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Florida man speaks up to make it clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is entirely his fault. Just last week, researchers set the number of American deaths due to the mismanagement of the COVID-19 pandemic at 400,000.

Florida man speaks up to make it clear that the COVID-19 pandemic is entirely his fault

It might seem like this would be a good time for Trump to fall back on blaming everyone else. Donald Trump's CPAC speech: The 50 most ridiculous lines. I went through the speech and pulled out the lines you need to see.

Donald Trump's CPAC speech: The 50 most ridiculous lines

They're below. 1. Donald Trump's most fervent supporters are ready for him to become the 19th president on March 4. As NBC News reporter Ben Collins laid out in February, some Trump supporters believed that the entire Biden presidency was just an illusion supported by the media, while in real life Democrats were being hung from massive new gallows erected in front of the White House.

Donald Trump's most fervent supporters are ready for him to become the 19th president on March 4

They then cackled excitedly over the hangings they believed were happening from these photoshopped nooses. But a larger fragment of QAnon came up with a scheme so convoluted that it fit perfectly with the same minds who managed to link an international pedophile ring to Jewish space lasers. And now Trump’s Washington hotel is doubling its rates on March 4, just as it did on Jan. 6. Really. March 4 was the inauguration date for American presidents right up until 1933. Anyway … GQPers in desperate need of a date not already in the past have followed the Millerite script so completely that it’s almost amusing. Instead, Trump had to allow Biden to get back in the White House so he could catch him in all new crimes. Hold on. Cookie Consent and Choices. Received 738900860335422. “After Me, Baby, You’re Gonna Be Ruined for Anyone Else”: Donald Trump Refused to Take ‘No’ From Women—And Then From America Itself. And did you listen?

“After Me, Baby, You’re Gonna Be Ruined for Anyone Else”: Donald Trump Refused to Take ‘No’ From Women—And Then From America Itself

Did you? Cuz now Trump won’t take “no” from America. Trump won’t take “no” from the voters, the Electoral College, the Supreme Court, the United States Congress, @jack, Mitch McConnell, or the PGA golf tour. He sulks, he incites, he shakes the Capitol down to the core of its spleen, and still he won’t take “no.” So as we approach January 20, when his foul body may or may not be dragged from the White House, I thought I would just remind everyone that all this could have been avoided if everybody had simply listened, and not just to me, but to the first woman who publicly accused Trump of sexual assault two decades ago. Reader, exhibit number one is a lawsuit filed on April 30, 1997, in the U.S. Jill Harth grows up in Massapequa Park, Long Island, a bunny-loving, Girl Scout–cookie-selling, lightning-bug-catching lass who, by the age of 12, is stuffed to the gills with the romance magazines her grandmother feeds her.

Now back to Jill’s claims in that court document. The Death Knell for Trumpism is Sounding. As the Mad Wannabe King spends his final days in office, the world no longer wonders what his fate will be: On December 14, the Electoral College vote confirmed his humiliating defeat at the hands of Joe Biden.

The Death Knell for Trumpism is Sounding

When Trump departs the White House on January 20, 2021, he will likely be pursued by creditors and legal authorities alike. In the much-anticipated sunset of Trump’s failed presidency, some political analysts are concerned that Trumpism – that corrupt brew of hubris, personality cult, faux authoritarianism, hucksterism, xenophobia, populism, and nativism – could continue. President Trump: Unhappy, Unleashed and Unpredictable. Yet it is not certain that Mr.

President Trump: Unhappy, Unleashed and Unpredictable

Tuberville will carry through the president’s desires, and even he if does, there is the possibility that Senator Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the majority leader, could step in to prevent such a move. Mr. Is Trump Cracking Under the Weight of Losing? “His fragile ego has never been tested to this extent,” Michael Cohen, his former personal attorney and enforcer before he turned on him, told me.

Is Trump Cracking Under the Weight of Losing?

“While he’s creating a false pretense of strength and fortitude, internally he is angry, depressed and manic. As each day ends, Trump knows he’s one day closer to legal and financial troubles. There's a reason Trump isn't getting any sympathy, and it has nothing to do with politics. The New York Times reports there is no sign of a “sympathy bounce” for Trump since his positive COVID-19 diagnosis and subsequent hospitalization at Walter Reed.

There's a reason Trump isn't getting any sympathy, and it has nothing to do with politics

The Trump campaign is hoping the nation will rally around the ailing president as he battles the coronavirus. But the first polls conducted since the president’s announcement of his diagnosis early Friday did not seem to show a sympathy bounce. In support of this conclusion the Times cites the Ipsos/Reuters poll released October 4th, which includes polling conducted after Trump’s COVID-19 positive status was divulged, noting that “The poll found that nearly two-thirds of Americans, including half of Republicans, think Mr. Trump’s Taxes Show Chronic Losses and Years of Income Tax Avoidance. The Times obtained Donald Trump’s tax information extending over more than two decades, revealing struggling properties, vast write-offs, an audit battle and hundreds of millions in debt coming due. Donald J. Trump paid $750 in federal income taxes the year he won the presidency.

