporary Lighting - Euro Inspired Modern Light Fixtures, Ceiling Lights and Lamps - Euro Style Lighting I read a lot of threads about being lonely, sad or unhappy in ge DIY Backyard Deck Tired of having no solid clean place to sit outside this guy decided to change his backyard a little bit. His backyard was identical to every neighbor and he wanted to set his yard apart from the rest. It all started with this concept drawing below. Here is the initial concept. Laying out the posts was a crucial part of the design. After measurements were taken it was time to lay out some chairs to see if the dimensions were comfortable. Digging post holes sucks. The post holes were dug 4 feet deep. Treated hardwood for the frame work and some beautiful cedar deck planks. Time to set the beams. He doubled up the main beam for strength and properly plumbed and leveled everything. 16″ on center with 2×8 joists may be a little overkill but this deck will last a lifetime. 70 plus joist hangers with 10 screws a piece = 2 broken drill bits and a sore hand. He ran into a slight problem here due to the house not being completely square. Some stairs like he planned. And how about a vegetable garden!

Boardgame Players Association MovableType Successfully Installed on Windows XP To be honest, I don’t know too much about Perl. However, to make the best weblog system work – Movable Type, I installed Perl onto my Windows XP machine from scretch. I believe I am not alone to install MT to Windows XP machines – although I believe there will not be too many people doing so – so I’d like to record the steps for other’s reference. Environment Windows XP Inetnet Information Server (IIS) Install Perl on Windows XP Download ActivePerl for Windows XP from ActiveState. Download MT source code Download the MT source code from Configure IIS for Perl and perl script with .CGI extension to work I know it is wired for more green hand to have CGI run on Windows computer. Configure MT to work on my site Open MT.cfg Changed the CGIPath to Changed DataSource to c:\inetpub\wwwroot\mt\db\ (Alex reminded me that I need to state that you have to create the db folder yourself. Updated: Install additional MT modules 1.

Wedding Favors, Unique Wedding Favors, Personalized Wedding Gifts, Party Bridal Shower Favors - Council of Five Nations - Adventure Gaming Convention - General Information Overview | Schenectady Wargamers Association Council of Five Nations XXXVI October 11-13, 2013 General Information Overview Last Update: Tuesday, October 5th, 2013 Council of Five Nations is the SWA's annual gaming convention, held every year on Columbus Day Weekend in October. It is one of the longest-running adventure gaming conventions in the world. Please use the links below to get the most up-to-date info on the status of the convention. If you have specific questions or requests, please email us at council /at/ (please replace the "/at/" with the standard "@". What's the latest news? As always, watch this page for the latest Council of Five Nations news. Big News for this year: 50% expansion! Council has averaged 10-15% growth in attendance each year for the past seven years. The Council of Five Nations Philosophy Council strives toward the goal of "quality over quantity". Signature Event: Pathfinder Society RPG Join the New York Capital Region Pathfinder Lodge as we kick off Season 5, Year of the Demon! Vendors

Real Estate Foreclosure Listings Eco Friendly Home and Garden Decor, Stylish and Affordable Green Products, Green Gifts, Environmentally Friendly Products, Sustainable Furniture, Eco Friendly Pet Products, Eco Friendly Fashion The Little Metal Dog Show | Games you don't have to plug in. Dynamic Drive- FavIcon Generator Use this online tool to easily create a favicon (favorites icon) for your site. A favicon is a small, 16x16 image that is shown inside the browser's location bar and bookmark menu when your site is called up. It is a good way to brand your site and increase it's prominence in your visitor's bookmark menu. More information on favicon After you've created a neat favicon, it's time to add it to your site. To do so, follow the below simple procedure: Upload the generated file ("favicon.ico") to your site. Also see- Favicon Editor Also check out our Favicon Editor to create the 16x16 icon image from scratch!