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LL115YE. Postcode based information for LL115YE free – any UK post code area described LL11 5YE – information about the LL11 5YE postcode is completely free. No records are left of your search, so you can research the LL11 5YE postcode entirely confidentially. The postcode LL11 5YE is classified into one of 54 standard geodemographic types – we explain what each type means and how each postcode type is described. General Overview of LL11 5YE

OpenStreetMap Where is this? Reverse Directions Welcome to OpenStreetMap! OpenStreetMap is a map of the world, created by people like you and free to use under an open license. Hosting is supported by UCL, Bytemark Hosting, and other partners. Postcode Check for LL16 5BS - LL16 5BS, United Kingdom Financial Risk in LL16 5BS Public databases such as the Register of Court Judgments and Insolvency Records are combined with census data and 'lifestyle' information collected from questionnaires to evaluate the average financial risk in a postcode. Average Credit Rating & Credit Score Using the Cameo financial profile for the residents of LL16 5BS, this has been evaluated as:

Tech Speeds Humanitarian Response RIO DE JANEIRO — Amid discussions Tuesday of ways social media can be used to ensure a sustainable future for the planet, one Rio+Social conversation emphasized how technology is accelerating and improving humanitarian relief. Antonia Guterres, U.N. high commissioner for refugees, Hans Vestberg, CEO of Ericsson, and Ertharin Cousin, executive director of the World Food Programme discussed how their respective organizations use technology to address the world's challenges, in a panel moderated by Robb Skinner, associate director of the U.N. Foundation. "We need to use technology to deliver because we are overwhelmed by the humanitarian problems in the world," Guterres said. "If you have solar lamps you can allow young people to study at night in refugee camps. If you have solar lamps in the streets, you can have less women being raped at night in refugee camps."

What are people doing now that is no more? If you are interested in the amount of crime in an area try this Regards SimonTBF Finance for landlords and investors 01565 654005 HMO Finance I Complex BTL I Bridging Finance I Development Finance Buy to Let I Portfolio Finance I Commercial Mortgages Crowdmap What Exactly Is Crowdmap? Crowdmap is designed and built by the people behind Ushahidi, a platform that was originally built to crowdsource crisis information. As the platform has evolved, so have its uses. Crowdmap allows you to set up your own map of Ushahidi without having to install it on your own web server. Crowd sourced stats Everybody knows the crowd sourced open street map. There are also a crowd sourced stats: numbeo. Self declaration of is as follows: ‘Numbeo is the biggest free database of user contributed data about cities and countries worldwide, especially living conditions: cost of living, housing indicators, health care systems, traffic, crime and pollution.’ It’s not the (harmonized) price index statistical agencies disseminate.

Country Profiles Health Systems Country Profiles Until 1998, a report on the health system of each country of the Region of the Americas that systematically provided a succinct and analytical description of the structure and dynamics of each country’ s health system was not available. The countries of the Region expressed the need to have methodological guidelines that would facilitate the preparation and periodic updating as well as to monitor and evaluate health sector reform processes. (CD41.R12) The following Health Systems Profiles have resulted from the application by the country technical levels of the Guidelines for the Preparation of Health Systems Profiles for the Countries of the Region.

med entomology VBORNET is a network of medical entomologists and public health experts, funded by the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC). The network supports ECDC activities in the area of arthropod vector surveillance within the European Union to improve preparedness towards vector-borne diseases. ECDC started the VBORNET network in September 2009, bringing together entomologists and public health experts that represent all aspects of vector-borne disease-related research and public health activities in Europe.

Crowdsourcing, citizen sensing and Sensor Web technologies for public and environmental health surveillance and crisis management: trends, OGC standards and application examples 1 Faculty of Health, University of Plymouth, Drake Circus, Plymouth, Devon PL4 8AA, UK 2 International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Commission IV - Geodatabases and Digital Mapping, WG IV/4 - Virtual Globes and Context-Aware Visualisation/Analysis, ISPRS Headquarters (2008-2012), National Geomatics Centre of China, Beijing 100048, PR China 3 SENSEable City Lab, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA 02139, USA 4 Institute for Geoinformatics and Remote Sensing, University of Osnabrueck, 49076 Osnabrueck, Germany 5 School of Engineering and Informatics, National University of Ireland Galway, Ireland

Nokia Maps 3D: Nav and Sharing Nokia's web based 3D map service, Nokia Maps 3D, has been updated with navigation, sharing, new search options and more, the company announced on its blog. Located at, Nokia Maps 3D now offer 3D imagery of 25 cities around the world, including Barcelona, Berlin, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, Milan, New York, Rome and San Francisco. To be able to see the 3D version of the map, you'll have to install a browser extension and restart your browser first. It's worth it, though. Nokia's 3D imagery, especially the transitions seen when zooming and unzooming into an image, is quite spectacular. Search function lets you enter addresses as well as names of businesses and points of interests.

Prefectures of Japan Prefectures of Japan The chief executive of each prefecture is a directly-elected governor (知事, chiji?). Ordinances and budgets are enacted by a unicameral assembly (議会, gikai?) whose members are elected for four-year terms. Sabbath Keeper Profile - A.H. Lewis May-June 1998 Volume 50, No. 3, Issue No. 471 Sabbath Keeper Profile - Abram Herbert Lewis (1832-1908) In 1908 at the funeral of Dr. Abram Herbert Lewis, his pastor, Dr. Edwin Shaw said of him: "Although he took so eminent a place in so many fields of activity, yet that which most distinguishes him, was the recognized fact that he was "the representative Seventh Day Baptist of his age."

Sabbath Truth > Free Resources > Seventh Day Video Series What is the Sabbath? Host Hal Holbrook takes you on an eye-opening journey through history to explore the seventh-day Sabbath. Discover how Sunday observance eventually trumped Saturday Sabbath-keeping in the early church, why this controversy is barely known, and the amazing unknown history behind this divine day! Presented and produced by LLT Productions, this enlightening series is available in a 5-DVD set. Click here to support LLT Productions and their continuing efforts to produce more exciting videos.