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Traveling Miles. DISCLAIMER: Do I need them at this point? I really wish someone important from any of the shows were reading. It might give them some ideas-- I don't mind sharing. PREVIOUSLY ON: Days & Nights: An old case came back to haunt Abbie as Tara Wheeling's rapist turned up dead, and newly-appointed SVU ADA Alexandra Cabot wanted some answers. Don Kirkendall, the proverbial bad penny, turned up in a place that left Jill with some guilty knowledge that both Jill's squad mates and IAB were interested to learn. Abbie met Jill's sons, which reminded her uncomfortably of unresolved issues in her own past; while seeing Abbie and Jill's connection made Diane mourn Bobby's passing anew and wonder if it wasn't time to do a little moving on herself.

An unexpected opportunity gave Abbie the chance to leave everything behind. Traveling MilesBy Sharon Bowers It was the hour of stillness, when a lingering silence demarcated the end of one more night and the break of a new day over the city. "You have to go. " Fusion. DISCLAIMER: Law & Order: Trial By Jury and all characters are property of NBC and Dick Wolf. AUTHOR'S NOTE: This is a follow-up to my previous stories, Victory and Ride. You don't need to have read them, but it helps a little bit. ARCHIVING: Only with the permission of the author.

FusionBy Finley Tracey had had every intention of slowing things down once she and Kelly arrived at her apartment. But the subway ride had changed things. She'd fantasized about being with Kelly more times than she cared to admit. And that was a good thing. This is stupid. But all Tracey really had to do was glance out of the corner of her eye and everything was better. "Ms. "Good night, Carl," Tracey replied.

She had no time to think about it, though, because the second the doors slid shut, Kelly was on her, taking her totally by surprise. "Coming? " Tracey cleared her throat and stood up straight. "It's this one, Ambush Queen. " "I knew that. " Her musings were interrupted by Kelly's voice. "Months. " "Please? " Wake-Up Call. DISCLAIMER: Law & Order: Trial By Jury and all characters are property of NBC and Dick Wolf. ARCHIVING: Only with the permission of the author. Wake-Up CallBy Finley My brain is sleep-fogged, but I register the body heat behind me and instinctively know it's Kelly. It's dark, the middle of the night by my estimation. The sounds of the city filter through the open window of my bedroom.

I jerk awake, my eyes snapping open with no warning. I'm still lying awake and staring at the ceiling when the phone rings. "Hey. " "Tracey? " "No, no," I say, interrupting her. "Yeah? " Invite herself up? She's quiet for a few seconds and I can almost hear her brain working. "The lobby? Her voice is small now, unsure. "You were just in the neighborhood, huh? " "Yeah. " "And you have bagels? " "Four of them. " "Warm? " "Oh, yeah. " "Cream cheese? " "Of course. " "Coffee? " "Hot and strong with a little cream. " "Just the way I like it. " "I know. " Zipping to the bathroom, I brush my teeth in record time.

"Here we go. " The End. Flow Sweetly, Hang Heavy (You Suddenly Complete Me) DISCLAIMER: Law & Order: CI and its characters are the property of Dick Wolf and NBC. No infringement intended. ARCHIVING: Only with the permission of the author. Flow Sweetly, Hang Heavy (You Suddenly Complete Me)By OnlyJustWhisper 'So you're leaving,' Alex says quietly, leaning on your desk. It's not a question, just a statement and you look up at her. 'Yeah,' you answer, and shuffle a few papers between your fingers to distract you, because you've never liked goodbyes, never been good at them, and you weren't looking forward to this one. 'Back to D.C.? ' 'Yeah.' 'You said you hated the FBI,' Alex says. (Except… except that Alex is here, leaning across your desk, you're not looking at her, but her hand is splayed across one of your files and you don't want to admit it to anyone, but you will miss her. 'I know,' you tell her, and your voice is heavy. 'Do you?

' 'You want to get a drink? ' 'I'm surprised you're leaving,' she says suddenly. 'Why? ' She shrugs. 'So you got someone back in D.C.? ' Gravity of Love. DISCLAIMER: Law & Order: CI and its characters are the property of Dick Wolf and NBC. No infringement intended. SPOILERS: No real ones; possibly for 'Diamond Dogs' but only a very little one. ARCHIVING: Only with the permission of the author.

Gravity of LoveBy OnlyJustWhisper 'gravitation is not responsible for people falling in love' ~ albert einstein You meet Alex Eames on a Tuesday. You're not used to being back in the city. The apartment is small. You won't be spending much time here anyway. Your new captain, James Deakins, reminds you a little of your father, but, unsurprisingly, that doesn't help ease the nerves. Deakins says, 'You'll be partnered with Mike Logan; you know that, right? You do know. Before you can answer, though, the phone rings. Outside his office, in the squad room, you look around carefully. You don't know what makes you do it, but you go over to the blonde woman, and although her back is to you, she turns and stands up, as if she can feel you coming. You nod. Going A-Viking. DISCLAIMER: They are not mine, I'm just rubbing them together to see what happens. The story however, is mine...

AUTHOR'S NOTE: What or who is Beck? ( It is a Swedish Detective Series, that is actually a set of several TV movies that deal with the daily lives and cases of homicide detectives in Stockholm. The movies revolve around a lead detective called Martin Beck, but Alice is so much more interesting for me. The movies are interesting, engrossing and well made, I recommend them; the movies are in Swedish and subtitled into Finnish, so have patience with me and my interpretations...

Going A-VikingBy The Raven ADA Serena Southerlyn was not amused... For reasons that she could not quite comprehend, her boss had decided that she was the ideal candidate to go and fetch someone from the airport. 'Well, not just someone...' Right now, she was just impatiently waiting and silently fuming... 'Maybe this won't be such a bad thing after all, hmmm? ' "Detective Levander? " Pearls.

