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Leadership. Meetings. Self. Home. Control. Bedtime routines of successful people. Media Multitasking Disrupts Memory, Even in Young Adults. The bulky, modern human brain evolved hundreds of thousands of years ago and, for the most part, has remained largely unchanged.

Media Multitasking Disrupts Memory, Even in Young Adults

That is, it is innately tuned to analog information—to focus on the hunt at hand or perhaps the forage for wild plants. Yet we now pummel our ancient thinking organ with a daily deluge of digital information that many scientists believe may have enduring and worrisome effects. A new study published today in Nature supports the concern. The research suggests that “media multitasking”—or engaging with multiple forms of digital or screen-based media simultaneously, whether they are television, texting or Instagram—may impair attention in young adults, worsening their ability to later recall specific situations or experiences. The authors of the new paper used electroencephalography—a technique that measures brain activity—and eye tracking to assess attention in 80 young adults between the ages of 18 and 26. The Baloney Detection Kit. Carl Sagan (November 9, 1934–December 20, 1996) was many things — a cosmic sage, voracious reader, hopeless romantic, and brilliant philosopher.

The Baloney Detection Kit

But above all, he endures as our era’s greatest patron saint of reason and critical thinking, a master of the vital balance between skepticism and openness. In The Demon-Haunted World: Science as a Candle in the Dark (public library) — the same indispensable volume that gave us Sagan’s timeless meditation on science and spirituality, published mere months before his death in 1996 — Sagan shares his secret to upholding the rites of reason, even in the face of society’s most shameless untruths and outrageous propaganda.

Through their training, scientists are equipped with what Sagan calls a “baloney detection kit” — a set of cognitive tools and techniques that fortify the mind against penetration by falsehoods: The kit is brought out as a matter of course whenever new ideas are offered for consideration. The 50/50 Rule (How to Retain And Remember 90% of Everything You Learn) Photo from PeopleImages / Getty Images.

The 50/50 Rule (How to Retain And Remember 90% of Everything You Learn)

Learning comes down to two things: repetition, and connecting new information to existing knowledge. The ultimate aim of learning is to apply what you learn when it matters. Information is easy to access when there are many strong pathways to that information. 8 Leadership Myths Every Manager Should Know About.

Remote Teams

Project Management. Time Management. The Psychological Origins of Procrastination – and How We Can Stop Putting Things Off. “I love deadlines,” English author Douglas Adams once wrote.

The Psychological Origins of Procrastination – and How We Can Stop Putting Things Off

“I love the whooshing noise they make as they go by.” We’ve all had the experience of wanting to get a project done but putting it off for later. Sometimes we wait because we just don’t care enough about the project, but other times we care a lot – and still end up doing something else. I, for one, end up cleaning my house when I have a lot of papers to grade, even though I know I need to grade them. So why do we procrastinate?


The 27 Best Decluttering Tips of All Time. 13 Greatest Decluttering Tips Of All Time The reward—and the reason that keeps me going when decluttering seems like an overwhelming task—is that at the end, your home will contain only the things that serve you.

The 27 Best Decluttering Tips of All Time

You’ll be surrounded by things that make you happy. Because just like editing, once the extra, unnecessary stuff is deleted, only the best is left. Improving Cornell Notes With Sketchnoting Techniques. The benefits of note-taking by hand - BBC Worklife. The surprising traits of good remote leaders - BBC Worklife. WIRED UK - Some companies have long made a success of... PKM Workshop. Helping professionals become knowledge catalysts Next Workshop Starts 22 June — scroll down to register Personal Knowledge Mastery Imagine spending less time looking for files and reference documents.

Zoom is not the problem — meetings are. When all you have is Zoom, every work-from-home office looks like an endless face-to-face video call.

zoom is not the problem — meetings are

I have been working remotely since 2003. Video calls have been a regular part of my work and I have used pretty well every platform available. In the early days my favourite platform was Marratech, until they were bought by Google and some of the technology created Hangouts. Dropbox - We’re always on, but productivity is dropping...

Your Guide to the Momentum Planner Digital Pack. How to Nail Your Goals with This Simple Secret - Megan Hyatt Miller. This is a guest post by Megan Hyatt Miller.

