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Simple Baked Cod with Tomatoes & Basil. Portuguese Fish Stew (Caldeirada) Here’s a simple recipe for Portuguese Fish Stew (Caldeirada) that can be made with fish or shellfish in a fragrant yet simple, saffron broth, studded with potatoes.

Portuguese Fish Stew (Caldeirada)

Rustic and light, this summer stew can be made in just 30 minutes! Serve with Rice or Crusty Bread! This rustic fish stew hails from Portugal, called Caldeirada, is light and flavorful and infused with saffron. Today I’ve used a mix of salmon and wild cod, but in the past, I’ve thrown in mussels and shrimp. It’s a nice way to use what you have. The best part? {Recently I joined Sitka Salmon Shares which is like a CSA but with wild Alaskan fish instead of boxes of veggies. It starts with sauteing the onion and garlic until golden and fragrant. Add a generous pinch of saffron, crumbling it a little in your fingers.

Add the stock, bay leaves, salt, spices and potatoes. Bring the potatoes to a simmer, cover and cook until tender, about 15 minutes. Then add the fish and thyme. Enjoy the stew. Try to stay grounded this week. Xoxo. Crispy-Skinned Duck Breast with Roasted Plums. Seared Duck Breast with Roasted Plums, Cider Glaze and crispy sage- a simple elegant meal highlighting fall plums that can be made in 45 minutes!

Crispy-Skinned Duck Breast with Roasted Plums

( Sub Chicken Thighs for the Duck!) The very last of the plums, given to us from a friend made it into our Sunday dinner last night. Crispy-skinned duck breast, nestled with glazed plums were placed in the hot oven to roast. As the plums roasted, they split and released their juices into the pan. At the end, a simple glaze of reduced hard cider and maple syrup was spooned over top with some crispy sage. The combination of tangy roasted plums with the earthy duck breast was divine.

This simple yet utterly decadent recipe is surprisingly quick and easy enough for a weeknight meal where you need a little extra love and self-nurturing. Instant Pot Tikka Masala. Chilli Con Carne. How it all started This is one of the recipes I've been making for a few years now. When me and my man lived in London, we used to make this in the evenings as a comfort meal, often for our friends, too. It all started as a one-time experiment, but never left our house ever since.

I also make a vegetarian chilli version and both of the recipes used to be on my older website, but, sadly, I must admit I've been really bad in catching up with the old recipe reshoots. Chicken Fajitas. Method Put your griddle pan on a high heat.

Chicken Fajitas

Halve and deseed your pepper and cut it into thin strips. Halloumi Wrap — kitchenJulie. Quinoa Zucchini Patties with Feta — kitchenJulie. Chop the onion and pan fry in a bit of coconut oil until golden (you can also add chopped zucchini at this point and cook for a minute instead of stirring it raw into the mixture- it will develop a deeper flavour).

Quinoa Zucchini Patties with Feta — kitchenJulie

In a large bowl, mix the cooked and drained quinoa, eggs, chopped zucchini (fresh if not pan frying with onion), onion, finely chopped spring onions & parsley, feta cheese, buckwheat flour, salt. Let the mixture stand for 5 minutes. Heat a bit of coconut oil in a pan and add a bit of quinoa mixture, forming a round and about 1,5 cm thick patty; continue until you fill up the pan. Leave some room for flipping. Cook on medium heat and flip to switch sides once you see a golden crust forming on the bottom (3-5 minutes). Serve with a dollop of light crème fraîche/sour cream and fresh veggies. NOTE: These patties tend to break if you don't make them thick enough (it should look more like a burger patty than a pancake).


Polenta crémeuse à la feta et tomates rôties. Falafel. Cheese. Meat. Fish & Seafood. Curry & Stew. Veggies. Mexican. Pasta. Buckwheat. Risotto. Burgers. Pretty Purple Picnic Wraps. You want to know a funny thing about Swedish people?

Pretty Purple Picnic Wraps

We always talk about the weather. Always. Come rain or come shine, we will talk about it. Several times each day. It’s one of the first things we mention when arriving at work, buying lunch, taking a cab or meeting a friend in the subway. Me, Luise and Elsa packed our picnic bag with a blanket, fruit, juices and homemade wraps, met up with my mother and sister and took a bus to a 4H farm just outside the city. I am not going to give you a big speech about wraps. Pretty Purple Picnic Wraps 8 big wraps 8 wholegrain or corn tortilla breads 4 big salad leaves (torn in two) Purple Beetroot & Goat Cheese600 g beetroot 300 g goat cheese 5 tbsp olive oil salt & pepper.

Bircher muesli with plums and pistachios. September 15, 2013 I liked bircher muesli that Tomasz had in Gipfeltreffen so much, that the very next morning I made a similar thing at home.

Bircher muesli with plums and pistachios

The trick is, that you need to prepare muesli the night before, so it will soak a juice or milk. It is delicious and does not require cooking.