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Game Design, astuces Unity, etc.

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“The Door Problem” – Liz England. “So what does a game designer do?

“The Door Problem” – Liz England

Are you an artist? Do you design characters and write the story? Or no, wait, you’re a programmer?” This structure is very easy to maintain. The story is always moving forward, you have bottlenecks to make sure you can recenter the narrative, assure emotional & mystery reveals. The team knows when they can give answers and that it will always land r. How do you make a player character feel powerful in a 3rd person melee combat game? Many factors determine this such as enemy design and progression. But it all starts with the player’s basic toolkit. Let’s look at some of Kratos’ moves and the invisible.

#leveldesign tip of the day! STAIRS □ A Long Thread about stairs! Wohoooooo! 1/12. Cthulu Game Creators Acknowledge That Lovecraft Was A Racist. H.

Cthulu Game Creators Acknowledge That Lovecraft Was A Racist

P. Lovecraft was a very talented writer whose Cthulhu mythos is one of the absolute great works of modern fiction. He was also—and this is something very few companies profiting off his works will acknowledge—a massive racist. I’m not talking about “oh, this was the old days, he had some antiquated views like a lotta folks did” kinda racism. Lovecraft was a straight-up white supremacist, whose personal writings on Italians, blacks and Jews were as horrific as any of his supernatural horror stories. His letters overflow with anti-Semitic conspiracy theories of an underground Jewry pitting the economic, social, and literary worlds of New York City against “the Aryan race.” Yeah, yikes. Video Game Delays Cause More Crunch. This is a great thread that conveys a lot of what I mean about the cultural aspect of people working more and how it actually harms not only other people and the culture, but more importantly: Estimates and therefore accurate planning of projects. This is.

I created these simple animations to explain camera movement to students. Hey devs □□ I told you that an average game on Steam sells 2,144 copies and will make $9,586 in revenue after being on sale for a year. But how did the top performers do? What can we learn from them? It's time for a STEAM TOP PERFORMERS DEEP DIVE. □ Threa. Staff say Twitch has a chronic problem with racism, sexism, and indifference. “Nobody ever really took responsibility for anything and there was nobody to go to if you were threatened, or felt threatened, or were harmed in some way.” - One of several Twitch employees speaking to GamesIndustry argues that reports of inappropriate behavior weren't properly handled during their time at Twitch.

Staff say Twitch has a chronic problem with racism, sexism, and indifference

Numerous previous and current Twitch employees say that the livestreaming giant has repeatedly failed both its employees and its community. Those slights, as reported by over a dozen staff members, include allegations of sexism and misconduct that span the entirety of the company’s reign, and indifference to valid issues raised by community members and staff alike. A recent GamesIndustry report collects the experiences and allegations of 16 past and present Twitch employees from the company’s entire 13 years of operation (including its days as "With the senior leadership, I found it to be extreme arrogance,” one source tells GamesIndustry. Persian House No.5 #voxel #voxelart #magicavoxel #persianarchitecture. Hey, game designers, let's help game job applicants by sharing level design examples from previous applications. I applied for a job (I didn't take it) which required me to design a new area for a popular game. I planned a zone for Breath of the Wild.

La traduction anglais-français permet-elle de se libérer des stéréotypes de genre? - ChEEk Magazine. De la recherche d’une équivalence au “they” non-binaire à l’utilisation de l’écriture inclusive, la traduction permet de réfléchir à l’évolution des usages et à l’avenir de la langue française.

La traduction anglais-français permet-elle de se libérer des stéréotypes de genre? - ChEEk Magazine

“Le masculin l’emporte sur le féminin”. De cette règle de grammaire qui agite les débats féministes de ces dernières années, les anglophones ne s’encombrent pas. En y réfléchissant rapidement, il peut sembler plus facile de maintenir une neutralité de genre en anglais. Corinne Oster, maîtresse de conférences en traduction et en traductologie à l’Université de Lille, confirme. “De prime abord, la différence la plus notable tient au fait que l’anglais, contrairement au français, n’utilise pas le genre dit ‘grammatical’. “Je passe d’une langue où les noms, les adjectifs et les participes passés sont souvent grammaticalement neutres vers une langue où ils sont la plupart du temps marqués par le genre grammatical.” Trouver des solutions. Comment le personnage dit-il bonjour ? L'écriture des "barks" dans le jeu vidéo – Sarah Beaulieu.

Il existe un certain type de dialogues dans le jeu vidéo, les barks, que l’on pourrait littéralement traduire par aboiements.

Comment le personnage dit-il bonjour ? L'écriture des "barks" dans le jeu vidéo – Sarah Beaulieu

Les barks, ce sont ces répliques, ou ces onomatopées, lancées par des NPC (Non Playable Characters, personnages non jouables) dans des situations données (des triggers). Par exemple, lorsque vous passez à côté d’un personnage et qu’il vous lance un « Qu’est-ce que vous faîtes ici ? You're a student and want to join the video game industry? Here is a quick #thread for #gamedev aspirants on what to think about before hitting that "send email" button. □ Survivor Stories of Harassment/Abuse/Assault within the gaming live-streaming industry. June 2020. Anti-libel & anti-slander defamation lawsuit disclaimer: This collection of information is designed for archival purposes only.

Survivor Stories of Harassment/Abuse/Assault within the gaming live-streaming industry. June 2020.

The information collected has not been verified to be true and was collected from publicly made statements by alleged victims and accused abusers. By no means is this document a comprehensive list of the abuse in the streaming industry and does not aim to be, simply a recording of the stories shared during June 2020. People came forward with their stories. I am not casting judgement, nor condone a witch hunt of those accused of alleged abusive behavior. Here is a #under60sec tutorial on making transparent characters WITHOUT CODING. More tutorials are on the way so I hope this helps! :) #madewithunity #gamedev #tutorial #VFX #b3d #shaders #indiedev #IndieGameDev #lowpoly #unitytips #unity #screenshotsatur. Dear indie developers showing games off at conventions - if you want more people to play your games, add a demo mode that auto-plays when idle and shows off the game.

This is an impossible read. We all know the stories of sexual misconduct in our industry but - and I’m sure other women feel this - the ones that are about being forced down, away from opportunity and seeing men promoted above us before we eventually leav. Another PAX, another series of frustrations with how I saw devs approaching attendees. Here are 18 rules of thumb I use (a thread)... Gamers, if you want to actually provide meaningful, helpful feedback to your favourite devs, and get rewarded for it, find their playtesting program(s). For EA, it's and and. Shared Cool Links - Google Sheets. Game Design Talks to Watch - Google Sheets. Ah, je viens de m'apercevoir que c'est en ligne.

How One Large Game Studio Avoids Crunch. These pics really make u see how boring and uninspired character designs for girls in cartoons and videogames are… As requested, here's a lil thread with thoughts and observations on how to grow as a game designer, from aspiring to senior, as a salaried game designer for over 10 years. (it's ok if you disagree with me □) Download now the Volumetric Pixelizer for @unity3d and add mystery to your scenes. Link This will also be added to the samples of @AmplifyCreates Shader Editor. #MadeWithUnity #AmplifyShaderEditor #shaders #VFX #realtimeVFX #gamedev #gamedevelopment…