How to Nail Your Goals with This Simple Secret - Megan Hyatt Miller

Megan is the Chief Operating Officer of Michael Hyatt & Co. She is also Michael’s oldest daughter. Megan, her husband Joel, and their four children make their home in Franklin, Tennessee. Most of us start pursuing our goals with great focus and intensity, but roadblocks inevitably surface before we’re far down the road. We might be tempted to quit, or simply redouble our efforts in an effort to scale the obstacle, but the secret may be tossing our strategy out the window and trying an alternate approach. I’ve been steadily working to reclaim my fitness, working out with a trainer consistently for several months, doing cardio on my off days, and dialing in my nutrition. Just as all my hard work started to pay off, I noticed a pain developing in my foot. Lead to Win™ Podcast. 5 Characteristics of Weak Leaders (and How Not to Be One)

Sometimes you learn from positive role models.

5 Characteristics of Weak Leaders (and How Not to Be One)

Often you learn from negative ones. Lead to Win™ Podcast. The Five Levels of Delegation. Delegation is critical to leadership.

The Five Levels of Delegation

You can’t take on more responsibility unless you are willing to delegate to others. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy. Some time ago one of my mentees was planning a special event. He was surprised to discover that someone on his planning team had completed a project he hadn’t really authorized. He was clearly frustrated, because he felt the other person had taken more initiative that he was given. After listening to him describe the situation, I said, “The fault is not with your team member. Great Decisions. How to Avoid a Nuclear War - RiShawn Biddle. You will never make a fully-informed decision.

How to Avoid a Nuclear War - RiShawn Biddle

Accept it. The reality is that every choice involves using limited information, can have unforeseen consequences, and, because of conditions that change before your very eyes, may end up being the wrong decision anyway. Kim Scott on why most work communication fails and how to fix it. Radical candor is obviously much more effective than other feedback models so why are we still stuck with ineffective feedback tactics? It's a big question and I have a lot of hypotheses. I can't say I've nailed the answer, but I think part of the problem is that we all have a negativity bias. Non-Cheesy Mantras For an Immediate Confidence Boost. You’re going through your day-to-day, keeping up with work, maintaining your relationships and doing your absolute best.

Enter the “obnoxious roommate” living in your head, who shows up to put you down and tell you that you’re not good enough. In moments like these, quieting that pesky voice can be tricky — and for most of us, positive self-talk doesn’t come easy. That’s why we asked the Thrive Global community what phrases help boost their mood and confidence when the negative thoughts come flooding in. 6 science-backed reasons you keep procrastinating — and what you can do to beat it once and for all.

Procrastination is rarely about laziness — that would be too easy to fix. Instead, it tends to result from deeper psychological issues — think a fraught relationship with your parents or a skewed perception of time. We dug into the growing body of research on procrastination and highlighted some of the least obvious explanations for why you push things off ... and off and off. So don't, well, delay. Read on and see which of those theories most resonate with you. 1.

Despite common misconceptions, procrastination isn't a time-management issue — it's an emotional one, Carleton University procrastination expert Timothy Pychyl told The New York Times' Charlotte Lieberman. How to Talk to People, According to Terry Gross. Taming the Epic To-Do List. Ways to Improve Employee Mindset. Andrew Deen has been a consultant for startups in almost every industry from retail to medical devices and everything in between.

He is currently writing a book about scaling up business and his experience implementing lean methodology. Communication That's Just Great! William Matthies founded Coyote Insight in 2000 to help start-ups as well as established companies and brands plan for profitable growth. In 1986 he founded what was to become the largest independent market research/database marketing company in the consumer electronics and high tech fields. By the time he sold The Verity Group in 1997, the company employed 400+ people at its California and Costa Rica offices. Nine Attitudes of Emotionally Intelligent Leaders - People Development. I help leaders develop self- mastery, helping them to become confident in their own inner guidance. I collaborate with leadership experts, managers and HR professionals to help them get their own message and unique services and products to a wide audience.

