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15 House Plants You Can Use As Air Purifiers

15 House Plants You Can Use As Air Purifiers
Posted by admin on Thursday, February 18, 2010 · 68 Comments Here are 15 plants that could clean your air for just the price of a few drops of water each day. First lets check some of the evidence behind the claim that plants can purify your household air: 1. NASA Research A NASA research document came to the conclusion that “house plants can purify and rejuvenate air within our houses and workplaces, safeguarding us all from any side effects connected with prevalent toxins such as formaldehyde, ammonia and also benzene.” Here are the results of the NASA research study: Source 2. In another study made in 1996, a bedroom with no plants had 50% more colonies of airborne microbes than a room which contained houseplants. Source 3. During a laboratory experiment in 1985, Dr. 4. In another laboratory study by Dr. Removal of Formaldehyde from Sealed Chambers for Plants Grown in Potting Soil Source.5 1. Buy Areca Palm Tree 2. Buy Lady Palm Read more… 3. Buy Bamboo Palm Read more… 4. Buy Boston Fern Source 5. Related:  Dream House

Grow 100 lbs. Of Potatoes In 4 Square Feet: {How To Quite the clever gardening tip here folks! Today’s feature includes tips from three different sources for growing potatoes vertically (in layers) instead of spread out in rows across your garden. If you have limited garden space or want to try some nifty gardening magic, this could be a great option for you. First, there’s this article from The Seattle Times: It’s Not Idaho, But You Still Can Grow Potatoes: The potatoes are planted inside the box, the first row of boards is installed and the dirt or mulch can now be added to cover the seed potatoes. You plant in one bottom layer, boarding up the sides of each layer and adding dirt as you go higher (you wait until the plants have grown a bit before adding a new layer). I traced the information provided in the article to Irish Eyes Garden Seeds, they also advise you can skip the box and try growing them in a barrel or wire cage instead. Bonus! Reader Update: Here’s some info sent in by Christine who made a bin using wood pallets:

www.earthporm Humans are social creatures that require a great deal of private space, and when it’s privacy you crave home is where the heart is. No matter what your home looks like it is your sanctuary. Simply stepping through the front door and clicking the door locked behind you brings a feeling of peace and tranquility. People dump a considerable amount of money into their home, either on monthly mortgage payments or rent. Since you spend so much time in your house and put so much money into it, you might as well make it perfect with surreal interior designs that speak to you. The amazing interior design ideas on this list offer something for everyone, from grand sweeping installations that cost an arm and a leg, to stunning yet simple designs you can duplicate while still staying on a budget. 1. The best way to bring the ocean waters inside… Photo Credit: 2. I would love to get lost in a book hanging out in this prime reading room! Photo Credit: 3. Photo Credit: Jorge Simos 4. 5.

Produtos que você compraria agora mesmo! A seguir, produtos simples, mas geniais que facilitariam bastante a sua vida. Anel para fatiar bolo. 1- Tampa para qualquer tipo de pacote 2- Prepare ovos com extrema facilidade 3- Guarde suas cervejas sem ocupar muito espaço 4- Nunca mais se queime no chuveiro 5- Seu filho dorme com segurança e você também consegue dormir 6- Nunca mais perca as chaves 7- As batatas do Fastfood no porta-copos do seu carro (e com espaço pra ketchup!) 8- Recarregue seu celular em tomadas altas sem problemas 9- Bicicleta retrátil pra guardar em qualquer lugar 10- Medidor digital de sal 11- Leve sua cadeira pra qualquer lugar dentro da mala! 12- Retire os grãos de milho com grande facilidade 13- Tábua genial de cortar alimentos! 14- Para rechear seus cupcakes da forma mais simples e gostosa 15- Evitando a sujeira com esse brilhante acessório para panela 16- Cabides magnéticos 17- Genial! 18- Apoio para colher na panela 19- Tomada extensível 20- Extensão de tomada na bancada da cozinha 21- Torrar seus pães nunca foi tão fácil

