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KCØMAX amateur radio page. CF and EH antennas by dxzone. Blue Tooth Interface for HF-VHF Amateur Radio Transceivers by K7SFN, FRANK J DZIURDA. KC8AON QRP PROJECTS. Undefined KC8AON's QRP PROJECTS Since I got my Icom 703, I wanted a tuner to handle the 10 watts the 703 was capable of, and was designed to tune half wave endfed wires which is one of my favorite field antennas.


I also wanted it to cover at least 10 thru 80 meters, thus the Switched Inductor L Match Tuner was born. The Switched Inductor L Match is not my design, but is derived from a design from Steve Weber, KD1JV called the "ALT or Altoids L Tuner" and what I had in my junk box. Thanks Steve ! Looking at this photo, you can see the 5 individual toroidal inductors and inductor switches (left side of photo). As you can see in the schematic, this is a standard L match circuit consisting of a series L shunt C which is very effective at taming the hi Z loads produced by endfed halfwave wires down to 50 ohms that your transmitter likes. Vanity Node Numbers. EchoLink is developed and supported entirely by volunteers, and is provided to the Amateur Radio community free of charge.

Vanity Node Numbers

However, to help defray the costs of hardware, software, and Internet access required to keep EchoLink running, we are pleased to offer an optional Vanity Node Number program. Each new user of EchoLink is normally assigned a 6-digit node number. However, there are also some 4-digit numbers and 5-digit numbers that are currently unassigned. If you'd like to get a 4- or 5-digit node number for your callsign, and make a contribution to EchoLink at the same time, here's your chance! Vanity Node Numbers are available on a first-come, first-served basis. If you are not already a validated user of EchoLink, please download and install the software, and wait for your callsign to be validated. To begin, please enter the information below. FT-817 Accessories. A picnic table portable operation.

FT-817 Accessories

The personalized lunch bag holds a 17 amp-hour gel cell and all accessories except the clipboard/paddle. A 24-hour folding digital clock with magnetic strips on the cover sticks to the FT-817 top case. LINKS PAGE. The links below were choosen by me for the informative information they provide.


These are , in my opinion, the best sites related to amateur radio on the web today. This list is by no means complete, I'm constantly updating and adding new sites . It takes many hours to find such sites . I provide them here for your enjoyment and pleasure. I hope that you find something new and exciting to explore, enjoy ! Gateway, For Gateway, For HP items on SolderSmoke. The New Jawbone The Best Bluetooth Headset Just Got Better. Diskshoppeft817. FT-817 Porta-Base. 039;s musing on technology Built a 40m SSB transceiver kit MMR-40. Columbia River Knife & Tool Guppie. Mobile Packs. Clint's Page (KA7OEI) Antennas and Accessories. WiMo: Special Offers, News and Suggestions We are back!

Antennas and Accessories

With a new show concept and a new booth. From may on we will offer the site to pre-order items for the show. QRP page. QST 2000-2004 ARTICLES. The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation. KR1S QRP Home Page. RF Cafe - Amateur Radio Websites. Ramsey Electronics. Media Player Participating Networks. Pandora Internet Radio. Find low prices on Linksys WGA54G Wireless-G Game Ethernet Wireless Adapter in Computers & Software. Napster. Diamond® Antenna ~ HT Antennas.

Ham Radio Circuits by dxzone. HFPACK HFLINK QRP NVIS STORE Antenna Elmer. Digital Clocks Timers Countdown Clock Electronic Kits. Portable Field Radio - QRPKits. Heathkit Ham Equipment Matrix. Gateway Batteries - Batteries & Chargers - Compare & Buy at the Lowest Price - - Best Prices. The KA7OEI FT-817 pages - About the RF Power Amplifier. The KA7OEI FT-817 pages About the RF Power Amplifier About the Power Amplifier: On of the most amazing things (to me, anyway) about the FT-817 is that the same power amplifier chain is used for all of the amateur bands from 160 meters through 70 centimeters.

The KA7OEI FT-817 pages - About the RF Power Amplifier

This is made possible through the use of MOSFETs. Unlike bipolar transistors, the gain of MOSFETs doesn't decrease at a 6db/octave rate as you go up in frequency. What does make broadband amplifier design with MOSFETs more difficult is high gate capacitance: At 160 meters the gate capacitance (45 pf per device for the devices used) is nearly invisible, but at 450 MHz, this same amount of capacitance complicates design.

15W amorphous solar panel for 12v battery (power jack) - eBay (item 260248623511 end time Jun-13-08 091249 PDT) IObit Freeware. Web Software Defined Radio. QRP Kit and Homebrew News. 2007 July « n9ik’s radio blog. Rock-Mite update July 30, 2007 Posted by Thor in portable, projects, qrp, station.

2007 July « n9ik’s radio blog

The Rock-Mite transceiver kit that I ordered arrived in today’s post. I’m anxious to get it built and to make my first QSO (contact) with it. I would have built it tonight, but I’m out of solder, and need to go shopping for a few things. Speaking of shopping, I ordered a BLT kit tonight. So, my portable & QRP rig will be made up of the Rock-Mite, a BLT, a doublet antenna and, if I can find one locally, a 7 amp-hour 12 volt battery. The Mity Box, mighty fast July 23, 2007 Very fast service from American Morse Equipment.

Radio and Electronics School. W4RT. NUE-PSK Digital Modem.