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Make DIY Furniture For Barbie Size Fashion & Ball-Jointed Dolls,

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Plastic Canvas Doll Furniture

Cute Doll Chair Tutorial - Milkycat On deviantART. Rocking Chair Made Out Of Clothes Pins. Difficulty Rating - Wooden spring laundry pegs are great building blocks for making decorative wooden structures.

Rocking Chair Made Out Of Clothes Pins

The fancy peg shaping lends itself to make a pretty old fashioned looking rocking chair. To make a peg rocking chair you will need... 13 wooden spring laundry pegs (with their springs removed), PVA glue or suitable wood glue, varnish, wood stain or paint (Optional). A step by step guide to making a Peg Art Rocking Chair Rockers Take two peg halves and glue them thin ends together with all the shaping facing downwards. Tutorial: Doll Wardrobe & Desk. Added this on DOA ages ago..figured I could add it here too...

Tutorial: Doll Wardrobe & Desk

This is a double tutorial since its made with the same supplies.... ya need:6 plywood boxes...preferably the tea ones most craft stores seem to sell.....various bits of woodglue-gunsawpaintyarn/stringhammerslotted screwdriver small star screwdriver This is for an msd/sd scale doll...but it should be easy to make other sizes from it to..depending on the boxes ya use.... The Wardrobe: 1: remove the inside completely from 2 of the 6 boxes... 2: then remove the back plate from 3 of the 6 boxesI've done this with the use of an slotted screwdriver and an hammer.....just go around the glue seam and loosen it from the box.

DIY Great Wardrobe Closet For Dolls / Armario Para Muñecas. Make A BJD, Barbie, Or Other Doll Couch - Pervyfaerie On deviantART. Make A Doll Couch, That Comes Apart For Travelling. Ok this is my first tutorial and if you are confused, or I missed some thing please tell me.Materials:Cardboard, corrugatedBlue foam camping mat(I get mine at wal-mart, they're around six dollars in the out door section)Fabric glue (I use clear Fabri-tac)Fabric, about one and a half to two yards depending on how big you want the couchA box with a lid (mine was the box my doll came in)Strait pinsNeedlesThreadStuffing (poly-fil, or what ever you have)Velcro(to to attach the arms and back to the box) The box I'm using there was a clear plastic window so I cut a rectangle to fit the inside bottom of the box's lid, and glued it in place.

Make A Doll Couch, That Comes Apart For Travelling

Then I glued a piece of fabric to the top lid, enough to come up the side and about an 1 1/2inch to on the inside lip. Carefully cut a square on all four corners, leaving about 1/2 inch of fabric from the corner of the lid. Popsicle (Craft) Stick Doll Futon Tutorial. Go to footer Skip to content Home Change font size FAQ Dollieh Sanctuary Where no dollieh is left behind.

Popsicle (Craft) Stick Doll Futon Tutorial

Board index Board index ‹ Toolshed ‹ Tutorials Print view Futon Tutorial Post a reply 7 posts • Page 1 of 1 Futon Tutorial by embyquinn » Mon Jan 28, 2013 5:19 am Since I'm still not 100 percent certain of my photography skills, I decided to do an illustrated tutorial on the making of a futon like the one in Cherry's travel room. This is what the futon frame looks like in real life. Make An Easy Doll Sofa. This sofa is made from styrofoam, foam board, batting and fabric.

Make An Easy Doll Sofa

It is meant to be covered and re-covered for changes in displays. No sewing is required! Get a brick of styrofoam, and cut side pieces and a back piece from foam board. You'll need an exacto knife to cut foam board. Glue the sides and back to the styrofoam brick. Glue some batting (the fluffy stuff that goes in the middle of quilts) to the back, seat and front of seat. I've added another piece of batting to the seat and the back for more comfort. Now, just lay your fabric on your sofa (or chair) and start tucking and pinning using straight pins. Your couch is done, and you can re-cover it by simply taking out the pins, removing the fabric, and covering with a new piece of fabric!! How To Make A Barbie Diner Booth. Shots of the Diner booth - you can make one!

How To Make A Barbie Diner Booth.

Wrap styrofoam with vinyl, and use straight pins to secure. The base is a candlestick, and hubby helped by hacking it off at the height I needed. Table top is foam board covered in contact paper. Enjoy! Lisa of Tiny Zippers. Fashion Doll Crocheted Furniture. Fashion Doll Crochet Furniture-Author unknown SOFA Matterials: Crochet Hook Size H 3 oz.

Fashion Doll Crocheted Furniture

Multi-color 4-ply yarn 2 - 6 oz. tuna or cat food cans with lids Yarn needle Stuffing SEAT Row 1: Ch 11, hdc in second ch from hook and next 8 chs, 5 hdc in end ch, turn corner & continue crocheting on other side of chs, 8 hdc, 4 hdc in end ch, join, ch 1 Row 2: CROCHET ENTIRE SEAT IN BACK LOOP ONLY! *8 sc, 2 sc in each of the next 5 sts. Repeat from*, join,/ch 2. Row 3:*8 hdc, 2 dc in ea of the next 10 sts. Repeat from *, join, ch 3. Woven Barbie Chair From Recycled Plastic Milk Carton. Do you remember papasan chairs?

Woven Barbie Chair From Recycled Plastic Milk Carton

They were my inspiration for this Recycled Milk Bottle Barbie Chair with Woven Seat. The seat can be made from yarn or strips of fabric. I decided to weave it since anyone (especially kids) could do that, another option would be to crochet the seat, just keep decreasing until you get to the center. The hardest part is punching holes in the plastic, especially if all you have is a cheap metal paper punch. Kids would get discouraged quickly so I suggest starting them after that point and just let them tie on the yarn and make the seat.