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Time Management

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Tips from neuroscience to keep you focused on hard tasks. Some of scientists’ most rewarding moments come when we confront a hard problem or a difficult task.

Tips from neuroscience to keep you focused on hard tasks

Email Management: How to Hack Back and Cure Inbox Insanity. Finally, there’s one more highly effective method for reducing inbound emails.

Email Management: How to Hack Back and Cure Inbox Insanity

Every day, we’re targeted by an endless torrent of spam, marketing emails, and newsletters. Some are helpful, but most are not. How do we stop email messages we never want to hear from again? If the email is a newsletter you signed up for in the past but no longer find useful, the best thing you can do is hit the Unsubscribe button at the bottom of the email. March 18th, 2021 · One comment In a recent episode of my podcast, I dove deep on the topic of meeting overload during our current moment of pandemic-induced remote work.

I want to expand here on one of the more radical (but intriguing) solutions I mentioned: the reverse meeting. Canceling the noise: How to regain focus after an incredibly chaotic year. Do you think this year’s chaotic news cycle has contributed to the problem of being monochronics in a polychronic world because we feel compelled to monitor for updates on the election and wildfires and all of that?

Canceling the noise: How to regain focus after an incredibly chaotic year

GM: Personally, I know it has. Here's why. We are in front of our computers nearly the entire day now that we’re working remotely. We are so susceptible to all this information that's happening in the world. It's a click away. Focus on who’s closest Our EIU study also found that one main distracting factor during WFH is feeling disconnected from colleagues. GM: That's an interesting question. There’s this notion of Dunbar’s number. I think what's happening is that people are being added on to these outer peripheral concentric circles. So they’re less likely to be part of the feed we're seeing on social media, and not necessarily adding more noise? GM: I would say it depends on what your notification settings are.

Work from a calendar, not a To-Do list. Want to get shit done?

Work from a calendar, not a To-Do list.

Throw out your notebook and open your iCal. On a given week, I do a daily comic strip, regular New Yorker and MAD Magazine cartoons, I do stand-up comedy shows all over the city, perform and voice act in TV commercials and volunteer as the President of the National Cartoonists Society. How to Set Career Goals and Plan Out Your Professional Future. Setting goals is essential to advancing your career and feeling fulfilled by your job.

How to Set Career Goals and Plan Out Your Professional Future

Whether your employer requires you to set goals as part of your performance-review process or it is something you do voluntarily once a year with a pen and paper in your living room, it can help you to plan out your professional future. It can also help you to stretch yourself and might make negotiating a raise easier, career-development experts say. Don’t wait for a manager or mentor to ask you what your goals are. Get ahead by brainstorming and crafting your professional goals independently.

Tony Lee, a recruitment-trends expert and vice president of editorial for the Society for Human Resource Management, says younger people such as recent high school or college graduates may be used to waiting for assignments from teachers, parents and other authority figures, but now is the time to become a self-starter. Before you jump in: Take stock of where you are. . — Tracy Timm, career coach 2. Productivity Is About Your Systems, Not Your People. 20 Realistic Micro-Habits To Live Better Every Day.

How to Actually Finish a Project Once You've Started It. 3 Hidden Truths About Staying On Your Path. 4 Reasons Why Going from Idea to Done Is So Hard. Time Management Guide for Executives Who Don’t Have Enough Time. What is time management?

Time Management Guide for Executives Who Don’t Have Enough Time

Time management is perhaps the executive’s most important tool. C-level executives are besieged by texts, calls, emails, meetings, charities, the news, board members, employees, other executives, their own health, personal obligations, and managing the company, among many other things. But what, exactly, is the definition of time management? Time management is a process of planning and organizing projects, as well as the activities you and your team must do to complete those projects. Executives adept at time management always have an overview of their work and personal lives, allowing them to do more by working smarter. Importance of time management for high-level executives.

Are You Managing Your Expectations? Productive Flourishing. How to Cope When Everything Keeps Changing. How do you make plans when it’s impossible to make plans?

How to Cope When Everything Keeps Changing

The ground beneath our feet is constantly shifting. Planning for anything more than a week out can feel futile — almost silly — since no one knows what the next week, much less the next month, will bring. A surge in coronavirus cases in your area? More lockdowns? Worrying about natural disasters? “The questions are endless. “One day the W.H.O. recommends this, and the next day the C.D.C. recommends something else,” Mr.