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Pixie II QRP CW mini transceiver! The Pixie II(A Ham Radio CW Transceiver kit) Hi kids!

Pixie II QRP CW mini transceiver!

I'm going to attempt to walk with you through the assembly, testing and and transmission of my very first ever kit! The reason that I'm going to the trouble of putting together this piece of work is not because I'm bored (if you know me you know I take forever to make changes to my web site, hehehe:) but because I've seen a need to fill in the gaps on some of the other web sites that go over building the kit. When I first ordered the kit I saw the pictures of how simple the kit looked and how few parts were involved and figured that even *I* could build it!

I figured that it would only be a half hour to hour kit even for someone that had never built anything before. Well boys and girls, as kits go, it IS simple. Now the instructions in the kit you see below in the bag were put together fairly well. I'm going to try and keep track of how much money I've spent (if I can find my receipts) on this project. Above is a shot of my work area.

SoftRock Availability and Announcements SoftRock and other SDR Radios - HPSDR - High Performance Software Defined Radio. eBay. Amateur radio homebrew. Homebrew is an amateur radio slang term for home-built, noncommercial radio equipment.[1] Design and construction of equipment from first principles is valued by amateur radio hobbyists for educational value, and to allow experimentation and development of techniques or levels of performance not readily available as commercial products.

Amateur radio homebrew

Some items can be home-brewed at similar or lower cost than purchased equivalents. History[edit] Early "homebrew" amateur radio transmitter In the early years of amateur radio, long before factory-built gear was easily available, hams built their own transmitting and receiving equipment, known as homebrewing. In the 1930s, 40s, and 50s, hams handcrafted reasonable-quality vacuum tube-based transmitters and receivers which were often housed in their basements, and it was common for a well-built "homebrew rig" to cover all the high frequency bands (1.8 to 30 MHz). Homebrewing was often encouraged by amateur radio publications. Practices[edit] See also[edit] Antique Electronic Supply.

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American Morse Equipment - Dirt Cheap Paddle Kit (DCP) Yaesu FT-817 (FT 817 FT817) transceivers mods reviews software and diagrams. Remove the front panelLook down on the back of front panel, with the VFO knob just left of center.

Yaesu FT-817 (FT 817 FT817) transceivers mods reviews software and diagrams

Look at the jumper locations just above the VFO knob on the circut board. Solder the first four jumpers and remove the solder at location five.Reassemble the radio, and reset the cpu by pressing the HOME and the power button. This will extend the xmit freqs. on HF,VHF and UHF Another mod. LCD Digital Dial. Untitled. Surface Mount QRP Transmitter Project Details This is a prototype, to test a couple of ideas I wanted to try.


The first was the idea of using a logic chip as a gated oscillator, the second was to see if a FET PA (aka 38 Special) could be done surface mount instead of the usual TO-220 IRF-510. This project was a success a number of ways, even though some of the ideas didn't pan out. First off, it was my first SMD QRP design and it mostly worked. Four State QRP Group. Antennas for Receiving and Transmitting. End fed longwire or random wire antenna To view a few of my antennas and station, look at MY STATION.

Antennas for Receiving and Transmitting Lorazepam Pill Identification. Smart Limits for Wireless Parental Controls Details. FireFly Transceiver - QRPKits. Retired By Dan Tayloe, N7VE Surface Mount Board Through Hole Board Hendricks QRP Kits is now offering the FireFly, which is a 30 Meter Transceiver Kit with an SDR Receiver and a conventional VXO Tuned Transmitter.

FireFly Transceiver - QRPKits

The kit was designed by Dan Tayloe, N7VE, and here is his description of the transceiver. Tecnologia Solar Brasileira. HST-YM Traveler - Heil Single Side Headset for Yaesu FT817 (form. A question KD1JV Altoids Longwire Antenna Tuner. PAC-12 Antenna - mobile multiband by dxzone. QRPme. Build a 2 Meter DDRR for Mobile. Build a 2 Meter DDRR for MobileBy W5GVE This is a story of an antenna and its modification over time into "better" forms.

Build a 2 Meter DDRR for Mobile

Part of the improvement was by design, and part was just plain good luck. When you are working closely with an antenna, unless you keep very detailed records, it is difficult to discern which is which after the fact. Mizuho 2W rigs. TurboTax® Tax Preparation Software - Try for FREE, File Taxes Online. Pacific Antenna Ordering. Warbler Main. The 'Rock-Mite 'A simple CW transceiver The 'Rock-Mite' design grew out of my desire to offer a 'one-evening' CW transceiver kit which would be both affordable and easy to construct.

Warbler Main

It first appeared at 'Lobstercon' - a QRP gathering on the Maine coast- in early July, 2002, where it was provided to all attendees courtesy of Small Wonder Labs and the NorCal QRP club. It appeared in QST magazine in 2003, and since then, it’s been wildly successful. Approximately 8000 of these have been fielded so far! Inkjet Cartridges - Category. Blog » Radio. Free license study guides Dan KB6NU writes: Currently, I offer study guides for the first two license classes, the Technician Class and the General Class, and I’ll be publishing a study guide for the Extra Class license next year.

Blog » Radio

I call them “no nonsense” license study guides because all I cover are the questions that might appear on the test. The philosophy behind this is that the quicker someone gets a license, the sooner they’ll really be able to learn about the hobby, whether that’s electronics or antennas or propagation or whatever. Tata Motors unveils the $2,500 'People's Car' At the 9th Auto Expo in New Delhi today, Indian company Tata Motors has unveiled a tiny vehicle that is also affordable, safe, and fuel-efficient. While the official name for the vehicle is "the People's Car," it also goes by the nickname "Nano. " The car, which can get up to 54 mpg, will go on sale for $2,500 (1-lakh) in India later this year.

The Nano can "comfortably" seat four people, and meets regulatory safety requirements and emission standards. Tata Motors hopes that the People´s Car will provide an affordable means of safe transportation for families throughout the country. "I observed families riding on two-wheelers - the father driving the scooter, his young kid standing in front of him, his wife seated behind him holding a little baby," said Mr. The car has a length of 3.1 meters, width of 1.5 meters, and height of 1.6 meters.

Sheryl Burns International Ministry On Demand Ministry Details. Waters and Stanton England Ham Store. Using the Boarduino with a Wii Nunchuck.,30053183,0f908ef2-de1a-e675-23a587c17b7c04dc&success=Your%20account+is+now+activated+and+you+can+enter+a+new+auction+item+to+be+sniped+below. Free Spanish Learning Center - Colors. Waters & Stanton PLC Yaesu Accessories. Amateur Radio Resources. Amateur Radio Station KR1S, Lowband DXing, Homebrewing.