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This is the text of a submission to the Codepoetry Slam 1.1 held at Stanford University, Division of Literatures, Cultures, and Languages. The Poietic Generator is a social network game takes place within a two-dimensional matrix in the tradition of board games and its principle is similar to both Conway’s Game of Life and the surrealists’ Exquisite corpse. Every player draws on a small part of a global mosaic formed by the dynamic juxtaposition of those parts, which are manipulated by all the participants (eventually it will be possible for several thousand players to play simultaneously). Every player can therefore change the sign in his/her square, depending on the overall state of the image, which itself depends on the actions of all the individual players.

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Foundations for a Mathematical Model of the Global Brain Francis Heylighen (GBI,VUB) Abstract: The present talk will report on the on-going research of the Global Brain Institute with the aim of developing a mathematically founded computer simulation of the global brain, and summarize the main results up to now. The global brain can be defined as the distributed intelligence emerging from the network of all people on this planet connected via the Internet and related technologies. The present talk proposes the foundations for a mathematical model of the self-organization of such a network towards increasing intelligence.

Submit Your Video Projects We are always glad to view new projects from fellow VJs/Video Artists and will certainly take time to watch every submissions, please be patient as it may take some time until videos are posted on the site due to the large amount of projects we receive. Quality of content on our site is important to keep viewers interested, often the reason for refusals will be due to the following: low definition, poor editing, copyright infringement, bad sound and image quality. If you are unsure of the quality of your video please, feel free to ask questions by mailing us HERE. We do offer video editing services if you already have existing footage and cannot edit it, we’ll make it nice and clean for you. Please fill in the form with your Artist Name, your Email, the Video Title, the Video Editor, the Audio Tracks You Used, a short Description. See Supported Video Sites.

Groupe Pages Jaunes dévoile une offre multimédia intégrée pour les entreprises et lance des services de création et gestion de sites Web (Version anglaise seulement) Toronto (Ontario), February 22, 2011 – Finding parking in downtown Toronto often requires a keen eye, the patience of a saint and plenty of change to spare. This weekend, Toronto drivers will catch a break on all fronts. To celebrate its launch last week,, the ultimate online destination for automotive information and advice on making smart car purchase decisions, is introducing Free Parking Day for Toronto drivers.

Autopoietic DACs Autopoietic DACs (Defined as a self creating/self constructing decentralized autonomous corporation which is seeded by an instruction set, watered by crowd funding, and provided sunlight through community participation). To understand how DACs are created we can remember the metaphor of seed, water, sunlight (SWS). Every DAC starts as an instruction set which is just an algorithm which determines how it will behave and what it can grow into. The instruction set is akin to the DNA of the DAC.

Appel à propositions - «Art (s) dans le réseau (s)" Les Mobile Awards 2013 - Date limite: le 1 septembre cet appel est également disponible en français Within the framework of La quinzaine numérique (The digital fortnight) of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels (21 September>06 October 2013), Transcultures, in partnership with the Municipality of Saint-Gilles (Brussels) launches Les Transnomades 2013 (arts en réseaux - meaning Net Art-s), an event dedicated to the Net Art today in its innovative diversity. On this occasion, Transcultures with its partners is happy to announce the creation of a new prize "Mobile" - the first of the kind in Belgium - to support net art works (connected performances, interactive or generative installations, applications and other new connected devices...) and creators who use the Internet/networks to create new connected art forms. Les Transnomades 2013 will also be an opportunity to launch the Belgian version of the Super Modern Art Museum ( that you can find on the following address Eligibility Criteria Selection

Distributed Graph Analytics with Faunus Marko Rodriguez Abstract: Faunus is a graph analytics engine built atop the Hadoop distributed computing platform. The graph representation is a distributed adjacency list, whereby a vertex and its incident edges are co-located with one another.

3-D It Yourself, Thanks to New Library Site (Courtesy NYPL Labs)Samuel Dixon crossing Niagara. Four years ago, a San Francisco artist and writer named Joshua Heineman began making animated versions of digitized vintage stereographs from the New York Public Library’s collection and posting them on his blog. The project quickly went viral, attracting as many as 70,000 visitors a day to its mesmerizing 3-D animations of old-school cyclists zipping around on penny-farthings and heavy-skirted matrons reclining over a picnic.

U.S. Schools Forge Foreign Connections Via Web Published Online: January 23, 2012 Published in Print: February 1, 2012, as American student are teaming up online with classrooms around the world to learn valuable lessons By Robin L. Flanigan

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