DISCLAIMER: Law & Order and Law & Order: Trial By Jury are the property of NBC and Dick Wolf. No infringement intended. FANDOMS/PAIRING: Law and Order: Trial by Jury/Law and Order Tracey Kibre/Serena Southerlyn ARCHIVING: Only with the permission of the author. PearlsBy Fewthistle Serena watched from the doorway as Tracey stared pensively out the window beside the kitchen table. From the eighth floor of Serena's apartment building, the street below was a black streak littered here and there with rectangles in a myriad of colors, taillights garish and blood red against the wet pavement. "What is it? " Serena asked her softly, her voice a gentle caress that smoothed along Tracey's jangled nerves.

The tick of the cheap clock built in to the stove marked the seconds, until finally Tracey murmured, "Nothing. "Liar," Serena accused just as gently, an indulgent smile pausing for a moment on her lips. She paused, seeming to have lost her train of thought. "And then, do you know what happened? Pilgrimage. DISCLAIMER: Law & Order: Trial By Jury & Law & Order and all their characters are property of NBC and Dick Wolf. AUTHOR'S NOTE: First and last lines of all the ficlets written by the ever brilliant flying_peanuts. My eternal thanks. These are all of the vignettes of Serena Southerlyn and Tracey Kibre that I wrote for even_angels_. They are little glimpses of an ongoing life, set in between, or after, or at the same time as my Between Bombay series featuring the same two. Take your pick. Except Breathe Me, which really should be part of the series, say as part number six, but gets ahead of itself.

PilgrimageBy Fewthistle She traced her profile behind closed lids. Sometimes, when Serena looked at her, Tracey could swear that she could see all the way down to the soles of her feet. In the half-light of Serena's bedroom, those blue eyes were always shadowed, and yet Tracey knew that she was seeing her, truly seeing her. They missed nothing. "Good morning, Sunshine. " "What? " "Tracey? " "No? Something Here Inside. DISCLAIMER: Law & Order: Trial By Jury and all characters are property of NBC and Dick Wolf. AUTHOR'S NOTE: Tracey/Kelly established relationship. Can be read as a continuation of If Ever I Fall.

ARCHIVING: Only with the permission of the author. Something Here InsideBy EponinesGhost With all due respect for Sir Elton, Tracey Kibre begged to differ. Right now, lost in an all too familiar tussle with herself, she could think of a few words that she'd put above the titular song subject. "Please" for instance. Not one prone to ever ask for help, it had mostly languished in her vocabulary's attic. This particular situation required everything to be in working order. She had to be honest.

Maybe if she practiced out loud. "Please ... can we please go back and pretend that I wasn't a complete ass earlier? " Almost before the phrase formed she was shaking her head. "What can I do to make it up to you? There was another word she had some issues with. Raw and direct. "I was wrong. "... The End. The A.D.A.'s Office. Ó2008 by Patricia L. Givens Dr. Huang looked at each of the forensic photos closely before he taped them to the clear case board that had been wheeled into the conference room. Normally this type of session would take place in the bullpen, but with a judge involved, discretion was a moral imperative. When he was done, he stepped back, rubbing his chin thoughtfully with one hand while he flipped through the case notes in the file.

“So,” He began. Olivia cleared her throat. “I see.” Olivia sighed in frustration. He circled his hand over the photograph, drawing their attention to it. “Punishment? Huang didn’t answer; instead he looked Olivia up and down. The detective’s eyebrow arched. The psychiatrist ignored the comment. "I don't like you that much! " “Elliot!” The big man looked down at his partner for a moment. “Huh.” Huang pulled down one of the pictures that clearly depicted the cuts covering the victim’s thighs. There was a collective in-taking of breath from around the room. “Nope.” Cabin Fever Chapter 21, a law and order: svu fanfic. This is it. The final chapter. Thanks to all who alerted, favourited, reviewed, and simply read this story. I had a blast writing it, and I can't wait to get another fic going.

People talk about a "runner's high"; I get a writer's high. I think I might churn out some one-shots for both SVU (A/O, natch) and Rizzoli & Isles (the OTP is the name of the show!) , before getting back into a multi-chapter fic, but we'll see what the future holds. Dinner was a very subdued affair. The packing of the bags was carried out silently, which matched the sombre mood that settled in.

After the business had been attended to, Alex and Olivia sat curled up on the sofa enjoying their last night in Montauk. "Whatcha thinkin' about? " "How good this feels," Olivia answered, giving Alex a squeeze for emphasis. "I was having the same thought. " Alex blushed. Olivia sighed. "Well, hopefully you never have to find out," Alex said before gently kissing Olivia. "Of course not! Olivia's face broke into a sly grin. Magnetic Resistance Chapter 1: Part One, a law and order: svu fanfic. Pairing: Alex/Olivia (Serena/Abbie) Spoilers: SVU up to Season-11 (including Loss, Ghost, and beyond) AN: For my Mistress.

I love you endlessly. There are also a few "tributes" to some of my favorite A/O writers hidden within the text. See how many you can spot! Magnetic Resistance: By: Rae D. Chapter One: She wanted to be anywhere else. Detective Olivia Benson usually kept a tight rein on her emotions. With no other outlet for her discomfort, Olivia began to grow annoyed. Where does she get off, anyway? "Where does she get off, anyway? " "I could come up with a very... provocative answer to that question," said a familiar voice, the voice that haunted Olivia's dreams, a voice with the power to coax the whole spectrum of emotions from her tired heart.

Alexandra Cabot sat down in the chair opposite Olivia, smiling in a peculiar way that made Olivia's stomach twist. "But you're here," Alex pointed out. Olivia wanted to sigh, but restrained herself. "Then why do you seem so upset? " Chapter Two: