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Culture - The language rules we know – but don’t know we know. Typeset In The Future. After studying Alien in intimate detail, it’s time to look at the typography and design of Ridley Scott’s other classic sci-fi movie, Blade Runner.

Typeset In The Future

Based on Philip K. Dick’s novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? , Blade Runner cements Scott’s reputation for beautiful, gritty, tech noir science fiction. Protests sweeping South America show rising antigovernment anger. QUITO, Ecuador — Nearly every nation in South America has been jolted by large protests or violent clashes in recent weeks, a continental surge of anti-government anger unlike anything in years.

Protests sweeping South America show rising antigovernment anger

On the streets of Venezuela, opponents of the left-wing government are squaring off against riot police nearly every day. In Paraguay, angry crowds sacked and firebombed the country’s parliament building after lawmakers tried to alter presidential term limits. The study of adjective order and GSSSACPM. Photo illustration by Slate.

The study of adjective order and GSSSACPM.

Photo by Silense/iStock/Thinkstock It is a lovely warm August day outside, and I am wearing a green loose top. The Macroeconomics of Populism in Latin America. The link between English and economics. Billions of people around the globe are desperately trying to learn English—not simply for self-improvement, but as an economic necessity.

The link between English and economics

It’s easy to take for granted being born in a country where people speak the lingua franca of global business, but for people in emerging economies such as China, Russia, and Brazil, where English is not the official language, good English is a critical tool, which people rightly believe will help them tap into new opportunities at home and abroad. After 130 Years, the Dinosaur Family Tree Gets Dramatically Redrawn - The Atlantic. When I first read Matthew Baron’s new dinosaur study, I actually gasped.

After 130 Years, the Dinosaur Family Tree Gets Dramatically Redrawn - The Atlantic

For most of my life, I’ve believed that the dinosaurs fell into two major groups: the lizard-hipped saurischians, which included the meat-eating theropods like Tyrannosaurus and long-necked sauropodomorphs like BrontosaurusYes, Brontosaurus. It’s a thing again. ; and the bird-hipped ornithischians, which included horned species like Triceratops and armored ones like Stegosaurus. That’s how dinosaurs have been divided since 1887. It’s what I learned as a kid. Lawrence Krauss’ Brief History of the GUT. Particle physicists had two nightmares before the Higgs particle was discovered in 2012.

Lawrence Krauss’ Brief History of the GUT

The first was that the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) particle accelerator would see precisely nothing. For if it did, it would likely be the last large accelerator ever built to probe the fundamental makeup of the cosmos. The second was that the LHC would discover the Higgs particle predicted by theoretical physicist Peter Higgs in 1964 ... and nothing else. Each time we peel back one layer of reality, other layers beckon. So each important new development in science generally leaves us with more questions than answers. 15 English words we stole from Arabic. Sign Up for Our free email newsletters.

15 English words we stole from Arabic

The Cheapskate's top 10 money-saving tips of 2016 - CNET. CNET's Cheapskate scours the web for great deals on PCs, phones, gadgets and much more.

The Cheapskate's top 10 money-saving tips of 2016 - CNET

Questions about the Cheapskate blog? Find the answers on our FAQ page. And find more great buys on the CNET Deals page. Saving money is a marathon, not a sprint. Blog - Log In. Photo Religious minorities in the United States are far more likely to have attended college or a vocational school than members of the Christian majority, according to a review of census and survey data from 151 countries released on Tuesday that found wide gaps in education among followers of the world’s major religions.

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The review was based on data from 2010 and was conducted by the , which also found an education gap between men and women within religious groups. The Origin of Just About Everything, Visualized. The world is full of simple questions that have complicated answers.

The Origin of Just About Everything, Visualized

For example: What is the universe made of? Why do we have wax in our ears? Let’s call Venezuela what it is under Maduro: a dictatorship. Very few outside Venezuela seem to have the courage to describe it as such, but the country under Nicolás Maduro is now a dictatorship. The heir of Hugo Chávez has shown that he will happily violate all principles of democracy and human rights to remain in power. For years, Chávez proudly reminded the world how many elections he had won, and how his revolution was giving a voice to the impoverished masses. Today, Maduro has no interest in anybody else’s voice – especially the growing majority that opposes him. The presidential recall referendum, which could have led to early elections if it had been held this year, was killed off by regional courts that had no say in electoral matters.

Apuntes de una elección. Es muy reciente. Los datos están crudos y darle sentido a esta elección tomará tiempo. De ahí que aquí solo haya apuntes—hipótesis, dudas y preguntas. Leonard Cohen Makes It Darker. When Leonard Cohen was twenty-five, he was living in London, sitting in cold rooms writing sad poems. Venezuela, a Failing State.

The medical student told me to use his name. He said he didn’t care. “Maduro is a donkey,” he said. Pobreza, cobertura de las Misiones y necesidades de protección social para la reforma económica de Venezuela. CID Research Fellow & Graduate Student Working Paper No. 74 Luis Pedro España N., José Ramón Morales A., Douglas Barrios A.June 2016. Comprar afuera para comer en Venezuela. Una sola empresa de envíos para Venezuela, de las más de 200 que hay en Estados Unidos, ha transportado más de 4,5 toneladas de alimentos al país en lo que va de año. La escasez obliga a soluciones tan creativas como costosas. Algunos han optado por empezar a hacer mercado en las cadenas norteamericanas, sin salir de casa y al borde del teclado.

