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EWG. Why Every Parent Should Consider Unschooling. The Full Circle Project. 10 Important Things You Want, But Don't Know That You Want. Derrick Broze: Conscious Resistance-Agorism and Freedom Cells. Jackfruit: Can This Nutritional Powerhouse Prevent Widespread Famine? 3rd July 2016 By Carolanne Wright Contributing writer for Wake Up World Unlike the United States — where self-sufficiency and food security is persecuted — the government of Venezuela is pushing its population to grow urban gardens and raise chickens in response to severe food shortages.

Jackfruit: Can This Nutritional Powerhouse Prevent Widespread Famine?

Venezuelan president Maduro himself produces everything his family eats with the help of 60 laying hens. While not considered a famine yet, the shortages are acute enough that malnutrition is a serious concern, especially in the case of children. Venezuela is a prime location for both traditional and micro-farming due to broad areas of fertile land and appropriate growing climate.

First They Jailed the Bankers, Now Every Icelander to Get Paid in Bank Sale. By Claire Bernish First, Iceland jailed its crooked bankers for their direct involvement in the financial crisis of 2008.

First They Jailed the Bankers, Now Every Icelander to Get Paid in Bank Sale

Now, every Icelander will receive a payout for the sale of one of its three largest banks, Íslandsbanki. If Finance Minister Bjarni Benediktsson has his way — and he likely will — Icelanders will be paid kr 30,000 after the government takes over ownership of the bank. Íslandsbanki would be second of the three largest banks under State proprietorship. “I am saying that the government take some decided portion, 5%, and simply hand it over to the people of this country,” he stated. Because Icelanders took control of their government, they effectively own the banks. Thomas Deegan: Amended Complaint To Restore Freedom. Update (9/15/2015): For some reason, I can not find this court case on

Thomas Deegan: Amended Complaint To Restore Freedom

However, I did find it at If anyone finds it on, please let me know by sending me an email. Thomas Deegan and Phillip Hudok and their team have been working hard to expose the criminal activities of the UNITED STATES, a FOREIGN corporation located in Washington D.C., also known as the District of Columbia, another foreign corporation. Anyone who cares about his or her freedom, sovereignty, and the future of humanity should support Thomas Deegan and Phillip Hudok and share their information to the world.

From On 9/4/15, the Rule of Law and Constitutional Government Case 15-0491 was amended at the West Virginia Supreme Court of Appeals. To read the amended case 15-0491, scroll down to the PDF document below. Buycott App - Boycott App Vote With Your Wallet.


Ipiit, The Food Ambassador. What is Power? - Game of Thrones + Tiny Dot by Larken Rose. Last Chance Saloon – Gonna Step Up? 5th July 2015.

Last Chance Saloon – Gonna Step Up?

Embrace_The_Anger_JH15. The Only Way Forward In 2015. By Brandon Turbeville In the year 2015, America and the rest of the world finds itself at a crossroads.

The Only Way Forward In 2015

The time is fast approaching when the world’s population will receive the final choice between a move toward true freedom or the clampdown of total oppression. Throughout recorded history, tyrannies have arisen and morphed into other forms with the end result being the creation and maintenance of a permanent worldwide oligarchy that is attempting to ensure the end of all independent thought and action. This oligarchy has maintained its control by a number of different methods, the concept of “divide and conquer” being one of the most important in its arsenal. Awakening: The Next Step. 5th June 2015 By Mary Batson Guest Writer for Wake Up World Step 1.

Awakening: The Next Step

Wake up… Step 2. Open my eyes… Step 3… Get out of bed.


SURVIVAL. ENERGY AND INNOVATION. Seekingfreemen. Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center. Top 3 Barter Websites for Tougher Times. Useful skills and items for bartering after SHTF. Socioeconomics. Live Overseas; Resources, Articles & Videos For Living Overseas In A Multi-Newsletter Format By Nation, Featuring Expat Taxes, Asset Protection, 2nd Passports, International Real Estate, Overseas Jobs - Expatriate Resources - Overseas Retirement. Guide to Shelters. $300 underground greenhouse grows produce year-round, even in severe climates.

(NaturalNews) With staggering food prices and shortages looming, there's no better time to grow your own produce.

$300 underground greenhouse grows produce year-round, even in severe climates

Sadly, most greenhouses are expensive to build and impractical to heat during cold, wintery conditions. Thankfully, a solution is found with the Walipini. Developed for South American mountainous regions over twenty years ago, it allows edibles to be grown year-round - even in the most inhospitable weather. As an added bonus, it's also outrageously inexpensive to construct.Known as a pit or underground greenhouse, the Walipini utilizes the advantages of passive solar heating along with earth sheltering properties. The structure makes use of thermal mass energy, creating a highly efficient and cost effective method for heating the interior. Strategic Relocation The Film FULL VERSION HQ. The magic EMP-proof box.

Even though U.S. scientists have known about electromagnetic pulses for quite some time – and, in fact, intentionally created them in the late 1950s and early 1960s during the Cold War – it’s been more recently that EMPs have entered the conversation for ordinary Americans.

The magic EMP-proof box

There is rising concern that a rogue nation or terrorist organization could seriously disrupt our power grids by detonating a nuclear weapon high above the United States or setting off an e-bomb that could do much damage on a more local level. So isn’t it strange that a device with the capability of blocking or at least significantly reducing the effects of an EMP was invented prior to the Civil War? That’s when English scientist Michael Faraday created a cage that blocked external static and non-static electric fields. Network- I'm Mad as Hell. Gregg Braden - The Deepest Truth of Our Existence - Interviewed by Nathan Crane. 10 Little Habits that Steal Your Happiness. Welcome to American SwissIndo - Home.