How to Be a Productive Powerhouse Using Time Blocking. How to Build (or Rebuild) Trust. 3 Forces That Shape Character. The 5 Marks of Authentic Leadership. One Trap Leaders Can Avoid if They Choose. 6 Powerful Apps for Managing Social Media with a Team. How Our Words Impact Others. How to Lead in the Face of Criticism [Podcast S08E08] Encore Episode: Getting the Most Out of Evernote [Podcast] What It Takes to Become a Person of Influence. What It Takes to Become a Person of Influence. What It Takes to Become a Person of Influence. When and How to Use Habits to Achieve Your Goals. When and How to Use Habits to Achieve Your Goals. What Story Are You Telling Yourself? How to End Every Day Feeling Accomplished - John Lee Dumas. If there’s one thing that has the power to encourage and motivate us unlike anything else, it’s the feeling of accomplishment and the momentum it brings.

It’s a feeling we all want, but one that often eludes us. The busyness of the day takes over, and instead of celebrating the day, proud of what you’ve accomplished, you look back and wonder what exactly you were able to get done. If this sounds familiar, then you’re not alone. The momentum gained from past accomplishment is quickly lost when you go day-after-day seeing (what looks like) a lack of progress. The good news is, ending every day feeling accomplished is attainable. The Surprising Benefit of Being Inflexible. How to Make Your Non-Fiction Reading More Productive. How to Break a Habit That’s Holding You Back. The Surprising Power of Daily Rituals. The Surprising Power of Daily Rituals. The Crazy Way We Work [Infographic] Email Triage: An Email Management Technique that Works.

The 12 Best Productivity Books of 2017. Why setting goals makes you less likely to achieve them - Ozan Varol. I’m a recovering outcome addict. Since my teenage years, I’ve been chasing one outcome after the next. The list is exhausting. Leaving Turkey and getting into a great college in the United States. 5 Ways To Turn Your Mistake Into A Valuable Life Lesson - Content Loop. 'Our minds can be hijacked': the tech insiders who fear a smartphone dystopia. Justin Rosenstein had tweaked his laptop’s operating system to block Reddit, banned himself from Snapchat, which he compares to heroin, and imposed limits on his use of Facebook. Uk.businessinsider. Top 5 Back-to-School Apps – JoyfulTypist. Discover the science behind forgetting.

The 7 Business Lessons You Should Learn by 30. Reader Resource Join Entrepreneur's The Goal Standard Challenge and make 2017 yours. Learn more » Starting a business -- or even getting involved as a professional -- when you’re young can be intimidating. You might have knowledge about business from school, books or practical advice from sources online, but there’s a big difference between understanding business fundamentals on paper and gaining wisdom through actual experience. One Thing You Can Do Every Morning to Be More Creative. Disorganised? Chaotic? This is why you should relax & embrace your inefficiency - BBC Three. The 10/10/10 Rule For Tough Decisions - Fast Company - Pocket. Ways To Break Down The Obstacles Of Unhappy - ePostNG Connect. 6 Habits Of Aspiring Leaders. Career Management - Six Ways to Destroy Your Public Speaking Heebie-Jeebies. How to Receive and Learn from Feedback — Culture Amp Insights.

Daniel Pink on Incentives and the Two Types of Motivation. What are some characteristics of successful people? - Quora. Quora. A workplace that works for your personality type. A workplace that works for your personality type. How to Nail Your Goals with This Simple Secret. Swap Your To-Do List for a "Break List" to Get More Done. How to Break Your Addiction to Work. How Being Tired Affects Your Thinking and Performance. 10 Habits of the Most Remarkably Passionate People.

How To Know Which Skills To Develop At Each Stage Of Your Career. 7 Reasons Your Time Management Must Be Flexible. How People Learn to Become Resilient. Five lines that are killing your CV. Help Your Team Manage Stress, Anxiety, and Burnout. 12 things that kill innovation in your organisation. How To Grow The Purpose-Driven Workforce. A Manager's Guide to Working with Difficult Team Members.

Addicted to Distraction. What Amazing Bosses Do Differently. How Company Culture Shapes Employee Motivation. 10 Skills Every Entrepreneur Needs.