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7 Insane Conspiracies That Actually Happened

7 Insane Conspiracies That Actually Happened
The Plan: A group of conspirators (including Guy Fawkes, Natalie Portman and Hugo Weaving) decided to blow the fuck out of the British House of Parliament, thus killing pretty much all of the aristocracy, as well as King James I. In May of 1604, a group of Britons who were fed up with King James's rule met with Robert Catesby. As Catholics, they were tired of the Protestant government. In accordance with the teachings of their faith, they apparently decided that the best way to solve their problems was to kill everyone. The conspirators were taking up residence across the street from The House of Lords, the building the upper house of parliament met in. Their original plan was to burrow their way to the underground foundation of The House of Lords, and lay their explosives there. How did that work out? Lord Monteagle None of the protestant politicians were killed, but the plan wasn't a complete failure.

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Clark's Tech Blog Posted on August 1, 2012 Filed Under Blog | Leave a Comment I’m up home in Canada visiting family in Waterton Lakes National Park. Posted on July 30, 2012 Filed Under Commentary | 2 Comments There’s a fantastic episode of the podcast Edge Cases that’s well worth listening to even if you’re not a developer. One of the big solutions they offered is subscription services. More >>> Posted on July 29, 2012 Filed Under Reviews , System | 2 Comments I’ve been using for several days now and I think I can finally give my views. A few points that caught my eye: Posted on July 28, 2012 Filed Under System | 1 Comment Maybe I’m just spoiled with most of Apple’s UI and the whole “back to the Mac” copying of iOS. First off there’s no distinction between the content area (the scrolling list of disks) and the background. The weirdest bit though is if you select this “Add or Remove” disk it just brings up a new window. Very strange. Posted on July 27, 2012 Filed Under System , XCode | Leave a Comment Keep Looking → How To Spot A Psychopath iPhone apps, forums, news, reviews and tips | Touchtip My Favorite tech/software blogs - review & download link Martin from Ghacks posted a curious post called “Blog Feed Dependencies“. The idea was to list his top 10 tech blogs and to get these blogs to post a similar story with linkbacks to his original posting. In theory the idea (if I understand it correctly) is to facilitate the creation of some sort network of tech blogs connected by linkbacks to each other. I’m not sure about the reality vs. the theory, though, but I figure posting a list of my top 10 blogs is a good idea, so here goes. If your blog is listed here do think about posting a “top 10 tech blogs” postings and linking back to this article. My top 10 (actually 11) tech/software blogs in ALPHABETICAL order (note that only blogs were considered). Appaholic: He’s an Appaholic. Let me know if you have a cool blog that should be here. iPhoneFreakz Probably Biggest Apple iPhone community My Solar Bedroom My bedroom is now basically off-grid. For years my bedside radio has been a solar/dynamo flashlight/radio. This particular one has been modified to charge AA batteries besides the hard-wired internal battery it was designed to charge. It gives me about two months of radio for an hour or more a day before running down. Then I place it next to the window for two days and have the use of a radio for another two months. In a pinch, a minute of turning the crank gives me about ten minutes of radio. Of course, since I have been experimenting with these things, I have a few solar/dynamo flashlight/radios so I always have one charging in front of the window. Now I've installed two solar powered LED lights above my bed so that my reading light is off the grid as well. Now on to the next. Update: Take your spare room off-grid! This 600 watt hour system includes solar panels, batteries, and inverter and prices out at $1300. I think that's a little pricey.

How we avoid making trash In case you’re new to the No Impact Man project, you should know that we’ve broken down our lives into six areas and tried to figure out how to live with as low an impact as possible in each area. The six areas are: trash (as in we try to make none), carbon-producing transportation (as in we don’t use it), inconspicuous consumption (as in we buy nothing new), sustainable eating (as in our food all comes from within 250 miles or less), reduced power use (as in we use almost none), and environmentally-friendly water use (as in we’re still figuring that bit out). That may all sound extreme—and it is—but the fact is that we’ve found that it is tenable and possible and doesn’t make us feel deprived, which is one way of saying there is hope for the possibility of living on the planet without destroying it. But that’s not the topic of this post. This post, a list in no particular order, is about how we avoiding making trash: