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The Register Of Births & Deaths Exposed. The Conspiracy To Own You & The Occult Language Of Law. HOW TO STOP OPPRESSIVE GOVT - PEGGY HALL. Never Pay Bills Again. Crrow777 Radio. Spirit Whirled: The Blackest of All Magick - THE BLACKEST OF ALL MAGICK - Page 2. On March 9, 1933, House Joint Resolution No. 192-10 was voted into law.

Spirit Whirled: The Blackest of All Magick - THE BLACKEST OF ALL MAGICK - Page 2

The re-sol-ution is the Emergency Banking Relief Act. This amended the Trading with the Enemy Act of 1917, whereby 'enemy' was defined as "other than citizens of the United States," to now define the 'enemy' as "any person within the United States. " Remember, a 'person' was later defined as "a variety of entities other than human beings" in 1979, and "not a sovereign in a legal sense. " The Emergency Banking Relief Act officially, through sorcery, put an end to America's gold standard, and even threatened punishment for Americans who did not turn in their gold, and the act hypothecated all property in the UNITED STATES to the sorcerers who control the Federal Reserve Bank. It also amends the Federal Reserve Act with a new subsection that states: Crrow777 Radio. 228- Binding Systems, Illusion and Belief Successfully Manage most Thought. - 5 Lawyer Bots You Can Try Now. Lawyer Bots are providing legal help and access to justice to the masses.

- 5 Lawyer Bots You Can Try Now

We’ve put together a lineup of the best and brightest Lawyer Bots in legal tech land that you can try right now. First, a couple of definitions for you: A bot is software that performs automated tasks over the internet, like setting an alarm or searching online. Sign the Declaration of Independence. George Carlin -Rights and Privileges. Get In On the Sale of Yourself - NEO.LIFE. Richie Etwaru has a message for you: You’re getting ripped off. In a secretive business that’s little known outside the health care world, medical informatics companies like Optum and Iqvia and Symphony Health are vacuuming up your health data, stripping your name and a few other identifying details off of it, bundling it with millions of other people’s information, and selling it to pharmaceutical companies and other researchers.

The Secret US Prisons You've Never Heard of Before. US Judicial Courts Are Profit Centers. 1933 ~ The Year We All Became The Legal Enemy of our Government. Get out of the Matrix; a few ways you might not know. HOW TO SIGN YOUR SIGNATURE WITHOUT LIABILITY. Who are the Fallen Angels? ~ CobraDove (Part 2) Mirrored. Are Americans Finally Free From the Crowns of the Vatican? Are Americans finally free from the control of the Crowns of the Vatican or more accurately the Holy Roman Empire?

Are Americans Finally Free From the Crowns of the Vatican?

Personally, I feel that we are not free yet because there are many high level members of secret societies controlled by the Vatican that refuse to free Americans and the people of the world. For Americans and the people of the world to really be free, they need to learn how to defend their natural rights and be responsible living men and women. Furthermore, they need to learn how to live in harmony with Natural Law. Until these things happen, we as a collective can only experience the illusion of real freedom. – Pao Chang By Anna Von Reitz, author of AnnaVonReitz.comVia

The ZIP CODE Scam. Use of the Zip is voluntary.


See Domestic Regulations. Section 122.32 as amended. You should also know that the Postal service cannot discriminate against the non-use of the Zip Code. See "Postal Reorganization Act ", Section 403, (Public Law, 91-375). How Every Prisoner Is Sold by the US Corporation. Thanks to Steve for sending me the link to the following article. – Pao By The moment an order is written, whether it’s a warrant or a traffic ticket, or whatever, the money machine is activated.

How Every Prisoner Is Sold by the US Corporation

Every prisoner has a monetary value to our government whether its local, county, state or federal. Bonds are written based on the person’s name and social security number and are sold through a brokerage firm such as AG Edwards or Merrill Lynch who has the contract to sell all the prison bonds for the city, county, state or federal prisons. Over 50% of the money market bonds right now are purchased in Japan or China. A look at the "sovereign citizen" movement - CBS News. Update: An earlier version of this report included a screen shot of the website of The Sovereign Society.

