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Fire Pro Wrestling Is All Avatars, No Beefy Men @Demonbird: I wont lie....i now find it useless. one of the things that made FPW great were the 500 plus wrestlers. This is compounded by what im sure will be the lack of match types. im guessing here but im sure they will cut out the octagon for mma fights,k-1 rules fights,electrified barbwire matches, expoding landmine matches and possibly the hardcore matches with florescent light bulbs. Might just get stuck with 1 on 1,tag matches and if they are nice battle royale. guess we will see. so far its sounding pretty bad. kinda sad too,if done right i woulda had a reason turn my xbox back on. @Demonbird: not if the gameplay and depth remains as they claim it will, i sure hope it does, this is the first avatar based game im interested in. @FokisMoney: Firepro wrestling without the hundreds of wrestlers and awesome customization option won't float a lot of people's boats. They can just play any other FPW game and pass on buying this one, and get everything they want.

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