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Understanding basic law & legalese

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Legalism: A Civil Life Without Moral Conscious. I am astonished daily at the devolution of man through legal formality.

Legalism: A Civil Life Without Moral Conscious

The wonder that is legalism, that ancient and failed Chinese system of law then adopted by the Roman Empire and still reigning over us today, has been used to re-create man into a false representation of self; actors in third person, as fictions of law that display the unimaginably lifeless properties of personification. So profound is this indoctrination that we have been conned into paying for our sins to the ministers of the state, which is our civil church, pretending that this tax-tithing will somehow satisfy the wrath of the gods of the volcano even as we toss our trash into its depths. We are no longer a solution-based society that solves its problems by eliminating their source, but have become a willfully ignorant zombie hoard that pays fees for the permissive use of the problem. As long as we pay a tax, isn’t everything just ok then? Oh, my children just made a huge mess in your restaurant.

Link: Link: The Word-Smith Fallacy. Quick rant here… When one hears an excuse enough times, especially one that is blatantly outrageous in its underlying con-text, it sometimes causes one to boil over with the urge to lash out and utterly destroy the character of the one using the excuse.

The Word-Smith Fallacy

In this case, having just heard such a term used for the 100th time at least, I’d like instead to practice my repose and dissect the problem calmly and rationally. It is often the case that people in their discourse and cognitive dissonance use the term “wordsmith” in a dualistic fashion to defend whatever disposition they find themselves in. White Collar Crime Resource Guide: Statute of Limitations.

Some issues in white collar criminal defense arise over and over.

White Collar Crime Resource Guide: Statute of Limitations

I’ll periodically post Resource Guides to cover those issues. Feel free to suggest other Resource Guide topics in the comments. Click here for a printable version of this statute of limitations Resource Guide. Default Statute of Limitations Generally, there is a 5-year statute of limitations for federal criminal matters. 18 U.S.C. § 3282. Statute of Limitations - getting_started_selfhelp. Rss122402. The Stile of this confederacy. What The Government Doesn't Want You To Know About Your Drivers License. It Is All a Word Game: Why "Persons" Are Not Real. By AL Whitney © copyround 2016Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and AntiCorruption Society is acknowledged.

It Is All a Word Game: Why "Persons" Are Not Real

The key to the word game is “Person” and it is everywhere in our government and legal system from the federal level to the local level. All laws and statutes are written for legal “Persons” not flesh and blood living men and women. The difference between the two is as significant as the difference between life and death . . . it’s everything! Legal “persons” can’t walk legal “persons” can’t talk legal “persons” have no gender legal “persons” have no race legal “persons” cannot reproduce legal “persons” don’t occupy space.

How Property Is Titled Dictates Who Inherits It. While in general estate planning can be a complicated process with a multitude of factors to be considered and decisions to be made, time and time again I find that it all simply boils down to one common denominator - how property is titled.

How Property Is Titled Dictates Who Inherits It

Understanding who owns what is the one real key to creating a good estate plan, because without property being titled as expected, even the most sophisticated and well thought-out estate plan will fail miserably. Plenipotentiary JUDGE :David-Wynn: Miller. QUANTUM-LANGUAGE by Judge :David-Wynn: Miller (summary) "Have the knowledge and power to have all your words, especially in contracts or any legal documentation, inarguably correct!

Plenipotentiary JUDGE :David-Wynn: Miller

" -- JUDGE :David-Wynn: Miller "Law is like a paradox, an irresolvable puzzle. :HOME. David Wynn Miller. For the lessons of the grammar. Maine Republic Email Alert. Many people have asked me what our Living Law Firm has done or is doing for the Bundys and others involved in the Oregon Wildlife Refuge Stand-Off.

Maine Republic Email Alert

Even I have wasted time and money writing letters and making phone calls and posting on Facebook to no avail—- and just like Thomas Deegan in West Virginia, you can’t help Stubborn and Wrong. Just recently I have had word that one of the Bundys might be starting to listen, but only because they have run out of money to pay “real” attorneys. Sigh. The Bundys are being prosecuted under the false presumption that they are “United States Citizens” or “citizens of the United States” when they are not.

United States Citizens have never been protected by the guarantees of The Constitution, so, as long as you agree that you are a United States Citizen— guess what? Statute of Limitations - getting_started_selfhelp. QUANTUM LANGUAGE OF LAW by JUDGE :David-Wynn: Miller. Why You Can Not Represent Yourself in Court. To know why you can not “represent” yourself in court, you need to study the definitions of the word represent and find its deeper meanings.