A look at the "sovereign citizen" movement - CBS News

The Sovereign Society is a publishing company that provides advice on investment and tax strategies to maximize personal wealth and autonomy. The Society counsels its readers that tax evasion is illegal and warns against "declaring yourself a 'sovereign citizen' who supposedly is no longer subject to laws, courts or taxes. " The Society does not condone violence and has never been accused of violent behavior. This is a story about a group of Americans you've likely never heard of: they're called "sovereign citizens. " Many don't pay taxes, carry a driver's license or hold a Social Security card. Local law enforcers encounter 'sovereign citizens' - The San Diego Union-Tribune. A San Diego motorcycle officer had her stopped for speeding.

Local law enforcers encounter 'sovereign citizens' - The San Diego Union-Tribune

Suddenly, she hit the gas, and the chase was on. As officers trailed at her at 70 mph west on state Route 94 to downtown San Diego, the officer radioed what she told him before fleeing. What cops need to know about sovereign citizen encounters. This article was updated on January 29, 2017.

What cops need to know about sovereign citizen encounters

Law enforcement officers across the country are experiencing a growing number of contacts with sovereign citizens, individuals and groups who possess a strong anti-government ideology. Because they believe the government, its representatives, laws and policies are illegitimate, sovereign citizens regularly find themselves in conflict with the law. Although it’s difficult to accurately access their numbers, it is safe to say that since 2000, their numbers and the violent incidents associated with them have increased.

Here, I’ll provide you with some investigative tips and suggestions should you encounter a sovereign citizen, but, I’d be remiss if I did not take a moment to emphasize that whether you’re dealing with a novice or a hardliner sovereign citizen, the prospect of violent action and threats to officer safety should never be taken for granted. Killing Your STRAWMAN – The Path To Freedom. This post, which is now over 6 years old, signifies my first flirtation with the STRAWMAN concept of personhood.

Killing Your STRAWMAN – The Path To Freedom

I invite you instead to read a free copy (.pdf) of my new book, released June 17th, 2016, by going to this link –> I leave this post up for posterity, a glimpse into my own former ignorance, and wish readers to know that my knowledge has increased two-fold since this was written, and I do not, I repeat, do not in any way support the SPC or other commercial routes. Description Brief of Programs. Discharge Debt Description Brief of Programs Go To Welcome Page Here it has more direct links than the ones below.

Description Brief of Programs

Last updated January-2014 Online Since 2006 This site is dedicated to teaching you about system Corruption, Sovereignty and Discharging of Debts with more than 300 pages to search. There are four levels of education if you choose to research and learn a great deal more from this site. Sovereign Citizen Movement. Tactics: Terrorism and "Paper Terrorism" In the early 1990s, particularly after the deadly standoffs at Ruby Ridge, Idaho, in 1992 and Waco, Texas, in 1993, the extreme right experienced a considerable resurgence. Many older groups like the National Alliance increased in number, while entirely new movements like the militias developed. The Power of Words ~ Living In The Private. Words contain “spelling”. To cast a spell is to cast words.

Indeed, words are magical because they manipulate symbols to change consciousness and behaviour. Words possess and deliver “power”. We “cast” words, actors, wishes, and fishing-lines, to bring something forward. Words can elicit powerful emotional responses, inciting violence, or inducing obedience. Hell - O!!! Deceptive Language and Hidden Meanings.

Understanding basic law & legalese

The Correct Way To Use a Social Security Card Part I. Maine Republic Email Alert. The Vatican created a world trust using the birth certificate to capture the value of each individual’s future productive energy. Each state, province, and country in the fiat monetary system contributes their people’s productive energy value to this world trust identified by the SS, SIN or EIN numbers (for example) maintained in the Vatican registry.

Corporations worldwide (all individuals became corporate fictions through their birth certificate) are connected to the Vatican through law (Vatican, to Crown, to BAR, to laws, to judges, to people) and through money (Vatican birth accounts value to IMF, to Treasury (Federal Reserve), to banks, to people (loans), to judges (administration), and sheriffs (confiscation). Bond certificate - Dictionary Definition. Types: bond issue bonds sold by a corporation or government agency at a particular time and identifiable by date of maturity convertible bond a bond that can be converted to other securities under certain conditions corporate bond.

