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Watch Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree Online

Watch Fool's Garden - Lemon Tree Online

Neofolk El neofolk es un género musical que emergió desde los ideales y círculos musicales de la Europa post-industrial. El neofolk puede ser tomado como música folk o una marca de instrumentación folk apoyada por una variedad de sonidos acompañantes como pianos, cuerdas y elementos de la música industrial y música experimental. El género está asociado a la música tradicional, el paganismo , el romanticismo y el ocultismo . Los músicos neofolk a menudo tienen tendencias a otros géneros post-industriales, como la música neoclásica y la música marcial, o tienen vínculos con círculos paganos y otras sociedades varias.

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Informe Semanal Milán, Expo 2015 pasado sábado La Exposición Universal de Milán reunirá del 1 de mayo al 31 de octubre a 144 países y tres organizaciones internacionales bajo el lema 'Alimentar el planeta. Energía para la vida'. Ville Valo Ville Hermanni Valo ( * Helsinki , 22 de noviembre de 1976 ) es vocalista, compositor finés , y líder de la banda finlandesa HIM , de la que es uno de los fundadores. Valo fue también el baterista de la banda Daniel Lioneye , la cual tiene al guitarrista de HIM, Mikko Lindström , como cantante. Es el inventor del Heartagram , distintivo de la banda. [ editar ] Biografía [ editar ] Su infancia e inicios

Clipul Video Search Biografias y Vidas .com Paul King (musician, VJ) Paul King (born 20 November 1960) is an Irish-born English singer , musician , VJ and TV presenter . [ edit ] Biography Paul King was born in Galway, Ireland, but moved to Coventry , England with his parents at a young age. After graduating from Coventry Drama School, King considered joining the West Midlands Police , but joined rock - ska band , The Reluctant Stereotypes. The band - which also contained record producer Paul Sampson - released an album and three singles in the early 1980s on the back of Coventry 's vibrant 2 Tone ska scene. [ 1 ] After the demise of The Reluctant Stereotypes, King formed The Raw Screens who perfected their act and style to what King and his manager Perry Haines called 'multi-tone', and then in 1983 relaunched the group as self-named 1980s band King . [ 2 ] As lead singer, King was famed for his cockatoo haircut and spray painted Doc Marten's Boots - a look described "like the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang .

Social Searcher Biblioteca Digital Mundial Paul King (musician) Paul Malcolm King (born 9 January 1948, Dagenham , Essex , UK ), was a member of Mungo Jerry between 1970 and 1972. He contributed occasional lead vocals, and played acoustic guitar (6 and 12 string), banjo , [ 1 ] harmonica , kazoo and jug . His songs on the first Mungo Jerry album and on the early maxi-singles were generally more folksy and lighter in style than those of group leader Ray Dorset , and he was frustrated when his own songs were constantly rejected for subsequent albums. On the second album, Electronically Tested , his composition "Black Bubonic Plague" appeared on European copies only, but not on the British release. King recorded a solo album, Been in the Pen Too Long in 1972, and left Mungo Jerry shortly afterwards.

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