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Helping the Rohingya - The New York Times. Sale Page - Our first look at Apple Park - CNET. Tuesday wasn't just the launch of three new iPhones, an Apple Watch and an Apple TV.

Our first look at Apple Park - CNET

What Do You Desire Thought Provoking Motivation By Alan Watts. AdFly - The URL shortener service that pays you! Earn money for every visitor to your links. Orly x MuslimGirl Halal-Certified Nail Polish. Many Muslim men and women are not able to wear regular nail polish because it conflicts with prayer practices.

Orly x MuslimGirl Halal-Certified Nail Polish

The coats of polish are believed to create a barrier over the skin, which prevents water from touching every part of the body during ablutions, but Orly's new polish collection offers a solution. In an effort to bridge the diversity gap in the beauty world, the polish brand has teamed up with Muslim Girl to release a new collection of six halal-certified polishes, all of which let oxygen and moisture pass through the polish. Mythology. Fastcoexist. Power in the 21st century means something very different than it did even a few decades ago.


Military might, territory, and physical borders often aren’t as important as trade partnerships, resources, and infrastructure. When you think about who will be the global superpower of the next 100 years, consider this: China has a paltry military compared to the U.S., yet it is the number one trade partner of twice as many countries. These Aerial Photos Explain Why Europe Has Such A Lower Carbon Footprint Than The U.S.

The average European has about half the carbon footprint of the average American, but that isn't necessarily because the average German is trying to be greener than someone in Montana.

These Aerial Photos Explain Why Europe Has Such A Lower Carbon Footprint Than The U.S.

In part, it's a function of sprawl; American suburbs have a hefty footprint largely because of long commutes and oversized houses. In a new series of aerial photos commissioned by Yale 360, photographer Alex MacLean flew over Europe to document land use patterns, along with the continent's transformation to renewable energy. It was next step in the photographer's long-standing study of development. Call A Random Swede? We Tried It Out. The Swedish Number project was launched to connect people from different countries and foster a curiosity about Sweden.

Call A Random Swede? We Tried It Out

NPR By Screen Shot/ The Swedish Number hide caption toggle caption NPR By Screen Shot/ The Swedish Number The Swedish Number project was launched to connect people from different countries and foster a curiosity about Sweden. NPR By Screen Shot/ The Swedish Number Sweden got its own phone number and invited the world to call. Here's Why You Should Give a Shit About the Panama Papers. The Panama Papers—11.5 million leaked documents that detail the inner workings of Mossack Fonseca, a law firm accused of helping drug lords, sports stars, Ponzi schemers, kings, presidents, prime ministers, FIFA officials, mafia members, high-profile thieves, high-ranking politicians, and at least one convicted sex offender launder money, evade taxes, and escape criminal prosecution—are a big deal.

Here's Why You Should Give a Shit About the Panama Papers

Mossack Fonseca has ties to the $37 million Brink's-MAT robbery of 1983, which British media called "the crime of the century. " Thirty-three of its clients have been blacklisted by the US government for allegedly doing business with Mexican drug lords, terrorist organizations, and "rogue nations" like North Korea and Iran. Its files have unearthed a secret, shady $2 billion trail of money that leads to Vladimir Putin. One of its clients played a crucial role in the Watergate scandal. Toilet Paper Explains How Expensive It Is To Be Poor. The Liberation Theology of Dr. Paul Farmer. (Courtesy of Possible Health/Flickr) Just weeks ago, during a February visit to Mexico, Pope Francis gave a Mass at Ecatepec, a slum outside of Mexico City.

The Liberation Theology of Dr. Paul Farmer

Could Produce on Wheels Be the Answer to America’s Food Desert Crisis? When it comes to supermarkets, most of us have an abundance of choices.

Could Produce on Wheels Be the Answer to America’s Food Desert Crisis?