In his first year in the White House, he paid another $750. Bob Woodward book: In Trump interviews for 'Rage,' president says he downplayed coronavirus threat. Matthew Pottinger, the deputy national security adviser, agreed.

Bob Woodward book: In Trump interviews for 'Rage,' president says he downplayed coronavirus threat

He told the president that after reaching contacts in China, it was evident that the world faced a health emergency on par with the flu pandemic of 1918, which killed an estimated 50 million people worldwide. Ten days later, Trump called Woodward and revealed that he thought the situation was far more dire than what he had been saying publicly. “You just breathe the air and that’s how it’s passed,” Trump said in a Feb. 7 call. “And so that’s a very tricky one. That’s a very delicate one. “This is deadly stuff,” the president repeated for emphasis. Trump steps off the golf course and takes a swing at John McCain, as Losergate continues. After making his attack on Goldberg, Trump declared that the whole affair reminds him of the “Dirty Dossier.”

Trump steps off the golf course and takes a swing at John McCain, as Losergate continues

By which he apparently means the collection of information put together by former British intelligence officer Christopher Steele—a collection that’s turned out to be remarkably accurate. But Trump didn’t stop there. He blamed the Steele dossier on John McCain, then lumped in McCain with “the radical far left.” Lawrence: Prayer Breakfast Rant Shows Trump Doesn't Understand What Love Is. Lawrence: Prayer Breakfast Rant Shows Trump Doesn't Understand What Love Is. Psychiatrist On ‘The Essential Emptiness Of President Donald Trump’

Language Expert: Donald Trump's Way Of Speaking Is 'Oddly Adolescent' VoteVets - The First. Fact check: Trump delivers blizzard of false claims in Pennsylvania speech attacking Biden. Speaking in Old Forge, Pennsylvania, just outside Biden's home town of Scranton, Trump delivered a wild monologue that involved unscripted musings about sharks, boxing, dishwashers and the maintenance of forests. It also involved a blizzard of false claims. We're still going through the transcript, but here are the ones we can tell you about so far: Trump said of Democrats: "The only way they're gonna win is by a rigged election. I really believe that. Russian bounty story keeps growing: Trump has known for over a year, was fully briefed by Bolton. That AP report sets the date of Trump’s initial brief on the Russian program as no later than March of 2019. And the information wasn’t just being shared among “top White House officials,” it was included in Trump’s daily briefs at least as early as that date.

But of course, Trump’s disdain for reading the critical information put in front of him, and the sickening efforts that officials must make to gain his attention has been the the focus of endless stories since the 2016 election. Both McEnany’s response in the press conference and reactions from Republican politicians seem to be aimed at the “he’s not a traitor, he’s just incompetent” fallback position in suggesting that even if the information was in Trump’s daily briefing, he didn’t read it.

Trump’s Orders Can’t Replace Stimulus Checks, Unemployment Aid, And State And Local Funding. The economy faces a major output gap, and executive orders can’t generate enough funding to address it. Only significant Congressional spending can provide the necessary level of funds. The legal critiques of President Trump’s executive orders for Covid economic relief are obscuring a critical economic issue. Our economy faces a huge gap in output and jobs, one that can’t be filled by executive orders.

Only Congressional spending can do the job. When Congress didn’t enact a new relief package last week, President Trump issued executive orders designed to “get Americans the relief they need.” Confused Trump can't understand how many Americans are dying of coronavirus in shocking interview. That “You can’t do that” is so telling. Because it makes obvious both that Trump’s thinking is not agile and flexible enough to deal with information in a slightly different form than it has previously been presented to him and that no one in Trump’s orbit is giving him difficult facts, facts that in this case lay bare his failures.

Specifically, the large death toll attached to his failures. Trump’s appeal is supposed to be that he’s straightforward, tells a simple moral story. Trump knows he is losing, and he's prepared to tear the nation apart when it happens. Trump declares Fox News unwatchable. 502 Bad Gateway. For the love of God, do not let #PresidentKaren trend on Twitter. I mean, just because Donald Trump has the delicate, milky-white hands of a Precious Moments doll and the dyspeptic temperament of a purse poodle doesn’t mean we should call him #PresidentKaren. Just because he’s the whiniest, most privileged little fanny pack full of grievances in the known universe doesn’t mean we should try to get #PresidentKaren trending. And someone needs to tell these people tout de suite: So please, just stop. Karma will bite you in the ass . . .

Karma will bite you in the ass . . . Cartoon: Another dreaded visit from... The Don. Chicago mayor Lightfoot's response to Trump's latest tweets 'begins with F and ends with You' Donald Trump: Why the President's wild weekend can't be normalized. 5 REASONS CHRISTIANS SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP (An Honest Conversation About Disciples of the MAGAChurch) The Unwatchable President – Kirschner's Korner.

