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Thank you for supporting Sekai Camera. We regret to inform you that all services of Sekai Camera will be terminated as of January 22nd, 2014. We apologize for any inconvenience caused. You may export your previously uploaded Air Tag data as a KML file, the standard format for geographic information systems. Further, the KML file you have exported may be opened or viewed using Google Earth,which supports KML format files. Sekai Camera Support Center Sekai Camera Support Center

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Many of us have been anxiously awaiting a smarter Twitter that not only lets us update our status and connect with friends online, but also lets us find our Twitter friends — in real-life — when we're in the same place at the same time. Wouldn't that be genius? As with most of our Twitter-related needs, a creative application developer has used the Twitter API to build what Twitter never will. And as for the challenge of finding Twitter friends in the same vicinity, we can now turn to the hottest mobile app to take over this year's SXSW: Foursquare. Foursquare is essentially a re-envisioning of Dodgeball, Twitter's precursor and a cult phenomenon until Google left it for dead, and actually hails from one of the guys that worked to build that app. Foursquare, which offers an iPhone app or mobile browser experience, works by letting you tell the app where you are and then lets your friends know where to find you. Breakout Mobile App at SXSW Breakout Mobile App at SXSW
When we first wrote about Foursquare back in March it had just hit the web scene at SXSW and was taking the social media community by storm. We instantly saw the potential of a location-based service based on your Twitter network with an added layer of social gameplay. Now we're starting to see the app get adopted by more and more of our friends, finding traction in San Francisco, New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago, San Diego, and several other hyperlocal metro hubs. Foursquare NextTwitter? Foursquare NextTwitter?
cashmore foursquare is next years twitter cashmore foursquare is next years twitter Mashable's Pete Cashmore says he thinks location-based mobile startup Foursquare will be the Twitter of 2010. Pete Cashmore: Early adopters say Foursquare could be 2010's big social-media craze Foursquare is a location-based mobile startup that lets users share locations with friends It's also a virtual game in which users earn badges for checking in at various venues The parallels with Twitter are numerous; the two services even share investors Editor's note: Pete Cashmore is founder and CEO of Mashable, a popular blog about social media. He is writing a weekly column about social networking and tech for London, England (CNN) -- As 2009 draws to a close, with Twitter undoubtedly this year's media darling and Facebook continuing on its path to global domination, you may wonder which social-media service will become tech's poster boy in 2010.
foursquare BlackBerry foursquare BlackBerry For a while, the only way to play the location-based Foursquare was through its iPhone app or the scant mobile website. Then came an Android app, opening the game to a whole new group of users. And now, BlackBerry users are getting the love. The service is officially launching on the BlackBerry today after several weeks in private beta testing with a few hundred users. Specifically, the app with work on all 8000 and 9000 series devices (any BlackBerry with a trackball), and it will also work with the touchscreen BlackBerry Storm, but Foursquare notes that a special version built for that device is in the works too.
Hyperlocal Business Directory MerchantCircle Signs Up Millionth Hyperlocal business directory MerchantCircle has been steadily growing as an online network and business directory for merchants in smaller towns to advertise to consumers. MerchantCircle has long targeted its site’s features towards merchants versus catering towards the consumer, as sites like Yelp and CitySearch do. Today, the network has hit a milestone by signing up its one millionth merchant. Hyperlocal Business Directory MerchantCircle Signs Up Millionth
Foursquare Not Flattered By Yelp Check-Ins Foursquare Not Flattered By Yelp Check-Ins Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. But Foursquare doesn’t seem too tickled by Yelp’s newest feature. On Friday, Yelp fired a major shot across the bow of the location-based services with the launch of the latest version of its iPhone app. The app’s big new feature is the ability to check-in at venues in cities, which is of course exactly what Foursquare is built around. But plenty of other services also have that feature such as Gowalla and now Loopt. What Foursquare doesn’t seem too happy about is Yelp’s check-in leader board, specifically.
First Google, now Foursquare. Hot on the heels of Google’s first Search television ad (run during the Super Bowl, no less), the location-based social network Foursquare is gearing up to do the same thing tonight. In a tweet sent from their main Twitter account, the Foursquare team notes a “rumor” that an ad for their service will be running on Bravo tonight alongside the show Sheer Genius from 9 to 10 PM. Foursquare’s TVcommercial Airs Tonight Foursquare’s TVcommercial Airs Tonight
Here's an interesting idea. The recently launched service Gatsby aims to connect locals on Foursquare who share the same interests. The setup is simple. Gatsby: Connecting Foursquare Friends Who Like Cats and Circuses Gatsby: Connecting Foursquare Friends Who Like Cats and Circuses
Foursquare’s New Site Design Starts To Roll Live As Gossip Girl Since its launch almost exactly a year ago, Foursquare’s website has largely had the same basic design. Tonight, it looks like that’s finally getting updated. While it looks like the update is still in the process of rolling out to all the pages, now clearly has new system-wide toolbars, a brand new sign-up page, as well as some new settings. You might also notice a new, name-only logo. While it’s been clear for a while that Foursquare has been working on a site redesign, only in the past few days have signs started to show that it was coming. For example, a completely revamped History area showed up a few days ago, one allowing for venues to have categories as well as show which friends you checked-in with at places. Foursquare’s New Site Design Starts To Roll Live As Gossip Girl
As has been made abundantly clear to me over the past two weeks, just about every location-based service is planning big things for the SXSW festival, which starts later this week in Austin, Texas. A few of the players have already started rolling out small changes, such as aesthetic upgrades. But a new, subtle update by Foursquare may have much larger implications. As we noted last week, Foursquare has begun revamping the “history” area of its website. This is likely part of the larger goal to completely revamp the website itself (which isn’t very useful right now), and this data also ties in to the new Foursquare iPhone app set to launch later this week. Location History A Lot More Interestin
Last week, an App Store error got the latest version of Foursquare for the iPhone into a few users hands a little bit early. That hiccup resulted in the app briefly disappearing from the App Store before finally returning early yesterday. Now the newly designed version of the app is in the App Store and available for everyone to check out.Foursquare 1.7 features a new design, faster checkins and shouts, plus an easy way to view your checkin history. The app also features pull-to-refresh, a la Tweetie 2 for the iPhone. The app is a lot more responsive in our tests and the new interface is a big enhancement. This is a nice improvement from the old release and a fitting first-birthday gift of sorts as the app is arriving just before SXSW 2010 — where the app made its first big splash last year — begins. Revamped Foursquare for iPhone Hits the App Store
Raw video shows Schumacher accident route Venezuelan beauty queen shot dead Yao Ming fights ivory trade in China North Korean media: Rodman's team lost Jesse Jackson defends Rodman in N. Korea Rodman sings Happy Birthday to NK leader Jong Un: U.S., South Korea 'war maniacs' Dennis Rodman's 'Big Bang in Pyongyang' What's next for North Korea after Rodman? How real is Rodman's b-ball diplomacy? Ex-NBA players speak out: Why N. Video foursquare 11 mrt 2010
[NOTE: I've posted some recent developments at the bottom. ] I’ve been blatantly cheating at foursquare for the past week. I didn’t mean to start the week this way. Most of my friends know me as a responsible father who occasionally plays piano at local open mics, and makes puzzles. Last Sunday, while checking into the Hill Street Cafe in Burbank using the foursquare iPhone app, I idly wondered, “Can I become the mayor of the North Pole?” So I tried checking into a nearby 7-Eleven. Mayor of the North Pole :playing 4square
A Private, Anti-Foursquare To Geo-Fence Those Neer To You

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