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Korin Law, P.A was founded by Jonathan Korin who has built a team of attorneys who fight for their clients until the end in home insurance claim case. Visit law firm site today for a free initial consultation with a property damage lawyers in Miami.

Florida Community Saves WWII Veteran from Eviction over Property Damage. Posted by Korin Law | 02.22.18 10:12am Lucien E.

Florida Community Saves WWII Veteran from Eviction over Property Damage

Lebrun, a 96-year-old World War II veteran, saw his mobile home damaged significantly when Hurricane Irma rampaged through Florida last year and was recently threatened with eviction for failing to make the required repairs. Due to the aluminum being lifted off the mobile home’s walls by the hurricane, water could get into the walls, leading to the onset of rotting and further damage in Mr. Lebrun’s home. Lebrun, known as Chet, had previously applied for assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency to help cover the cost of these repairs, but his claim was rejected and an appeal is still pending. Eviction Notice Served on 96-Year-Old Man To make matters worse for Lebrun, the Cypress Shores retirement community, where his mobile home is sited, served him a notice stating that he had seven days to repair his property, or would be required to leave by February 23. Not All Water Damage is Covered By Home Insurance: Check Out Which Are.

Posted by Korin Law | 03.01.18 12:25pm In the United States, water damage is one of the most common reasons why you will bring a home insurance claim.

Not All Water Damage is Covered By Home Insurance: Check Out Which Are

Fire Damage: How to Estimate the Value of Your Claim? Posted by admin | 02.17.18 09:33am Any damage to your property can be very stressful.

Fire Damage: How to Estimate the Value of Your Claim?

And it’s not only because recovering from damage entails months – if not years – of back and forth between you and your insurance company, but also because the costs involved in repairing your property from fire damage can reach thousands of dollars. Myths about Roof Leaks That Can Affect Your Insurance Claim. Posted by admin | 01.18.18 05:53am No matter how well maintained your Miami roof is, leaks can happen, particularly during the cold winter months.

Myths about Roof Leaks That Can Affect Your Insurance Claim

If you’ve spotted a water stain or wet park on one of your walls or ceilings, it was more than likely very quickly followed by a feeling of dread about having to contact your insurers and make a claim. While an insurance payout can be a lifesaver when it comes to repairing damage to your home, getting to that point can be an arduous task. The first step towards making a successful claim is knowing what you’re dealing with, and not falling for any common myths that could be making matters worse. Roof Leak Myths You Shouldn’t Believe Not only could some of these myths lead to worse damage to your home if you fall for them, they may also enable greedy roofers to inflate their estimate, only for your insurer to reject the claim. Your roof might be leaking some distance from a ceiling stain. Can You Trust a Public Adjuster? The Risks of Dealing With Insurance Adjusters. Posted by admin | 01.27.18 09:14am If you carry any type of insurance – be it health insurance or auto insurance coverage – you will most likely go straight to your insurer if an accident occurs.

Can You Trust a Public Adjuster? The Risks of Dealing With Insurance Adjusters

But is that really the best thing you can do? Many Homeowners Will Be Renewing Their Homeowners Insurance, before You Do You Should Review It. Posted by admin | 02.02.18 11:46am It’s that time of year when many Miami residents are due to renew their home insurance.

Many Homeowners Will Be Renewing Their Homeowners Insurance, before You Do You Should Review It

If you’ve already had your renewal notice through the mail, you may have been shocked at a considerable price hike. In case you missed the news about the plans, quite a few homeowners’ insurance providers have had approval to significantly increase their premiums for 2018, following a sizeable jump in claims. If you’re in the Miami-Dade area, this may affect you more than others, given the frequency of water and related claims.

When Insurance Companies Lie & Cheat, What Can You Do? Posted by admin | 01.12.18 12:00pm Last year’s hurricane season – and the destructive power of Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey, in particular – have not only inflicted hundreds of billions of dollars in damage but also exposed a variety of tricks and schemes employed by insurance companies to avoid or reduce settlements to Florida homeowners.

When Insurance Companies Lie & Cheat, What Can You Do?

If you were injured during a hurricane, or your home was destroyed by floods, strong winds or even wildfires, you – as a homeowner in Florida – would expect your insurance companies to help you out during one of the most unnerving periods of your life, right? Unfortunately, that’s not the case for thousands of Florida homeowners affected by the Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey. Fact: Hurricane Irma death toll totaled 134 people and inflicted over $70 billion in damages (the fifth-costliest tropical cyclone in history), while the Hurricane Harvey claimed the lives of 91 people and cost the U.S. nearly $200 billion in damages.

Property Damage Caused By Sewage Leaks (Who Should Be Sued?) Posted by admin | 01.05.18 04:53am A North Miami woman is suing her county and a pumping station for serious property damage and health issues caused by years of terrible sewage leaks.

Property Damage Caused By Sewage Leaks (Who Should Be Sued?)

Gwendolyn West’s home in North Miami has been “literally under attack” by rivers of sewage and excrements, as described in a lawsuit filed by her Miami property damage lawyer. Fact: sewer backup incidents increase at a rate of 3% per year in the U.S. Christmas & New Year: Don’t Let Fireworks Ruin Your Holidays (And Property) Posted by admin | 12.29.17 09:03am Christmas and New Year… Lots of food, catchy jingles on TV ads, alcohol-impaired people on the streets of Miami and… loads of fireworks.

