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What is P2P? An Introduction. “We can’t continue with a system that creates wealth, but that’s also destroying the planet and creating so much social inequality.

What is P2P? An Introduction

I think that after 400 years of this, we know it doesn’t work. We need a new system to reclaim all these communal values” What would a post capitalist economy look like? Julie Tran from Makechange TV interviews Michel Bauwens to inquire on the particulars of P2P or “Peer to Peer” philosophy. Bauwens gives clear, direct answers to questions such as: “What is a P2P economy?” To round out the video, we also include a short text below, written by Bauwens for Open Thoughts dealing with value, sustainable commons-based production and how P2P works within society. Image by Open Source Embroidery Our current political economy has the weirdest DNA.

Advertising & the Perfect Storm - Sut Jhally. There's no need for all this economic sadomasochism. The intellectual justification for austerity lies in ruins.

There's no need for all this economic sadomasochism

28-year old PhD student debunks the most influential austerity study. New study refutes Reinhart and Rogoff analysis that underpins austerity policy around the world; shows no relation between debt and lack of growth - Transcript PAUL JAY, SENIOR EDITOR, TRNN: Welcome to The Real News Network.

28-year old PhD student debunks the most influential austerity study

I'm Paul Jay in Baltimore.In capitals, both political and economic, across Europe, across North America, really, across the world, there's been an assumption based on a study done by two eminent Harvard professors, economists Carmen Reinhart and Kenneth Rogoff, which presented in 2010 their conclusions that 90 percent debt-to-GDP ratio means a collapse in growth. Social and Cultural Capital in Creativity. Wealth Inequality in America. The Wrong Economic Prescriptions: Deeper Austerity as a “Solution” to Austerity. Leeches could also be used in bloodletting.

The Wrong Economic Prescriptions: Deeper Austerity as a “Solution” to Austerity

The withdrawal of so much blood as to induce syncope (fainting) was considered beneficial, and many sessions would only end when the patient began to swoon. As the economy shows signs of recession, the leeches return. Alan Simpson and Erskine Bowles have issued a new report calling for even deeper austerity. It is not what the economy needs as it stagnates and sputters toward a possible new collapse. Their report combined with President Obama’s State of the Union, the sequestration and Republican dogma are all combining to bring on another round of budget cuts, which will only make recession more likely. It is important to put the current economic debate in context. “Nearly the entire European Union, including its core economies of Germany, France, and the United Kingdom are all now clearly mired in recession.

No doubt Republican dogma of shrinking federal government and low taxes deserve a lot of the blame, but President Obama does as well. A Lucid New Primer on the Collaborative Economy. For anyone scratching their head about how to understand the deeper social and economic dynamics of online networks, a terrific new report has been released by Michel Bauwens called Synthetic Overview of the Collaborative Economy.

A Lucid New Primer on the Collaborative Economy

Michel, who directs the Foundation for Peer to Peer Alternatives and works with me at the Commons Strategies Group, is a leading thinker and curator of developments in the emerging P2P economy. The report was prepared for Orange Labs, a division of the French telecom company, as a comprehensive survey and analysis of new forms of collaborative production on the Internet. The report is a massive 346 pages (downloadable as a pdf file under a Creative Commons BY-NC-SA license) and contains 543 footnotes. But it is entirely clear and accessible to non-techies. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions.

John Perkins describes himself as a former economic hit man–a highly paid professional who cheated countries around the globe out of trillions of dollars. 20 years ago Perkins began writing a book with the working title, "Conscience of an Economic Hit Men.

Confessions of an Economic Hit Man: How the U.S. Uses Globalization to Cheat Poor Countries Out of Trillions

" Perkins writes, "The book was to be dedicated to the presidents of two countries, men who had been his clients whom I respected and thought of as kindred spirits–Jaime Roldós, president of Ecuador, and Omar Torrijos, president of Panama. Both had just died in fiery crashes. Their deaths were not accidental.

They were assassinated because they opposed that fraternity of corporate, government, and banking heads whose goal is global empire. John Perkins goes on to write: "I was persuaded to stop writing that book. But now Perkins has finally published his story. Oliver Stone Tears Apart Obama's Empire. Stéphane Hessel. Former GOP Strategist Kevin Phillips on the Roots of American Revolution and Future of US Politics. With the Republican Party in a state of turmoil following Mitt Romney’s loss three weeks ago, we begin today’s show with a guest who was once one of the most influential Republican strategists.

Former GOP Strategist Kevin Phillips on the Roots of American Revolution and Future of US Politics

In 1969 Kevin Phillips wrote the groundbreaking book, "The Emerging Republican Majority. " Newsweek described the book as the “political bible of the Nixon administration.” Why So Secretive? The Trans-Pacific Partnership as Global Coup. A summit with leaders of the member states of the Trans-Pacific Strategic Economic Partnership Agreement (TPP) in November, 2010.

Why So Secretive? The Trans-Pacific Partnership as Global Coup

(Photo: Gobierno de Chile) The Trans-Pacific Partnership is the most secretive and “least transparent” trade negotiations in history. Zbigniew Brzezinski Still Admits The Global Political Awakening Proving Very Difficult For The Elite. Election maps. Email: Thanks to everyone who wrote in about the maps.

