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Articles of the week

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Current Events. to write an AoW for students.pdf. How to Annotate Assignments in Edmodo. How to Annotate a Reading Assignment. Annotating a reading assignment involves writing highlights, questions, summaries and comments in the margins of the piece or otherwise marking important information.

How to Annotate a Reading Assignment

Annotation helps you to quickly review the ideas within the work later and to remain more engaged in the reading, often increasing your understanding of the concepts. Promoted by Process for Annotating a Reading Skim quickly through the piece before annotating to get a general idea of the information it presents. On your second read, note important ideas such as the thesis and significant terms by placing a star next to them or underlining them. Photo Credit Purestock/Purestock/Getty Images Promoted By Zergnet Comments Please enable JavaScript to view the <a href=" rel="nofollow">comments powered by Disqus.

Hunter College: Invention: Annotating a Text How to Annotate a Newspaper ArticleAn annotation of a newspaper article serves as a brief analysis of the original piece. Read Article Is DIY in your DNA? Submit Your Work! How to annotate. Annotating-a-text. The AoW: A Way to Work Nonfiction Into Your Instruction - The "Real" Deahl. Each school year, I like to implement a few new ideas into my practice.

The AoW: A Way to Work Nonfiction Into Your Instruction - The "Real" Deahl

After reading Kelly Gallagher's Readicide: How Schools are Killing Reading and What You Can Do About It, I was struck by his Article of the Week (AoW) assignment. Article of the Week/Month Resources - Mrs Gabridge. Article of the Week Resources. Articles of the Week. Articles of the Week are utilized in all Reading and Literature classes weekly.

Articles of the Week

Articles are available online for students to print from home and are updated on weekly. Expect to receive a new article each Wednesday. Articles will be due the following Wednesday. For questions about this week's assignment, please email Mrs. Lattin at Students interested in receiving extra assistance completing AoWs are welcome to attend part-Fridays. VMS Articles of the Week were developed using strategies originally created by Kelly Gallagher and have been modified to meet the needs of Vale Middle School students using Oregon Department of Education reading sample guidelines and Common Core State Standards. Questions about completing articles?

Click here to print a rubric for LITERARY TEXT or INFORMATIONAL TEXT. Article of the Week - Canton's Class. Northdale Middle School - AoW. AoW%209%20Kids%20Who%20Skip%20School. Gonzalez Middle School - ARTICLE OF THE WEEK (2nd Six Weeks) ELA 'Article of the Week' The 7 dumbest reasons schoolkids get suspended. Article of the Week - The Dragons' Lair Centennial Campus Magnet Middle School. Img027. Article of the Week with Middle Schoolers « The Reading Zone. Posted on January 25, 2010 by thereadingzone Last year, after reading Kelly Gallagher’s Readicide: How Schools Are Killing Reading and What You Can Do About It, I was inspired to start using an Article of the Week with my 6th graders.

Article of the Week with Middle Schoolers « The Reading Zone

Like Gallagher, I see a distinctive lack of background knowledge with my students which makes it hard for them to read at times. Gallagher uses his Article of the Week with high schoolers but I figured I could do the same with my 6th graders if I tweaked the assignment just a bit. Each Friday I hand out a new article. Most of the time they are related to current events, but they can also be editorials, opinions, information nonfiction, and even reviews. Every Friday at the beginning of class a volunteer summarizes the article and a few volunteers share their answers.

The AOW has been the best decision I made this year. As far as assessment, each AOW is worth ten points. Like this: Like Loading... Middle School Students Have Something To Say Too.. “To stay the good people we were yesterday” I don’t want my goodness to fade away I can’t become stuck up Thats the truth, Yup “I hope to still be as good as I was yesterday” I would have to breakaway Stay as good as you were yesterday That is the main idea As a teacher, I am always trying to think of new things to do in my classroom.

Middle School Students Have Something To Say Too..

I would like to say I do this for my students, but really, I do it because I am one of those nerdy teachers who gets really excited about trying something new. Mrs. Martinez's 6th Grade Language Arts Jefferson Middle School. Articles of the Week. Article of the Week. Kelly Gallagher – Resources. Part of the reason my students have such a hard time reading is because they bring little prior knowledge and background to the written page.

Kelly Gallagher – Resources

They can decode the words, but the words remain meaningless without a foundation of knowledge. To help build my students’ prior knowledge, I assign them an "Article of the Week" every Monday morning. By the end of the school year I want them to have read 35 to 40 articles about what is going on in the world. It is not enough to simply teach my students to recognize theme in a given novel; if my students are to become literate, they must broaden their reading experiences into real-world text. Below you will find the articles I assigned* this year (2013-2014) to my students. "How Earth Got Its Tectonic Plates/On Saturn's Moon Titan, Scientists Catch Waves in Methane Lakes" by Monte Morin for the Los Angeles Times and by Amina Kahn for the Los Angeles Times, respectively "Hard Evidence: Are We Beating Cancer?

" Breaking News, U.S., World, Weather, Entertainment & Video News. Researching Middle School Debate Topics. Articles of the Week (AoW) Please note that, as I explain in-depth in this blog post, I take no credit for coming up with the article of the week (AoW) assignment.

Articles of the Week (AoW)

Kelly Gallagher (or, as I sometimes call him, The Gallagher) is the man who first introduced me to the idea through his must-read book Readicide. Thus, anything I share about my classroom’s experiences with AoWs, any theories or experiments I try out with the assignment, and any success my students or I have with it thoroughly and ultimately traces back to Kelly’s work.