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Word Invasion Word Invasion Word Invasion provides practice in parts of speech. Jellyfish with words in them drift toward the octopus at the bottom. Content: Parts of Speech Standards:L.2.1: Demonstrate command of the conventions of standard English grammar and usage when writing or speaking. Spelling & Vocabulary Website: SpellingCity SIOP Wiki - home Welcome to The SIOP Wiki!This Professional Learning Network is intended to foster communication and collaboration within the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools community of teachers who are looking for help in meeting their students' language needs. The idea is that this site will be used for "multi-directional" SIOP communication. It is designed to help teachers communicate and collaborate with each other across the district more easily. It will also be a format for the district to communicate SIOP news and resources.

brainpopjr Make BrainPOP Jr. part of your day in the classroom, at home, or on the go! To access BrainPOP Jr.’s Movie of the Week on an Android device, iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch, download our FREE Movie of the Week app. You’ll get a different animated, educational movie – plus its related quizzes and bonus features – delivered right to your mobile device every Monday. :: e-Learning for Kids :: Reading Games Essential Standards Future Ready Occupational Course of Study More information on teaching the Occupational Course of Study in 2010-11 can be found at OCS English Language Arts 9-12 OCS Introductory Mathematics (pdf, 49kb) OCS Common Core Math I Standards for Assessment (pdf, 176kb) OCS Financial Management (pdf, 40kb) OCS Biology (pdf, 117kb) OCS Applied Science (pdf, 96kb) OCS American History I (pdf, 449kb)OCS American History II (pdf, 392kb)OCS Preparation I (pdf, 88kb) OCS Preparation II (pdf, 94kb)OCS Preparation III (pdf, 87kb)OCS Preparation IV(pdf, 89kb) Information and Technology Grades K-5 (pdf, 119kb) Grades 6-8 (pdf, 63kb) Grades 9-12 (pdf, 33kb) Science

Miss Kolis' Classroom Blog Our New Web Site July 20, 2013 Please also check out our new website for Room 7 at Highland Drive Elementary School! Highland Drive, Room 7 Welcome To Our Class Blog! Enchanted Learning - Member Login Enchanted Learning Login Hints:Your username and password are case-sensitive. Make sure that your CAPS LOCK key is not on. Be careful to type UPPER- and lower-case letters as needed. Curious George . Games Visit 's Secret Box Log Out Sign in to save your games & scores Sign In

New K-12 Vocabulary Kindergarten "The Flying Machine"Lexile: 280Vocabulary: airplane, flying, machine "Blow, Wind, Blow"Lexile: 310 Vocabulary: air, wind "Kareem's Playdate"Lexile: 240Vocabulary: block, map, street ebd The International Technology and Engineering Educators Association's STEM±Center for Teaching and Learning™ has developed the only standards-based national model for Grades K-12 that delivers technological literacy in a STEM context. The model, Engineering byDesign™ is built on the Common Core State Standards ( High School / Middle School), Next Generation Science Standards (K-12), Standards for Technological Literacy (ITEEA); Principles and Standards for School Mathematics (NCTM); and Project 2061, Benchmarks for Science Literacy (AAAS). Additionally, the Program K-12 has been mapped to the National Academy of Engineering's Grand Challenges for Engineering.

In our ECP program, we use the Raz-Kids online program so that students will have the experience of being read to at home. We read to them as much as possible here, but many parents, English not being their first language, are unable to read to their children in English at home. by seongbukpoly Jan 23