Quemar los ahorros no importa siempre que haya disponibilidad y variedad. Explaining chavismo Apr 2010 copyedited. Venezuela: Latin American Country Faces Economic Free Fall. It was once the richest country in Latin America. Now it’s falling apart By Ioan Grillo / Caracas | Photographs by Alvaro Ybarra Zavala In Venezuela the food lines are only the most visible evidence of a nation in free fall. Known as las colas, the lines form before dawn and last until nightfall, several bodies thick and zigzagging for miles in leafy middle-class neighborhoods and ragged slums alike. Chavez Synth 10. Morir sin remedio en Venezuela. Los pacientes crónicos venezolanos, como Brenda Briceño, han salido a las calles para protestar contra la escasez de medicinas y han muerto sin que el gobierno de Nicolás Maduro proponga una solución a la crisis general de la salud. CARACAS, Venezuela. Janelys Graterol murió la madrugada del sábado 9 de julio.

Murió dentro de una patrulla de policía porque en el Hospital de Niños “JM de los Ríos”, donde estaba internada esperando una cirugía cerebral, no había ambulancia. Venezuela: Investigación confirma censura de plataformas de noticias y sitios web de tipo de cambio. Página de inicio del portal “Navegar con Libertad” de IPYS. In Venezuela, the Opposition Is on the Right Side of History  A man waves the Venezuelan national flag after hearing the results of the national congressional elections in Caracas, Venezuela, on Monday, Dec. 7, 2015. Venezuela faces ‘worst-case scenario’ as Zika outbreak expands.

Which languages rule the internet? Google recognises the most languages, across its Translate and Search services – with 348 languages supported on Google Search. Andres Oppenheimer: Venezuela’s regime is against the ropes. Based on his past behavior, Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro is likely to try several dirty tricks — including buying off legislators and using the judiciary to curtail legislative powers — to weaken the opposition supermajority in the newly elected National Assembly. But there are three major reasons why he is not likely to succeed. Venezuela: ‘Ours is a nation of thugs’ Untitled. VENEZUELANS are famously inventive with words. After 17 years of chavismo, the left-wing ideology of the late president, Hugo Chávez, they have plenty of material.

Myanmar's persecuted Rohingya see glimmer of hope in Suu Kyi victory. Confessions of an ISIS Spy. 5 Myths About How Teens Use Technology. Should You Be Capitalizing the Word 'Internet'? How Y’all, Youse and You Guys Talk - Interactive Graphic. Does Language Influence Culture? Few in Venezuela Want Bolívars, but No One Can Spare a Dime. What Do We Really Know About Osama bin Laden’s Death? The Joker Broker: Doing Business with the World’s Foremost Vendor of Nonexistent Oil. 5 Best Free VPNs.

Colombian Migrants Are the Scapegoats of Venezuela. Globalpost. De nuevo Guyana al frente. Why English as the Universal Language of Science Is a Problem for Research. Kill the Password: Why a String of Characters Can't Protect Us Anymore. Exxon's $40 Billion Oil Discovery Sparks a Nasty Feud. DuPont and the Chemistry of Deception.

h10032.www1.hp. Guyana~2.pdf. Manual del Buen Salvaje. BUMERAN-CHAVEZ-Los-fraudes-que-Emili-Blasco.pdf. Skills Profiler home. Measuring Misery around the World. Of Love and Other Demographics. CIA Meddling, Race Riots, and a Phantom Death Squad. Music: New Music, Music Reviews and Music News. George R.R. Martin. Jamestown excavation unearths four bodies — and a mystery in a small box.

35 Bill Cosby Accusers Tell Their Stories. Norah Jones or Sex Pistols? Thinking style molds taste: study. How language can affect the way we think. Untitled. The Suicide of Venezuela. Getting Sick in Venezuela Has Become a Death Sentence. Venezuela is on the brink of a complete economic collapse. Venezuela's "9-Dash-Line" in the Caribbean. The Psychology of What Makes a Great Story. The English of non-native speakers could make smarter computers. Guía: Respuesta rápida a fallos de seguridad digital - Acceso Libre. US State Department Creates Illustrations Depicting Differences Between British And American English.

The Disadvantages of Being Stupid. Why Washington’s most powerful women are wearing this jacket. Her shocking murder became the stuff of legend. But everyone got the story wrong. Elegy for the Capital-I Internet. Don’t Replace People. Augment Them. — What’s The Future of Work? Climate Change: Environmental Stress Can Tip Nations Into Catastrophe. Sacrificing One Species to Change the Color of Another. The Linguistic Turf Wars Over the Singular 'They' “Hay formas de mantener la dignidad moral en circunstancias extremas” Blog. Can Reading Make You Happier? India will spend $3 billion to clean up one of the world’s most polluted cities — Quartz. Why ‘I Have Nothing to Hide’ Is the Wrong Way to Think About Surveillance.

Diccionario UB de la calle: desde "becerro" hasta "chigüire" This industry helps Chinese cheat their way into & through US colleges. The Print Shop and the Origins of Emoji. How People Learn to Become Resilient. 25 maps that explain the English language. Mapped: Chinese Stereotypes of the Americas. El origen de los idiomas, explicado en una preciosa infografía.

How to identify any language at a glance. The harsh truth about speed-reading. The Observers’ guide to verifying photos and videos on social media networks. ‘Hello. This is John Doe’: The mysterious message that launched the Panama Papers. A Cloud Atlas Provides Clues to Life on Earth. 10 Critical Skills You’ll Need to Succeed at Work in 2020 — Life Learning. Explicit cookie consent. What Hugo Chávez and Donald Trump have in common. Future - The secret “anti-languages” you’re not supposed to know. Lengua española y periodismo (II)