Election maps

I've received so much email that I may not be able to reply to everyone, but I much appreciate all your comments and suggestions. Many of the things people have been asking about are answered in this list of frequently asked questions. Election results by state Most of us are, by now, familiar with the maps the TV channels and web sites use to show the results of presidential elections. Obama and progressives: what will liberals do with their big election victory? (updated below) The greatest and most enduring significance of Tuesday night's election results will likely not be the re-election of Barack Obama, but rather what the outcome reflects about the American electorate.

Obama and progressives: what will liberals do with their big election victory?

TEDxBerlin - Bernard Lietaer - 11/30/09. Why I Refuse to Vote for Barack Obama - Conor Friedersdorf. The case against casting a ballot for the president -- even if you think he's better than Mitt Romney Reuters Tell certain liberals and progressives that you can't bring yourself to vote for a candidate who opposes gay rights, or who doesn't believe in Darwinian evolution, and they'll nod along. Spain Protesters Encircle Parliament. Why We’re All Going To Die. “Those who make peaceful evolution impossible make violent revolution inevitable.”- John F. Kennedy The only way out is through.

Global society is dependent on artificially inflated energy resources—i.e. oil—that are directly leading us toward total collapse. The Big, Fat Lie Behind Romney's Absurd 47% Argument. Map of the US showing states where the number of electoral votes is uncertain and where the presidential election could be won or lost. September 19, 2012 | We Are Writing the Epilogue to the World We Knew. The data continue to roll in, and they are telling us we are in the process of bringing an end to the world we evolved in, and creating a new, harsher world. We will be forced to devote more and more of our resources trying to adapt to this new world, and less on development. While politicians fiddle, the world burns. Rob Hopkins: Transition to a world without oil. Corporations are primarily intellectual property rentiers. Gavin Mueller has a great article in the summer issue of Jacobin Magazine about piracy, and at one point drops this jaw-dropping statistic: “Intellectual property makes up 80 percent of the net worth of US corporations and 60 percent of their exports.”

I ran the statistic down and found that it apparently originated from an FTC report called The Evolving IP Marketplace. This is an incredible statistic for a number of reasons, but the biggest one is that it strikes at the core of American economic mythology. We like to think of the US economy as one driven by private enterprise that is independent of government help. Leftists often point out that the independence from government is an illusion: government investment plays a significant role in the economy and, more fundamentally, property ownership and contract enforcement are government creations. Laurie Penny: It's not rhetoric to draw parallels with Nazism - Commentators - Opinion. The Five Big Misrepresentations Of Paul Ryan's Convention Speech. Italy elects first transhumanist MP. Truthout Interviews Chris Hedges About Why Revolt Is All We Have Left.

Shhhh… It’s Even Worse Than The Great Depression. Submitted by Mark McHugh from Across the Street. Why Industrial Capitalism is Useful. Wheels Down on Mars. Now It's Time to Reinvent America, Says Neil deGrasse Tyson. It has been a milestone week for NASA, thanks to the successful landing of the Mars Curiosity Rover using a novel system. Bill McKibben’s New Article Is Terrifying. Anarchism in everyday life? : Anarchism. Hey everyone. So I am interested in anarchism and have been doing a bit of reading on it. Anyway I am currently studying at university and was wondering how I could actually express anarchism in my everyday life. Cascadia Rising. THIS SPRING, Adidas unveiled a nationwide TV spot selling a spiffy new device that allows soccer players to track how far and how fast they run.

Between shots of players in soulful pregame mode, jump cuts bring a spine-tingling vision to the screen: a flag slowly waving in murky light, its blue, white, and green stripes united by the black silhouette of a Douglas fir. Business - Derek Thompson - The Economic History of the Last 2000 Years: Part II. The week that Europe stopped pretending. Osaka and Scotland: local leaders and decentralization. The Grinding Halt: Reality Falls to Bits and Pieces. The Crazy Things That One Whistleblower Says Are Happening At JP Morgan Will Blow Your Mind. Douglas Rushkoff - Open Source Democracy. America Beyond Capitalism. Taking Back Globalization - Olivier De Schutter. China’s very mysterious data. Germany has the economic strengths America once boasted -

Here's Why Iceland Is Seeing A Really Quick Recovery. Cut the working week to a maximum of 20 hours, urge top economists. History of U.S. Intervention in Iran - 1953 Until Present. Chinese Central Banker Declares That 'Gold Is The Only Safe Haven Left' Frank Zappa, Howard Zinn, and Noam Chomsky on American Fascism (separate clips) Europe on a Chinese shoestring. How to Radically Empower over 2/3rds of the World’s Population « Let A Thousand Nations Bloom. Global rebellion: The coming chaos? A Message From Anonymous To The Global (R)evolution. How Amazon Became the World's Largest Retailer.

Culture in Economics and the Culture of Economics: Raquel Fernandez in Conversation with The Straddler. Russia is seeing an emigration exodus.