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Spine interactive videos back pain, neck pain, spinal anatomy and back surgery Skip to main content You are here Home » Health Videos Movies : Free Movies by Internet Archive collection eye Videos MoreEven more from Google Sign in Videos Privacy Terms Settings Advertising Business About Platinum Partnership The Anthony Robbins Platinum Partnership is an exclusive opportunity for those committed to living life at a level few ever attain. Limited to one hundred and fifty serious players worldwide, the elite members of the Partnership enjoy an unprecedented opportunity to be personally coached by Anthony Robbins, and meet with master teachers from around the world, while traveling to some of the most spectacular destinations on earth. You and your Platinum Partners will receive exclusive invitations to up to four incredible adventures per year. Tony and Sage Robbins will join you on selected trips as you learn, network, and play in such diverse locations as a private palazzo in Venice, the cascading beaches of Bora Bora, a private session on top of the Great Wall of China, 100 mph boat races in South Beach, a private invitation to Scotland’s exclusive Skibo Castle, and riding camels through the Great Pyramids of Egypt. Click here to download our Platinum Partnership Brochure

Yaesu FT-817 (FT 817 FT817) transceivers mods reviews software and diagrams Remove the front panelLook down on the back of front panel, with the VFO knob just left of center. Look at the jumper locations just above the VFO knob on the circut board. Solder the first four jumpers and remove the solder at location five.Reassemble the radio, and reset the cpu by pressing the HOME and the power button. This will extend the xmit freqs. on HF,VHF and UHF Another mod.

Download & Streaming : Moving Image Archive : Internet Archive by Internet Archive collection eye Financial Emergency – Do THIS to win back your future (new Tony film below) Ever had a situation come crashing down around you while you’re wondering, “Now how am I going to fix this?” Of course you have. The question is: when something goes wrong – whether it’s a work situation, a relationship, or a financial matter how do you get yourself 100% PRESENT to address it? Because when human beings get stressed, we tend to hide. Then we create a story in our minds about why this bad stuff is happening, and why we can’t change it.

Amateur radio homebrew Homebrew is an amateur radio slang term for home-built, noncommercial radio equipment.[1] Design and construction of equipment from first principles is valued by amateur radio hobbyists for educational value, and to allow experimentation and development of techniques or levels of performance not readily available as commercial products. Some items can be home-brewed at similar or lower cost than purchased equivalents. History[edit] Early "homebrew" amateur radio transmitter In the early years of amateur radio, long before factory-built gear was easily available, hams built their own transmitting and receiving equipment, known as homebrewing. In the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, hams handcrafted reasonable-quality vacuum tube-based transmitters and receivers which were often housed in their basements, and it was common for a well-built "homebrew rig" to cover all the high frequency bands (1.8 to 30 MHz).

Paul King (musician, VJ) Paul King (born 20 November 1960) is an Irish-born English singer , musician , VJ and TV presenter . [ edit ] Biography Paul King was born in Galway, Ireland, but moved to Coventry , England with his parents at a young age. After graduating from Coventry Drama School, King considered joining the West Midlands Police , but joined rock - ska band , The Reluctant Stereotypes. The band - which also contained record producer Paul Sampson - released an album and three singles in the early 1980s on the back of Coventry 's vibrant 2 Tone ska scene. [ 1 ] After the demise of The Reluctant Stereotypes, King formed The Raw Screens who perfected their act and style to what King and his manager Perry Haines called 'multi-tone', and then in 1983 relaunched the group as self-named 1980s band King . [ 2 ] As lead singer, King was famed for his cockatoo haircut and spray painted Doc Marten's Boots - a look described "like the Child Catcher from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang .

Robbins-Madanes Training Neurolinguistic Programming encourages people toward new behavior by re-framing and shifting the context or meaning of one’s thoughts and feelings. Beyond NLP, Strategic Intervention Life Coaches can help provide a strategy to transform multiple relationships between individuals and create new opportunities for creating lasting change. Neurolinguistic Programming and Strategic Intervention (SI) Life Coaching Neurolinguistic Programming and SI share the same origin in the theoretical work of Gregory Bateson and the pioneering interventions of Milton Erickson. Where NLP came to focus on the neurolinguistic structures within the individual, the Strategic Approach focuses on the interactivity in relationships and the context of the person in their social group and in their life.

untitled Surface Mount QRP Transmitter Project Details This is a prototype, to test a couple of ideas I wanted to try. The first was the idea of using a logic chip as a gated oscillator, the second was to see if a FET PA (aka 38 Special) could be done surface mount instead of the usual TO-220 IRF-510. This project was a success a number of ways, even though some of the ideas didn't pan out.

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