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Luxor - Valley of the Kings Luxor Egypt - Tomb of Ramses 4 - Ramesses IV - Travel Egypt in 360 Photo

Luxor - Valley of the Kings Luxor Egypt - Tomb of Ramses 4 - Ramesses IV - Travel Egypt in 360 Photo

Numbers= & programs for smartboards Number, Problem Solving A mathematical based puzzle for IWB, iPad and Android that requires some careful numeracy thinking and some informed trial and error. When the resource opens you will see that both multiplication calculations give the same result of 3634. The highest number that can be the answer for both calculations using each of the nine digits once is 5568. The challenge is to arrange the numbers until both calculations equal 5568. The resource will take care of the calculating but the player will have to think hard about the results of multiplication to make progress. Tap one tile and then another to swap them. The resource requires a modern browser and will work on all platforms. Go to math puzzle. Investigations, Number, Problem Solving This resource was inspired by the Puzzle of the Month in the always informative newsletter by Andrew Jeffrey, also on twitter as @AJMagicMessage. For the solution you’ll need to see Andrew Jeffrey’s newsletter next month. Go to Puzzle Resource

Interactive Whiteboard Resources: Maths, Key Stage 2 - Topmarks Education Caterpillar OrderingTablet friendly A flexible game for ordering numbers and for number sequences. Fantastic on an interactive whiteboard and tablet friendly. Varying levels of difficulty make it suitable for use throughout the primary age range. OrderingFlash You'll love this ordering game! Compare Numbers on a Number LineFlash Compare numbers on two different number lines and decide which is bigger. Comparing NumbersFlash A teaching tool which is good for demonstrating greater than and less than with 2 and 3 digit numbers and rounding to 10 and 100. CountersquareFlash A hundred square with movable counters and lots of different ideas on how you can use this as a teaching aid. Higher and LowerFlash Lots of examples of ordering numbers from simple ordering numbers to 10 to fractions, decimals or negative and positive numbers. Thinking of a NumberFlash Children need to guess a number below 100 from clues on the clouds. Chinese Dragon GameTablet friendly SequencesFlash EstimateFlash Number LineFlash

Powerful Images to Give Lessons Punch One of the benefits of having an Interactive Whiteboard in the classroom (or even just a data projector) is the opportunity to display full colour high quality images instead of grainy acetates or posters. With a powerful image you can really add some “punch” to your lesson. Put images up while students are coming into the room – use them as part of a lesson starter – stimulate questions. What is going on here? The Big Picture One of my favourite sites for these kind of inspirational images is The Big Picture from the Boston Times. Here is just a selection of the great images that you could use in different curriculum areas: For Science; Mercury Images, Robots, Hubble Images, International Space Station, Earth and Environment, Animals, Zoos, Swine Flu. For Citizenship powerful images of the protests in Iran, and here. For Geography – images of Cyclones, Earth Observed, Hurricanes from Above, Hurricane Ike For RE – Carnival, Easter, Holy Week, Hindu festival of colours, The Haaj, Christmas,

Math & Smartboard psyart, psychedelic art, trip visuals, animated gif, kaleidoscope, психоделика, глюки, трипы, калейдоскоп » interactive psychedelic kaleidoscope GraphSketch Teachers Love SMART Boards: Mathematics I was searching through my past blog posts and I'm quite surprised that I have not written a post about the amazing flash-based resources found on Crickweb. This site contains hundreds of quality interactive resources for children aged 4 to 11. For my U.S. readers, the activities are organized into three age groups: The Early Years (age 4 to 5), Key Stage 1 (age 6 to 7), and Key Stage 2 (age 8 to 11). Within each age group the activities are organized by subject area. The basic subject areas include Math, Science, History, and Literacy. Spanish, and even Design & Technology. The resources contained on this site are all interactive and very few of them require keyboard input. of the activities only require students to touch or drag objects. I've included a few screen shots but the best way to find what your looking for is to browse around and play with the activities. Sharing is Caring!

The SMART Insider - Volume 1 Tips & Tricks Orienting Your SMART Board When you're orienting your SMART Board, you can use your pen to touch the SMART Board and then drag it to the exact spot in the middle of the cross-hairs before you let go. This will help you orient the board more precisely. Featured Website The Virtual Keyboard A fun interactive keyboard with that can simulate nine different instruments and can even play back chords. Visit the Virtual Keyboard Video Tutorials Adding Sound to an Object This video tutorial demonstrates how to add sounds to objects to provide negative and positive audio feedback to the students. Video Tutorial Library One of Our Newest Testimonials Thanks, Jim, for another in depth study in Notebook possibilities. - Lori R. on Sharing Video Solutions Over the Internet