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You found me.

You found me.
My #1 goal in life is to see a game designer nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize. I’ve forecast that this will happen by the year 2023. Of course, it’s not enough to just forecast the future — I’m also actively working to make it a reality. (And you can too — join Gameful, the Secret HQ for Worldchanging Game Developers.) My best effort so far? SuperBetter, a game that has helped nearly half a million players so far tackle real-life health challenges like depression, anxiety, chronic pain and traumatic brain injury.

Moscone Convention Center Pass options for GDC have changed. Check out our pass grid below to find the right pass for you. Scroll down for more detailed information on what each pass offers. Traumatized But Ready For the World kethera: coconutcoconutcoconut: youneedmeoryourenothing: #actors who are actually their character the greatest casting ever. Even better when you think about how Dan got a place for himself in NY to continue his career, Emma went to a school in USA, and Rupert bought a fucking ice cream truck.

Create, Innovate, and Voice Within Parkland School Division, our mission is stated as the following: Our purpose is to prepare, engage and inspire our students to be their best in a quickly changing global community. As there was a lot of work to create this mission with our stakeholders and community , I looked deeply at the work that I do as the Division Principal of Innovative Teaching and Learning and how we could help make this mission come to life.

How Games Help Students Embrace Failure We live in a society where academic failure is not an option. The statistics bear out that the more successful you are in education, the more well-off and unemployment-proof you will be over the long haul. Add to that the fact that students and/or their parents are often paying a premium price for higher education, and you have a situation with significant pressure to perform. Thus students are conditioned to avoid failure in school. Such a fear is healthy and can be motivating, but it also presents a problem if failure is never experienced because coming up short sometimes helps to prepare students to overcome obstacles in their future. A Brief Introduction To Alternate Reality Games Would you travel to a phone box in a hurricane to answer a call from a fictional character in a game? We take a brief look at the rise of Alternate Reality Games. What is an ARG The simplest explanation of Alternate Reality Games (ARG) is that a story is fragmented over multiple locations (both real and virtual) and a community of players then work to piece the story back together. Clues can be found in a variety of media, including: videos, classified ads, phone calls, audio files, websites, email, real-life locations and good old-fashioned snail mail. The storyline of an ARG can also be influenced by the actions of the participants.

Me « I Knead You I’m Hannah. I’m a Biology major who loves to cook, from a big family in Maryland. We have a teeny galley kitchen, usually with a handful of snacking kids, so moving to school in New York wasn’t a huge change on the cooking front as far as space goes. Whether it’s mixing batter in the common room, dropping eggs on the carpet at three in the morning, or finding creative substitutes for everything from oven-mitts to cheese graters, cooking in college is always an adventure. This blog is me sharing my cooking adventures: my experiments, my favorite recipes, others I’ve tweaked to work with what I have, my tips on cooking with limited resources, and refreshers on the basics I wish I’d had when I started cooking on my own and couldn’t just yell ‘Hey Dad, what temperature should the oven be again?’

Professional Development This space contains materials I use for staff trainings, workshops, and conference presentations. Obviously, the material will be incomplete and somewhat artificial, but it gives a picture of what I present when I talk to education groups. Contact me if you need more information about any of these. I offer them free to view and share, but if you use any of these for training purposes, please ask for permission.

Guidestones ARG The Guidestones mystery got some press today in the New York Times! The article discusses the prolific commandments scrolled on the massive monument and all of the unknowns surrounding its conception. The Guidestones New York Times article stated that “Only one man is said to know the identity of the benefactor who went by the name of R. C. Christian when he visited this East Georgia city in 1979 and paid for the display, supposedly on behalf of a group of others living outside Georgia.” DIY Idea: Rainbow Melted Crayon Art & Man Made DIY Artist and designer Jessica Kerbawy creates these amazing rainbow wall art pieces by gluing a spectrum of crayons on foam core, and then strategically melting them with a heat gun. The paper wrappers are left atop, with the remains of the colored wax dripping down. Though it may look like something you've seen before, I find these to be pretty clever and unique, and an update on the playing with melted wax and rainbow techniques. Jessica's prices are actually incredibly reasonable, between $25 and $75 depending on the size.

The 7 Habits Of Effective Connected Educators Are you integrating technology or hoping to become a more effective teacher? If you circled one or both of those options, then listen up. Also, go grab a damp towel before that marker stays permanent on your computer monitor! Okay, all cleaned off? Let’s learn about some of the must-know habits of effective connected educators. Whether you’re using technology a lot or just dipping your proverbial toes in the digital water, this quick set of tips is perfect for you.For starters, you should know that effective connected educators always “start with the why” and don’t immediately adopt and deploy technology as soon as possible .

Issue 1103, 2011 A Survey of First-person Shooters and their Avatars by Michael Hitchens A survey of over 550 first-person shooters, The titles are compared by year of release, platform and game setting. Characteristics of avatars within the surveyed titles are also examined, including race, gender and background, and how these vary across platform and time. SCVNGR's Secret Game Mechanics Playdeck Some companies keep a playbook of product tips, tricks and trade secrets. Zynga has an internal playbook, for instance, that is a collection of “concepts, techniques, know-how and best practices for developing successful and distinctive social games”. Zynga’s playbook has entered the realm of legend and was even the subject of a lawsuit.