Introducing "She Sheds": Women’s Answer To The Man Cave It’s been said that sheds are the answer to men’s ailments. But why should men have all the sheds? Every woman deserves a shed of her own — somewhere to retreat for some solitude, to create or grow, to write or paint, or just to enjoy the view. By now, you’ve undoubtedly seen the Shedquarters (for work) and the Pub Shed (for play)… … but this tops them both, and it goes by the name “She Shed’. #1 Ahh, serenity. Via Heather Bullard #2 My shed. Ann and Brian Bailey via #3 This is my yoga studio… and by yoga studio I mean this is where I drink wine in my yoga pants. Via Good To Grow #4 Plenty of room for all my girlfriends. Cuprinol via #5 “She Shed is where the heart is.” Jamie and Gemma Dix via #6 Note to self: Plant hubby in front of the TV to watch the game, then escape to my She Shed. Via Wooden House #7 If you need me today I’ll just be in here, ahem, *working*. Via Coastal Home #8 Men use these things for tools?! Via House to Home

25 Places To Relax And Take A Nap I’m gonna go take a nap and dream of all the cooler places I could be napping. Do You Enjoy Alcohol? You're Missing Out If You Don't Own These Awesome Products Do You Enjoy Alcohol? You’re Missing Out If You Don’t Own These Awesome Products Drinking is fun. But don’t you wish it could be more convenient? Don’t you wish there were ways around all those pesky places where it “isn’t allowed?” 1. Life’s too short to use both hands. 2. Because walking is haaaaaard. 3. For guarding the good stuff against prying roommates / children. 6. To make tailgating even better. 8. Downside: It’s $225. 10. You can get this one personalized so there’s no mistaking it’s yours. 12. It holds up to 36 ounces and supports up to 300 pounds. 13. For looking and sipping pretty. 14. To make any drink ~FANCY~. 15. These work in sand as well. 16. They’ll keep your wine cold without worry about watering it down. 17. Source: Buzzfeed Which one is your favorite?

If All These Rooms Were in One House, It Would be the Coolest House in the World. Especially #8 Combine these ideas into one uber house and you're pretty much guaranteed to have the coolest house in the world. Start saving. Because having the coolest house in the world doesn't come cheap… But it'll be totally worth it. 1. For cooling off after a long hot day, there's nothing more luxurious than hoping under an outdoor shower with a huge, water guzzling head and imagining you're under your own personal waterfall. 2. Just like in the cartoons! 3. Bookworm? 4. Every child's (and big kid's) dream room! 5. This double sided fireplace has double the benefits. 6. Why should kids have all the fun? 7. There's a babbling brook under the floorboards! 8. This bedroom has a hidden waterside leading to a spectacular indoor pool! 9. Why waste precious courtyard space with anything other than your own mini golf course? 11. Because, obviously. 10. This home cinema lets you float around, cocktail in hand while watching your favourite movies on the big screen. 11. 12. 13. 14.

25 Amazing Places You Need To Visit ASAP Since summer is coming, and many people like to travel during this time, we have compiled 25 places you probably didn’t think of, and we think this will inspire you to choose a great itinerary for your next vacation. Some of the places in this list are super hidden gems; unusual places you might not even know about. Other places are already quite popular, but are so beautiful that we couldn’t resist mentioning them. If you’ve ever been to these places, make sure to let us know your favorite! 1. The oldest national park in Southeast Europe, it’s world famous for its lakes arranged in cascades. 2. A real heaven on earth. 3. This is one of the gems of the Aegean Sea. 4. This ancient city, located in the Mandalay Region of Burma, will leave you speechless with its incredible pagodas and temples. 5. Mauritius is a heavenly island nation located in the Indian ocean. 6. 7. Previously abandoned, is now the home of the breathtaking Baros Island Resort. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18.

9 видов укусов насекомых, о которых просто необходимо знать! В летнюю пору всегда есть опасность вернуться домой с укусом какого-нибудь насекомого. Укусы не всегда безобидны, а поэтому необходимо знать, как их различать и при необходимости обрабатывать. Статья также пригодится тем, у кого есть ребёнок, чтобы знать, как быстро реагировать на все виды укусов. Комариный укус Как правило, укус этого насекомого известен каждому. Стоит обратить внимание на следующие симптомы: повышение температуры тела, боли, воспаление лимфоузлов. Укус блохи Укусы блох выглядят как небольшие красные точки или пупырышки. Чтобы успокоить зуд, достаточно помыть их под проточной водой с обычным мылом. Укус клопа Укус клопа описать сложно. Обычно среди симптомов появляются и такие, как болезненные ощущения, воспалительные поражения кожи, зуд, отеки. Чтобы облегчить состояние, рекомендуется принять душ и тщательно вымыть места укусов с мылом. Укус паука Паучий укус проявляется небольшим пятном (чаще как кружок с краями красного цвета) с двумя красными точками внутри. Укус клеща