Unjust Justice

Corruption. Redemption. AM06 25 17. The Art of Passing the Buck. Finally, some justice! AM 07-30-17. - No product or service should be provided at the barrel of a gun. Transpicuous Views July 16 2017 Part 1.... if you don't know.... Redemption Manual 4-5 Edition.pdf. Rights vs. Privileges. Admiralty [BLACK's] Law = FRAUD (NEVER Claim Your Corporate Name nor Board Their Ship!) So what will happen to people in prison when S.H.T.F. Strawman story v3 12192016 free. Unjust Justice 2. Anna von Reitz. Flat Earth Common Law Strawman The Nature of the Cage OFFICIAL MIRROR. Flat Earth Amazing Speech by Matt Damon. Why Is the Bill of Rights Important? By Tom Head. Grand Jury - Court of Ages. The Freedom Cell Network. How the Legal System Gets Jurisdiction of Your Body.

Life With No Government. Word Magic: How Words Can Be Used as Magic Spells. Image credit: Why Your Legal Name is Written in All Capital Letters. Image credit: Birth Certificate Truth. Birth Certificate Truth The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) is one of a number of uniform acts that have been promulgated in conjunction with efforts to harmonize the law of sales and other commercial transactions in all 50 states within the United States of America. Something Strange Is Starting To Make Sense; The CUSIP Numbers Pt 1 - John Stuart. The United States Inc.

England, Canada, Australia and many other countries are led politically by “Prime Ministers” to the Queen. In fact she is the official head of 123 commonwealth countries. America, Russia, and other countries, however, have a “President” and “Vice-President.” Usually corporations have Presidents and Vice-Presidents.

Solutions of the Planet - Peter Eugene w' Kurt Kallenbach - 17 February 2015. Meet your Strawman and find out what a straw man is for. Stop Selling Your Children to Bankers. Did You Know You Also Have a Uniform Birth Number? ORIGINAL 13th AMENDMENT ~ 1819 US Constitution - CERTIFIED Sam Houston State Library of Texas. Dangers Of The Freeman Movement. Mark Passio, Clint Richardson, Billl Turner. We All Have Inherent Rights – Regardless of Whether a Nation’s “Authority” Recognizes It.

TABU; Towards A Better Understanding. We want to be FREE! (short documentary) DANGER!! To WHOM are YOU married?! Marriage Licenses bond you to the STATE! fotm1. Are You Living in a Constitution Free Zone? Freeman-on-the-Land: DISCHARGE TAX & DUTY. The Emergence of Orwellian Newspeak and the Death of Free Speech Washington's Blog. United States of Spirits. Video: Frank O’Collins - How To Make a Judge Run Out Of The Court Room - 15 Minutes - Audio Of Full Discussion Also Provided.

World Banker Karen Hudes Reveals Secret US Constitution. Passport or Real I.D. will be required for domestic US travel. Galactic_Connection_2015-06-02. Mark Passio's Natural Law Seminar - Natural Law: The REAL Law of Attraction 3 of 3 (evening) Ubuntu. Sovereign Citizen - encyclopedia article about Sovereign Citizen. Resurrect the Republic - Dirty Uncle Sam TRUTH Radio Broadcast© In defense of the REPUBLIC. Abuse By Law Enforcement 2.

Down right stupid and absurd

Prison state. Recognizing Enslavement. We Are Not Civilized. We Are Domesticated. Big Difference. Organizing Against Tyranny. 30 Important Facts All US Citizens Should Know! Common Law...the last stand against Tyranny! [John Hurst @ the Dignity Alliance] The Last "ECHO": Black Moors and the USA Constitution Treaty. The police state just got stronger: Supreme Court rules that cops can pull you over even if they only 'believe' you've broken the law. Mark Passio The Interference Of The Species. DHS Funded Report: Sovereign Citizens Greatest Threat To U.S. ‘We the People’ Need to Circle the Wagons Against Government's Warpath. Full Disclosure Hon Paul T Hellyer. Check birth certificate on stock market: Heres how. YOUR BIRTH CERTIFICATE IS A STOCK ON THE NYSE! YOU'RE ALL SLAVES, SOLD AS COLLATERAL TO THE BANK THAT BOUGHT U IN 1932!