For millions of Americans, Donald Trump is unwatchable. People can’t stand the sight or sound of him because they see through him. Cartoon: The wit and wisdom of Donald J. Trump. Announcing TWO Tom the Dancing Bug books coming in May from Clover Press, in celebration of the comic's upcoming 30th anniversary--> Tom the Dancing Bug: Into the Trumpverse, and The Super-Fun-Pak Comix Reader.Information about the books, including how to pre-order, and special offers HERE. Doctor writes how FBI and DHS almost grabbed the medical masks his hospital was buying. Our supply-chain group has worked around the clock to secure gowns, gloves, face masks, goggles, face shields, and N95 respirators.

These employees have adapted to a new normal, exploring every lead, no matter how unusual. Deals, some bizarre and convoluted, and many involving large sums of money, have dissolved at the last minute when we were outbid or outmuscled, sometimes by the federal government. Then we got lucky, but getting the supplies was not easy. [...] Hours before our planned departure, we were told to expect only a quarter of our original order. We went anyway, since we desperately needed any supplies we could get. It would be nice to have federal leadership that doesn’t make acquiring essential medical equipment seem more like buying a heroin shipment. Stop asking us to die for your convenience.

We came together in the greatest act of human kindness in history. Of course Trump had to destroy it. Trump's daily stream of coronavirus lies are all about to hit a wall. Fox News host sits in silence as infectious disease specialist exposes Trump’s coronavirus failure. Donald Trump has someone new to blame for the coronavirus response ... Joe Biden. We knew Donald Trump was lying about COVID-19 all along, but it's shocking when you line it all up. The daily coronavirus task force appearance isn't about coronavirus, it's about Trump. After weeks of inaction, Trump now: 'I felt it was a pandemic long before it was called a pandemic' Here's the anti-Trump coronavirus ad we were all eager to see.

Trump's CDC visit: The 25 most concerning lines. Trump Threatens Schiff, Who Is Not Impressed. Trump slams "Parasite," praises "Gone With the Wind" Suddenly Trump hates the idea of self-funding a presidential campaign. Fox News host shuts down strategist who points out Trump has 'cheated on all' of his wives. NY AG tells Trump how it works. Untitled. Trump was the one who drew on the hurricane map—and #SharpieGate is more serious than it sounds. Johns Hopkins' Top Psychotherapist Releases Terrifying Diagnosis Of President Trump. “Floridian” Trump may not qualify, and his NY audit just got more interesting and personal. Leaked White House video is the latest proof that Donald Trump should not tweet without supervision. Jay Sekulow makes a fool of himself in the Senate, so of course the Trump team doubles down. President Lopez Obrador of Mexico responds to Trump's tariff threat & it’s a beautiful thing.

Photographic memory: Pete Souza trolls Trump with just the right Obama photos. Donald Trump is behaving like 1930s fascist dictator, explains Yale historian. I Wrote My Senator Requesting a Fair Impeachment Trail with Witnesses, etc. Here's his reply. New info emerges explaining why Tillerson called Trump a 'f***ing moron' Meghan McCain Dismantles Trump In Her Eulogy for Her Father. Hmm, these two Trump tweets about Paul Ryan are really, really different for some reason. The Baltimore Sun Slaps Trump Upside The Head. Check the truth, illustrated, on the "Comeback" economy for SOTU. Charts Trump can use. Trump’s Hair Illusion Came Undone and We All Missed It. Trump appears before teenage audience and declares, 'I can do whatever I want'

#SharpiePresident is trending and it is amazing. Trump cannot let it go—his fuming about Dorian and Alabama is a spiral into madness. White House official says it was Trump himself who altered the Hurricane Dorian map with a sharpie. Has Trump Broken the World Economy? It's Starting to Look Like It. The New York Times admits that Trump lied over and over at the G-7—then makes excuses for him. Trump's new press secretary taunts CNN on Twitter; it doesn't go well. Trump explains his butchery of history: His Revolutionary War-era teleprompter screwed up.

Have We No Decency? A Response to President Trump - Washington National Cathedral. Farmers confront Trump's ag secretary: 'We are not doing great again' In his effort to prove that he’s infallible, Trump shows why he’ll always be a laughingstock. British Writer Pens The Best Description Of Trump I've Read - Red Lake Nation News. After Trump repeatedly insults Chicago police chief, he responds with the utmost professionalism. Somebody realized that Donald Trump is actually a dinosaur character from 1990s—and it is uncanny. We Actually DO Know What Is Wrong With Trump’s Mental State. After Rand Paul asked media to unmask alleged whistleblower, Russian media did just that. Old Moore’s Almanac 2020 predicts the future. Irate at China, Trump had to be talked off his crazy ledge by advisers and 'multiple CEOs'

Trump explains his butchery of history: His Revolutionary War-era teleprompter screwed up. These 5 charts show how Trump’s trade wars — and wins — are affecting Texas.