Christmas & New Year: Don’t Let Fireworks Ruin Your Holidays (And Property)

For some people, celebrating a holiday without launching fireworks is the same as celebrating Thanksgiving without feasting on a turkey. For others, meanwhile, fireworks are quite annoying… and quite dangerous. Don’t get me wrong, but property damage lawyers love holidays because they are… well, holidays, and because thousands of fireworks are launched in Miami alone during the holiday season. You wouldn’t believe just how much damage those fireworks cause. In fact, if you have a child under 15, you should be concerned for his/her safety around this time of year (especially if he/she enjoys hanging out with a couple of reckless friends). Fact #2: over one-third (35%) of the people who suffered fireworks injuries are children under 15 (nine percent were under five).

Why Winter Is the Best Time For Roof Inspections in South Florida. Posted by admin | 12.22.17 10:59am The Atlantic HurricaneSeason is a few months away in Miami-Dade and Broward Counties.

Why Winter Is the Best Time For Roof Inspections in South Florida

But it won’t be long before we start paying attention to storm systems approaching South Florida from the Atlantic and the Caribbean. While hurricane preparation is probably the last thing on the minds of South Florida’s homeowners, now is the perfect time to get a jump on protecting your property. During the course of the year, roofs absorb a tremendous amount of punishment. From torrential rain storms to the unrelenting heat and humidity of South Florida’s summers, chances are your roof has taken a beating. The Benefits of a Roof Inspection Getting a professional roof inspection is one of the best ways to ensure your home has the best possible chance to survive a major storm. Ample Time To Fix Roofing Problems When it comes to hurricane preparation, most South Florida homeowners tend to procrastinate. Mild Weather and Cooler Temperatures. Florida’s Largest Home Insurance Provider to Increase Its Rates by 9.9 Percent.

Posted by admin | 12.15.17 10:44am If you thought homeowner’s insurance premiums were already high, get ready for some unwelcome changes in 2018. Universal Property & Casualty, the largest home insurance provider in Florida, has been given approval by state insurance regulators to increase its rates by an average of 9.9 percent. These rates will affect the majority of policies belonging to single family homeowners in Miami-Dade, Broward and Palm Beach Counties. The increases took effect on December 7 for new policies and January 26 for renewals.

However, Universal isn’t the only company announced a rate increase. Is Your Home Heating System Ready For the Winter? Posted by admin | 12.08.17 09:52am South Floridians are spoiled with great year-round weather. But there are times when cold fronts will move deep into the Sunshine State causing temperatures to drop into the 50s and even 40s. As winter approaches, chances are your home’s heating system hasn’t been used in several months. If you turn on your home’s HVAC heating system for the first time, there is a good chance you will smell a peculiar burning odor coming from the vents. In most cases, the odor will slowly go away. Replace Old Air Filters Replacing your air filters regularly helps your heating and cooling system perform more efficiently and helps save homeowners money on their electric bills. Why You Need a Public Adjuster? Posted by admin | 12.02.17 10:26am Insurance companies make plenty of promises. Just turn on the TV or radio and you will hear all kinds of catchy commercial slogans.

But when it is time to file an insurance claim for fire damage, pipe leaks, roof leaks or mold, will your insurance company act like a good neighbor and place you in good hands? In far too many cases, policyholders end up with underpaid or denied insurance claims. One of the best ways for homeowners to get the maximum settlement is to hire their own public adjuster. What Is a Public Adjuster and How Can They Help? Why South Florida House Fires Increase Dramatically in December. Posted by admin | 11.24.17 12:36pm December isn’t just the start of the holiday season.

Unfortunately, it is also the start of the house fire season. While many homeowners in Miami-Dade and Broward County are busy putting up their Christmas trees, lights and decorations, many are unaware of the dangers and risks they are placing on their property. According to the National Fire Protection Association. South Florida Homeowner Finally Receives Insurance Payment 1 Year After Burglary.

Posted by admin | 11.10.17 12:41pm Burglary A night of Halloween fun quickly turned into a year-long nightmare for Homestead resident Nicholas Castillo. One year ago, Castillo and his wife took their son trick-or-treating for the first time. Suddenly, his phone started beeping. Does Your Homeowner’s Insurance Cover Paint Damage? Posted by admin | 11.17.17 01:36pm The color of your home give it a unique look and curb appeal.

Could the Wildfires in California Happen in South Florida? Hurricane Irma: Tips to Get an Insurance Payment For Damages. The List of Florida Cast Iron Pipe Lawsuits Continues to Grow. Beware of These Common Tricks Used by Insurance Companies. Can Previous Damage Affect Your Hurricane Insurance Claim? Hurricane Irma Damage Claims Reach $3.1 Billion and Counting. What Will Your Insurance Cover After Hurricane Irma? Who is liable after a hurricane, me or the landlord? insurance claims attorney. Posted by admin | 09.14.17 11:36am Hurricane season is in full effect and this brings up various questions for renters. Homeowners are required to know what safety precautions to take to avoid or diminish damage to their home but it is not so clear cut for renters and landlords.

Both parties will do their best to avoid damage to the property before the storm hits and have the appropriate insurance in place. What happens when you have taken all the necessary precautions and there is still substantial damage. How To Keep Your Home Powered After a Hurricane. Why Every Miami Homeowner Needs Flood Insurance. Posted by admin | 09.01.17 05:41am The horrifying scenes of massive flooding in Houston and East Texas from Hurricane Harvey should be a sobering reminder to every homeowner in South Florida. Florida Insurance Rates Could Double By 2022.

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