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JML Law, Founded and headed by renowned attorney Joseph M. Lovretovich, the attorneys of JML Law are Southern California's Preeminent Representatives for your Employment and Personal Injury needs. We are Committed to the Representation of the Rights of the Individual. Our Offices in Los Angeles and Orange County.

California gas station sells sauce linked to patient's death. Although food sold at the gas station is not the healthiest, nobody expects dying from food poisoning sold at these quick stops.

California gas station sells sauce linked to patient's death

A person recently died from eating contaminated food purchased at a California gas station after contracting botulism. This is caused by a bacteria that may cause paralysis, breathing problems, and even death. Details about the patient’s death have not been released or more details about her death. One thing is sure, the cheese in the sauce tested positive for the toxins produced by the bacteria that causes botulism. These are complex cases that may require the intervention of a Los Angeles product liability attorney to help investigate all the facts and ensure the responsible parties pay for it. Under investigation. Teens injured in summer jobs - jmllaw. As summer arrives more teens are out on the road looking for things to do.

Teens injured in summer jobs - jmllaw

Hit by an uninsured driver? - jmllaw. Although being hit by an uninsured driver may not be the best of scenarios out there, it can happen to anyone.

Hit by an uninsured driver? - jmllaw

Whatever you do, you need to make sure you get the uninsured info right and contact the police. All details about the accident will be in the police report and they will run out of excuses. If you have suffered substantial injuries, you will have to file a claim with a Los Angeles personal injury attorney. Good advice The same advice that applies to other vehicle accidents applies here: Get the contact info of the uninsured driver.Write down car model and registration number.Get information regarding all the damages caused to the vehicles as well as property.Check road conditions or any signs/ markings.Gather witnesses and ask for their contact info.Photograph vehicles and the driver as well as passengers.Contact the police immediately to file a crash report and get the report number.

Penalties The costs. Pedestrian killed in Los Angeles fatal crash - jmllaw. A pedestrian was recently killed in a deadly car accident in South Los Angeles.

Pedestrian killed in Los Angeles fatal crash - jmllaw

Two others were also injured and the streets were closed for some time to deal with this devastating situation. Statistics show that about 700 pedestrians are killed each year in California. Despite efforts by law enforcement authorities to promote safety, the percentage of pedestrian fatalities continues to increase significantly. Measure C will change the way police misconduct is handled in LA - jmllaw. Everyone agrees that police officers should be held accountable for their actions.

Measure C will change the way police misconduct is handled in LA - jmllaw

But this is not what will be happening here in Los Angeles with the new measure where police officers guilty of misconduct will be able to choose the body where they can appeal. Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney. Strong Advocates For Victims The attorneys at JML Law, A Professional Law Corporation, are not limited by geography.

Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney

Our team will help you secure the injury compensation you are entitled to receive after being injured in Los Angeles County, Orange County or San Francisco or elsewhere in California. We are a full-service plaintiffs law firm headquartered in Woodland Hills, serving the LA, Orange County, the Bay Area and throughout California in all types of personal injury and wrongful death claims. Becoming an American Citizen is a Great Opportunity for a New Beginning - Familia America. With everything going on in the world today – war, political unrest, lack of food and resources in other countries – there is no wonder hundreds of thousands of people dream about coming to America every year to start a new life.

Becoming an American Citizen is a Great Opportunity for a New Beginning - Familia America

The Importance of a Green Card - Familia America. Becoming an American citizen can be a tedious process, but in the end it is worth it.

The Importance of a Green Card - Familia America

Many foreigners leave their home countries in order to start a new life here. This is known as the land of opportunity, where everyone has a shot at building and living their dream lives. But in order to do so, there are a few steps you have to take. Once these steps are taken – successfully – you will be granted the privilege of being a United States citizen. A huge step in your journey to becoming a U.S. citizen is obtaining a green card. The United States Permanent Resident Card, more commonly known as the “green card,” is an identification card issued to someone living in the United States with legal permission to work.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service (INS) issues green cards via the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). An accident in a crowded city - JML Law A Professional Corporation Law. Car accidents tend to occur often in Los Angeles.

An accident in a crowded city - JML Law A Professional Corporation Law

We are a crowded city with many tourists attractions. People simply love living here! Getting involved in a car accident in this part of the world can be somewhat frustrating without adequate legal assistance. Whether it was your fault or someone else’s, it’s something very difficult handle on your own. Insurance companies particularly offer the minimum help required to survive an accident. How to prevent accidents at work. Social Security Online Now - jmllaw. As of January 1, 2017 the Social Security Administration no longer mails paper statements to workers under 60.

Social Security Online Now - jmllaw

It’s important you open an account online and check it annually. Perhaps there is a mistake on your records you can fix manually. It’ll pay off in the long run. Also, you will be able to see your projected benefits and how they can grow if you delay your retirement a bit. But what happens with your Social Security disability?

View your whole life’s earnings. What causes a train accident? - jmllaw. Although train accidents are not as common as car accidents, they can be more devastating when they occur. These accidents are responsible for severe injuries and even death. Trains and subways are still used by many people since they are more affordable than owning a car. Although railroad companies generally ensure the safety of all passengers, there are cases when negligence may have caused the accident. Contact a Los Angeles train accident attorney to handle your personal injury claim. Common causes Broken rails – This is one of the most common causes of train accidents.

Safety and regulations Although railroad companies are supposed to do their job at keeping all passengers and employees safe, this may not be the case for some specific branches within the railroad company. Common motorcycle road hazards you should avoid - jmllaw. It can be very dangerous riding a motorcycle out there. There are a lot of debris and road hazards that may get in the way of a pleasant riding experience.

Although some of these obstacles may not affect much a car, they can have devastating consequences for cyclists and pedestrians alike. Some insignificant hazards we encounter every day on our way to work, such wet roads and uneven pavements can lead to fatal motorcycle accidents and deadly injuries. Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorney. Workers in LA factories experience sweatshop conditions - jmllaw.