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Leave comments on a blog - Blogger Help If someone has comments enabled on his or her blog, then you can usually find a "comments" link at the end of each post, like this: If you click this link, you'll see the comments that other readers have left, and the option to leave your own. The link might open a pop-up window, depending on how the blog owner configured their comment settings. Beneath the text field for your comment are the identity options. (The list might have other options, depending on the blog's settings.) Options might include: Google Account: If you choose this option, your comment will be attributed to your Blogger display name, which will then link to your Blogger profile. Notes: This article only covers Blogger's commenting system.

Orelles de burro Add images and videos to your blog - Blogger Help You can add photos, other images, and videos to any blog posts that you create. Add an image to a blog post Images in your blog are stored in a Google Album Archive and show up in Blogger when you’re inserting them into pages or blog posts. Sign in to Blogger. Add an image to a post quickly by dragging it: Stop images from opening in an overlay By default, images on your blog will be opened in a large overlay, called a Lightbox. Sign in to Blogger. Note: If you have Dynamic Views turned on, images in your blog can only be opened by turning it off. Delete images from an album You can delete images from your album archive any time. Note: If you placed a photo from a private folder on your blog, a copy may appear in both that folder and in the Album Archive. Troubleshoot uploading issues If you have problems uploading images, clear your cache and cookies, then try these steps: Turn off your pop-up blocker or add in your pop-up blocker settings. Add a video to your blog Note:

La pitxa un lio flashmobELT Here is one of my favourite activities to practise writing stories (an important exam skill and just a fun thing to do!): Each student has a slip of paper and needs to write the first sentence of the sory. Two rules: it should something more exciting than "Once upon a time..." - something dramatic or unusual or funny, and it has to introduce the main hero (so "it was a lovely Saturday evening" won't go either). Then they pass the paper to the next person, who reads the sentence and writes down one word they want to be used in the story. Then they pass it on to the next person, who adds one more word, etc. The last person in this queue has to write the story: it must develop the initial sentence and incorporate the words people have requested. In the end all the stories are displayed on the walls. The best part is that all the students are interested to read others' sories, as they want to find out how the story ended and how their words were used in it!

| Enseñanza de la filosofía, tecnologías educativas y aprendizajes en secundaria #FlashmobELT | Ann Loseva's Space #FlashmobELT is an online project for teachers. The Lino boards with activities are here: FlashmobELT Lino board #1 (full with 20 activities to choose from) FlashmobELT Lino board #2 (open for posting) KOTESOL2014 FlashmobELT (activities from workshop participants in Seoul, South Korea) E-merging Forum FlashmobELT (activities from workshop participants in Moscow, Russia) If you don’t know what #flashmobELT is, click here to read how it came about. Basic rules of this hopefully a little useful and enjoyable project are as folows: 1. Thank you. Points to bear in mind when sharing an activity (please read as they are important for the original idea of the project – thanks Michael Griffin for these): * Activities are ideally generalized enough to various contexts and teaching situations. * Activities ideally don’t involve much in the way of prep and tech. * Activities are ideally easily modeled/explained/used with students. * Activities ideally can be completed in a short amount of time. Like this:

FILOSOFIA A LES TERMES Learning Together by Robert Martínez: About Me I'm a University of Cambridge ESOL CELTA, CELTA Online, YL Extension to CELTA, DELTA and TKT Practical Tutor and Assessor with 21 years' experience in 8 different countries and currently based in sunny Sicily! I've worked and lived in Colombia, Italy, Egypt, Spain, Singapore, The UK, Canada and Vietnam. I'm interested in teacher education, integrating technology into ESOL and language assessment. I speak Spanish, Italian, some French and Portuguese. I also hold the Trinity College London validated Cert ICT Teaching Languages with Technology (Distinction) and work as a main tutor on this course now; E-Moderation, Moodle Starter and Games in ELT courses Certificates by The prior to joining the team as a tutor. My favourite phrases are by Confucius: ‘Find a job that you love and you will not have to work one day in your life.’ and Aristotle: 'Excellence is not an accident.

Educación y filosofía Nik's QuickShout PLESIOLOGOS - portal About the Author Contact me via email at richardbyrne (at) freetech4teachers.comSpecial note for PR people: please take two seconds to use the search box on my blog to see if I've already written about the service you're pitching. It will save both of us a lot of aggravation. About the blog: The purpose of this site is to share information about free resources that teachers can use in their classrooms. In 2008 Free Technology for Teachers was awarded the Edublogs Award for "Best Resource Sharing Blog." In 2009 Free Technology for Teachers was again awarded the Edublogs Award for "Best Resource Sharing Blog" and was awarded the Edublogs Award for "Best Individual Blog." In 2010 Free Technology for Teachers was awarded the Edublogs Awards for "Best Resource Sharing Blog," "Best Ed Tech Support," and "Best Individual Blog." About Me (Richard Byrne): I am a former high school social studies teacher best known for developing this blog. I am a Google Certified Teacher.