Big-box chains compete for customers with aisles chock-full of everything from Greek yogurt to chicken sausage. Not everyone is so lucky; in the U.S., 23.5 million people live in food deserts, which means they live 10 miles from a supermarket. For these Americans, picking up fresh oranges or a gallon of milk is a huge challenge. Entrepreneur Amelia Pape wanted to figure out how to bring fresh produce to these underserved markets but was daunted by the staggering amount of capital needed to stock and open a grocery store.

So in 2011, she launched My Street Grocery, a mobile grocery truck that operates as a pop-up market. A few years later, Pape approached Whole Foods Market to discuss ways to make a greater community impact. A School Garden Born in a Food Desert May Change the Way Kids Eat—and Learn. The South Bronx is full of concrete and crime, but in 2003, a box of daffodil bulbs next to a classroom radiator germinated an idea for teacher Stephen Ritz—an idea that has led to national teaching awards, a viral TED talk, and an invitation to the White House garden plot.

A School Garden Born in a Food Desert May Change the Way Kids Eat—and Learn

“My favorite crop is organically grown citizens,” Ritz said on the TED stage in 2012, speaking of the results of his work with Green Bronx Machine, the indoor teaching garden system he pioneered. “Graduates, members of the middle class, kids who are going to college, kids who are staying out of jail.” Mark Winne, author of Closing the Food Gap: Resetting the Table in the Land of Plenty and a senior advisor for the Johns Hopkins Center for a Livable Future, thinks these kind of programs could be the most promising way of addressing food insecurity at large. “Introducing children to healthy fresh food at an early age—I would put my money into that,” he said. Michelle Obama Gives School and Community Gardens a Boost. Michelle Obama is ending her tenure as first lady the way she started it—with a renewed emphasis on healthy eating. Although she lives in the White House and regularly hosts heads of state, as seen in the video above, she’s not too fancy to help kids sort earthworms from a pile of compost.

“I can’t believe I’m sitting here digging out worms with you guys,” Obama says in a hilarious moment captured during her surprise visit to a classroom at Burroughs Elementary in Washington, D.C. RELATED: A School Garden Born in a Food Desert May Change the Way Kids Eat—and Learn The visit is part of Obama’s latest effort to champion school and community gardens as a cornerstone of wellness.

Back in 2009, when the first lady broke ground on the White House Kitchen Garden, the first of its kind at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. since World War II, she said she wanted to support efforts to reduce childhood obesity by getting kids to eat more fruits and vegetables. There May Be Twice as Many Orangutans as Thought. Sumatran orangutans have been dying for some good news, and they finally got some.

For now, at least. According to the results of an extensive three-year survey, Sumatra may hold as many as 14,600 orangutans. That’s more than double the previous population estimate of 6,600 for these critically endangered apes. A team of researchers crisscrossed Sumatra by foot, walking into remote habitats to find evidence of orangutans in areas where no one had ever looked them before. This is how New Yorkers react to the sight of a child bride.

It’s not every day you see a 12-year-old posing for wedding photos with a 65-year-old man in the middle of a city. New Yorkers walking through Times Square were in for a shock when they spotted a young girl in a wedding dress beside a man more than five times her age. Their disgust is palpable. How Compassion Leads to Success. There’s a common misconception that you have to be a jerk in order to succeed. In fact, science shows that compassionate people are healthier, happier, more popular and more successful. Partners In Health. 2016 Election – Calendar. Zika Virus Rumors and Theories That You Should Doubt. Mounting evidence points to Zika. The outbreak of microcephaly began in northeastern Brazilian cities where doctors had already seen thousands of people with “doença misteriosa” — the mystery disease — which was later proved to be caused by the Zika virus.

Although there is no rapid test for Zika, the symptoms are easily recognized — a rash, bloodshot eyes, fever and joint pain, in large numbers of patients who are almost never dangerously ill. Although they initially misdiagnosed it, Brazilian doctors knew for months that they had a large outbreak of an unusual disease on their hands. Apply to be an Ambassador! My Friend, the Former Muslim Extremist. Boyan Slat. This Brilliant Teen Has A 10-Year Plan To Clean Up The Pacific Ocean. The Ocean Cleanup, developing technologies to extract, prevent and intercept plastic pollution. Health in 2015: from MDGs to SDGs. Analysis: Is the Miracle of Microfinance Illusory? This Repo Man Goes After Officials Who Misuse Money Meant To Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, Malaria : Goats and Soda.