Why You Can Not Represent Yourself in Court

You also need to ask yourself this question: “How could I represent myself when I am already myself living in a body made of flesh and blood?” One of the common definitions of the word represent is “to act or speak officially for (someone or something)”. Based on this definition, when you represent someone or something, you are acting or speaking for it. The Best Kept Secret of the Legal System. Tax Case Shows Evidence the U.S. Legal System is a Fraud. If you have been reading my articles about the legal system, you should know that this system is a big fat FRAUD and is run by a bunch of TRAITORS to humanity!

Tax Case Shows Evidence the U.S. Legal System is a Fraud

The content below will show you more evidence of this fraud against humanity. For some reason, I could not find the court case No. 4:14-CV-0027 on As always, use your intuition to help you discern the information and do your own research to verify the information below. 32 Shocking Facts About the Legal System. The content below was published on July 25, 2013 on

32 Shocking Facts About the Legal System

Even though it is a few years old, it still has very important information about the fraudulent legal system. Copyright Law as a Tool for State Censorship of the Internet. Maira SuttonElectronic Frontier Foundation When state officials seek to censor online speech, they're going to use the quickest and easiest method available. For many, copyright takedown notices do the trick. After years of lobbying and increasing pressure from content industries on policymakers and tech companies, sending copyright notices to take media offline is easier than ever. How to Drive Without a License & Stop Cops from Harassing You. By Makia Freeman, contributor for How to drive without a license is an aspect of sovereignty that many people want to learn.

Can you legally drive without a license? Occult Battery Definition: How Humans are Used as Batteries. When we think of a battery, we often think of an object that stores electrical energy for powering electronic devices. This common definition of battery only shows us the overt meaning of battery. What is a Person-Black law dictionary. The Occult Definition of Convict & the Hidden Role of Judges. The word convict is often used in the legal system to identify people who have been found “guilty” of a crime and is serving a sentence in prison.

What most people do not know about the word convict is that there is a deeper meaning to this word. Its deeper meaning is used by the Dark Forces and their minions to mock people who were in prison or are serving a sentence in prison. Expilatio Definition - Latin Word List. Ultimate Guide to Understanding a Landlord's Right to Enter a Rental. More Questions About The International Criminal Court. By Dr. David Hoile. Freedom through Knowledge. General Orders No. 100 : The Lieber Code. General Orders No. 100 : The Lieber Code Prepared by Francis Lieber, promulgated as General Orders No. 100 by President Lincoln, 24 April 1863. Instructions for the Government of Armies of the United States in the Field, prepared by Francis Lieber, LL.D., Originally Issued as General Orders No. 100, Adjutant General's Office, 1863, Washington 1898: Government Printing Office. David Wynn Miller QUANTUM GRAMMAR SEMINAR SEPTEMBER 2012 FULL.

Watch This! The Law: Reclaim Your Rights – You’re Worth $15 Million.

How to pay off debt/ stop collectors/collapse a trust

Laws regarding banking and money. Dictionaries/Resources. Laws and regulations. FOCollins. THE LAW AND YOU By Bill Turner NZ. Why Doublespeak is Dangerous. Despite the terms first appearance in George Orwell's 1984 more over 60 years ago, the use of "doublespeak" is on the rise in the US. Whether it's euphemism, jargon, gobbledygook or inflated language, doublespeak is being used regulalrly by politicians, government agencies and businesses to distance you from the truth.

BAR ASSOCIATION HISTORY & WHO OWNS THE U.S. Lexica Dei Divinus. Changes to UCC Article 9 Effective July 1, 2013. July, 2012. The One People’s Public Trust (OPPT): Your Frequently Asked Questions… ANSWERED. 26th February 2013. The Crown Temple. Americas Union: Americas Union Free Society over the Earth. Santos Bonacci-Your Soul Is Owned By The Vatican 4/5. The rights of man / Thomas Paine. - Full View. Copyright Frequently Asked Questions. Freedom of Speech legal definition of Freedom of Speech.

Crown Tiara of Dagon/Moloch. ALL IMPORTANT INFORMATION ABOUT LAW (PLEASE SHARE!!!!!!) Words no longer have meaning: Supreme Court ignores Obamacare text to uphold wealth redistribution. Do you have to show an ID to a cop? How do you refuse a search on your car? Judge Napolitano Explains the Importance of Natural Law. The Esoteric Definition of Contract. How Words Can Be Used as Magic Spells. Understanding Common Law . . . is not so difficult, and may be critical! ~J. "Sovereignty and Language" How Canon Law and Contract Law Enslave You: Common Law Activist Dean Clifford Incarcerated Without Charges.

Why You Need to Study Natural Law. Canons - Canonum De Ius Rex - Canons of Sovereign Law - Article 190 - Admiralty.