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Ultravan Lux

Vixen Design. Tesla X Trailer. From Scratch. Hybrid Vehicle Project. Incredible De Markies trailer folds out to triple its size with adjustable awnings De Markies expanded side view – Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building. Range-Extending Trailer Charges Your EV, Carries Your Gear. Of all the solutions we’ve seen to extend the range of EVs, this might be the most unique.

Range-Extending Trailer Charges Your EV, Carries Your Gear

A company in Wakarusa, Indiana, has designed a self-propelled trailer that contains an electric generator and batteries that keep an EV charged. Electric Motors and Vehicles (EMAV) founder and president Wil Cashen thinks that the United States doesn’t have a robust enough infrastructure to keep the coming fleet of EVs charged in the near term. (Partially) Solar Powered Motorhome. So I already own this: Sure, it's a twenty years old but it cost less than your typical used car and all the hard work is done.I found that 60 mph works just fine 99% of the time on two lane highways.

(Partially) Solar Powered Motorhome

I also know I got a hair over 9 mpg on flat.Working backwards, I come up with mass of 12,000 pounds or 5454 kg, frontal area of about 7 square meters, of about 0.35 and of about .01.Plugging these into the calculator, at 60 mph all I need is... 43 kilowatts of power - or about 58 horsepower to maintain speed.The roof is 31 feet by 7.5 feet or about 20 square meters (optimistically given the vents and stuff) available for solar.Which brings me to solar panels. It turns out many of those cars racing in the World Solar Challenge use super high efficiency solar cells designed for use in space. The reason is it costs ten thousand dollars a pound or something like that to put an object in orbit so it pays to use really good solar panels on things like the International Space Station.

Stella Lux: winner of World Solar Challenge visits Shanghai. Last weekend, the team from Technical University (TU) Eindhoven that designed and built the Stella Lux spend a week showcasing the solar electric car in Shanghai.

Stella Lux: winner of World Solar Challenge visits Shanghai

Good opportunity to have a close look at this family electric car that won the Cruiser Class of the World Solar Challenge! The Stella Lux EV has been build by a team of 23 students. They've worked on this project full time for a period of 9 months. MostDece: WSC 2015 Summary and Retrospective. Now that I've had some time to rest up back home, it's time for a WSC 2015 wrap-up post.

MostDece: WSC 2015 Summary and Retrospective

Buckle up, this is a long one... Final results for the Challenger, Cruiser, and Adventure classes have been posted. See also this fantastic data visualization from the previous lead of the Blue Sky team. Science AMA Series: We're Solar Team Eindhoven. We are 22 students who build an energy positive family car: Stella Lux. We are here today to discuss the project and the car. AUA! : science. Pipistrel Aircraft Taurus Electro. Taurus Electro G2 was the first electric 2-seat aeroplane in serial production available on the market.

Pipistrel Aircraft Taurus Electro

It offers complete freedom and independence thanks to the retractable electric engine, double retractable main landing gear, excellent gliding performance, inexpensive maintenance and a well ventilated spacious cockpit. Lightweight, Small Pop Up Campers - Camping Trailer. Bev tech report. Colim Caravan, a New RV Concept. Can we put the Colours Of Life In Motion?

Colim Caravan, a New RV Concept

Designer Christian Susana, inspired by "a gentle, warm-hearted but cosmopolitan woman" gave it a try and created the Colim (acronym for Colours of Life in Motion). The result is a new caravan concept that combines a car, a home, and the comfort of detaching them at one's convenience in a modern vehicle design which takes advantage of smooth lines and simplicity to use space, energy, and sunlight more efficiently. The Ingemar K. Rystedt Streamliner Concept. Amp Electric's Workhorse Wants To Be 'Tesla Of Trucks' For Electric Delivery Vans. Aside from economic recession and cautious buyers, one of the biggest challenges for companies that want to sell electrified commercial trucks turns out to be ... making or converting trucks.

Amp Electric's Workhorse Wants To Be 'Tesla Of Trucks' For Electric Delivery Vans

Amp Electric, a surviving veteran of several generations of electric-truck development, decided to solve that problem head on. In March 2013, it bought an entire truck company. Where is the maths in solar car design? (classroom activity) Solartaxi. A2 Wind Tunnel. Eliica o Super Carro Elétrico Japonês. Elio Motors. * Expected starting MSRP excludes options, destination/delivery charge, taxes, title and registration.

Elio Motors

Anticipated production date is based upon timely receipt of requisite funding. Forward-Looking Statements Certain statements on this website are “forward-looking statements.” These statements involve risks and uncertainties, and the Company undertakes no obligation to update any forward-looking information. Risks and uncertainties that could cause actual results to differ materially from planned operations include, without limitation, delays in receipt of adequate financing, delays in commencement of production, decreased consumer interest in the Company’s products, downturn in general economic conditions, increased production costs and availability of raw materials, competition, and unfavorable market and regulatory conditions, all of which are difficult or impossible to predict accurately and many of which are beyond the Company’s control.

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