The World Bank Is Turning 70. Do We Still Need It? The World Bank opened in 1946 to finance a global economy just emerging from colonization and warfare and just embarking on the Cold War. BREAKING: Electrify Africa passes the House! You helped make this happen. Editor’s Note: Global citizens took 33,214 actions in support of this campaign with ONE. This bill will help sub-Saharan African countries modernize their power infrastructure and increase their access to electricity—saving lives, strengthening education, alleviating extreme poverty, and accelerating growth and development. Zika Virus Expected to Spread Through the Americas.

The World Health Organization warned Monday of the spread of the mosquito-borne Zika virus through the Americas, as scientists rush to better understand the disease’s suspected links to a surge in fetal deformities in Brazil and governments issue travel warnings to pregnant women. Brazilian health officials believe Zika has caused a spike in the number of babies born with microcephaly, a condition in which a baby’s brain and head don’t develop to a healthy size, leading to brain damage. A Report Covers The Reasons That Millions Of Kids Die Or Suffer. But All The News Isn't Gloomy : Goats and Soda. Brazilian Study Of Babies Born With Microcephaly Finds 'Profound Abnormalities' : Goats and Soda. Globalization. The lazy person's guide to saving the world - United Nations Sustainable Development. Your Travel Tips For Students Headed To The Developing World : Goats and Soda. Economic sharing as a challenge to neoliberal globalisation.

2014 GatesAnnualLetter ENGLISH 1. Fastcoexist. Mythbuster: Obama tells us how much the US actually gives to foreign aid. Foreign aid is a waste and other myths. Busting the foreign aid myths: man on the street. U.S. Foreign Aid. G.S. 1/27/16 - Foreign Aid Questions & Perceptions. Aid Effectiveness. Trying to follow what is going on in Syria and why? This comic will get you there in 5 minutes.

Serbian Police Officer and Smiling Syrian Boy Show Europe How Welcoming Refugees is Done. Syrian conflict: the facts. Austrians and Germans Turn Out to Welcome Refugees Arriving From Hungary. At Least 86 Killed in Explosions at Ankara Peace Rally. US gun violence kills more people than Boko Haram, and 10 other facts to consider after San Bernardino. This might be the most controversial theory for what’s behind the rise of ISIS. They Are Us. The Pulse of the Middle East. Home. Our Top Discoveries At globalFEST 2016 : All Songs Considered. This Arctic Life: Young Leaders Lend Voices on Culture and Climate Change. Fastcoexist. 9 Beautiful Illustrations Explain The Coming Food Crisis. Fastcoexist. Our Ocean. Ocean Trash: 5.25 Trillion Pieces and Counting, but Big Questions Remain. Harvard creates Global Institute. Untitled.

Takepart. Ited Nations 2015: Time for Global Action. Fastcoexist. Jamie Drummond: Let's crowdsource the world's goals. Home. Crowdsourcing the New Millennium Development Goals: Jamie Drummond at TEDGlobal2012. Tech-loving girls from North Africa and the Middle East descend on the US. Girls Of Brazil Face Slurs And Taunts If They Play Soccer: #15Girls : Goats and Soda. Why A Snakebite Victim In An Indian Village Won't Walk Through A Door : Goats and Soda. Do You Use Money? If So, You'll Want To Read This By Thursday. Why This Famous Artist Is Crowdfunding A Clever Solar Phone Charger.

Fastcoexist. Why Young North Koreans Are Daring to Wear Skinny Jeans. Immigrant Advocates Report Abuses At ICE Facilities, Call The Agency 'Complicit' Yale study accuses Myanmar of genocide against Muslim minority. Myanmar’s Peace Prize Winner and Crimes Against Humanity.