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Camino de Santiago (route descriptions) Pilgrimage routes in Europe The Way of St. James through Europe The Camino de Santiago, also known as the Way of St. James, extends from different countries of Europe, and even North Africa, on its way to Santiago de Compostela and Finisterre. The local authorities try to restore many of the ancient routes, even those used in a limited period, in the interest of tourism. Here follows an overview of the main routes of the modern-day pilgrimage.

The French Way (Spanish: Camino Francés) is the most popular of the routes. The Routes of Northern Spain is a network of four Christian pilgrimage routes in northern Spain. The Camino Primitivo splits off from the Norte south of Villaviciosa, near Oviedo, and spans 355 km (this includes roughly 40 km on the Camino Francés at the end). The route passes through San Sebastian, Guernica, Bilbao, and Oviedo. The following routes to Santiago can be traced on the Iberian Peninsula.

The Way of St. The Way of St. Pilgrim´s stamp of Braubach/Rhine The Way of St.

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Thrifty Nomads - See more of the world, for less. Latest Travel News & Tourism News. Local. INFO. Travel Life. Destinations. Vacation Rentals. Your Adventures « 52-weeks. This is a place where we get to see how YOU adventure. In doing so, we have a chance to see what adventure means to people from all over the globe, from all different cultures. Don’t forget, it doesn’t have to be an epic journey, just so long as it was an adventure for you. Some of our adventures at 52-weeks are big, some are small- we want to see them all!

There are two ways you can get your adventures posted on 52-weeks: FACEBOOK: Upload a photo, video, or testimonial of your adventure on our facebook page, and we’ll make sure the world sees it here.Email us your adventure at Too easy right? Adventure Awards Every adventure has a theme, or several, that make it unique. Skydiving with Maggie & Josh, Colorado We knew it was only a matter of time before we received the adventure submission everyone has been waiting for. From pre-jump planning over beers, (why is it so many great adventures begin with drunken banter???) The Wait. Time to Jump. The plane ride. The jump. Most Beautiful Place in Every State - PureWow. This country is called America the Beautiful for a reason, so we decided to take a closer look.

Here, the most stunning place in every single U.S. state. Cue all of the wanderlust. Alabama: Little River Canyon Oh hello, 45-foot waterfall. Alaska: Lake Clark National Park Accessible only by plane or boat, Lake Clark is one of the most well-preserved parks in the entire country. Arizona: Havasu Falls You’ll have to hike about ten miles along the Hualapai hills to make it to this remote, crystal-blue oasis nestled into the Grand Canyon. jbrizendine/Getty images Arkansas: The Buffalo River This canoe lover's dream wasn't declared the first national river for nothing. California: Pfeiffer Beach State Park This Big Sur beach is known for its purple sand, stunning stone arches and crashing waves. RELATED: America’s Best Beach Towns Colorado: Garden of the Gods This Colorado Springs park almost looks like another planet.

Connecticut: Gillette Castle State Park Delaware: Bombay Hook National Wildlife Refuge. All the continents in one lifetime? 48 Hour Adventure. Adventure Potential | The Year of 52 Adventures. Now that we’re up and running, and participants are posting at a quick quip, I thought I’d list many of your suggested adventures, in no favored order, to inspire, amuse, and get others going. Have an additional list sequence to contribute? I’d love to add it!

Wear dresses/skirts for a weekfigure out how to use twitter and tweetgive my bicycle a tune upgo on a bicycle tour of all the cupcake shops in ChicagoSew a set of cloth napkins to use at homeLearn how to salsa dance with my husband and dance a night awayMake my backyard a meditative/beautiful place (it’s currently a weedy playground for my dog)go on a road trip to nowherestart a conversation with a strangergo an entire day without electronics of any kindbuild a set of stairs to my bed for my cat, raven (he is like 14)go on a first date (with someone new)attend a gay / lesbian singles eventride the L from end to endrun a 10 miler, maybe a 1/2 marathonride my bicycle on the mean streets of chicago (as opposed to trails and paths!) The 20 Best Festivals In The World (For Your World Travel Bucket List) No matter where you go around the globe, everybody loves to celebrate.

And when it comes to celebration, festivals offer something for everyone. Whether it’s the arts and culture, food and wine, holidays, or religion you’re into, there’s a gathering somewhere with your name on it. Here’s a look at our “bucket list” picks for the biggest and best festivals in the world: READ MORE: World Travel Bucket Lists 1. According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary there are nearly one million words in the English language. Burning Man started in 1986, when Larry Harvey and his buddy Jerry James assembled a 8-foot-tall makeshift wooden figure and dragged it to San Francisco’s Baker Beach on the Summer Solstice. They lit it on fire, a curious crowd of around 20 people watched it burn, and thus one of the world’s weirdest, wildest parties was born. It takes place from the last Sunday in August to Labor Day.

Looking for a hotel near Burning Man? READ MORE: The Top 15 Famous Festivals in the USA 2. 3. 4. 5. Fest300 - The World’s Best Festivals List. Ultimate Classic Rock.