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How to Use your Office Layout to Increase Employee Engagement. Successful Spaces It should come as no surprise that many modern businesses are reconstructing the previous definition of a “productive” work environment. After all, Google’s making some pretty impressive overhauls, and, obviously enough, such work space “revival” techniques appear to be working to the company’s benefit. An office devoid of high walls and glass ceilings (real or metaphorical) becomes more attainable than ever as more and more businesses pursue a worthy end result: a successful workplace motivated by the free exchange of ideas. Communication is Key The value of spontaneous one-on-one conversation is superior to all other workplace exchanges. A Course of Action is Pivotal Massive change can understandably prove a bit overwhelming for businesses, so reformation measures should be approached with care.

Mark Eliot works at Arnold’s Used Office Furniture, your choice for the highest quality office furniture systems at the lowest prices. This Productivity App Packs All-in-One Power to Get You Organized. The Dashboard is separated among cards. These cards focus primarily on Contacts, Calendars, Projects, Digital Content, and supporting information. You can pin items, views, contexts and categories to these cards so they are relevant to the things that you do, thus you’re able to quickly access important items. There are several things that are important in work and life and the “Quick Add,” which is available in LightArrow Organizer’s Dashboard lets you add them all. The many different types of items that are available through the Quick Add (plus) button are Tasks, Projects, Goals, Shopping Items, Shopping Lists, Appointments, Reminders, Events, iOS Calendar Items, iOS Reminders, Notes, Checklists, Files, Bookmarks, Lockers, Expenses, Assets, Trips, Visitors, Contacts, Service Providers, Audio, Photos, Videos, Drawings and Inbox items.

However, you can customize Quick Add to include more items that you frequently use. LightArrow Redefines Freemium Productivity Apps with its New LightArrow Organizer for Mac and iOS. LightArrow Organizer Has All-in-One Power First, such a powerful app has never been available on both iOS and Mac that brings together powerful calendars, contacts and robust Customer Relationship Management (CRM), information harvesting from email inboxes and other data sources, project and task management, and organization of all related information in a single app.

Along with all of the above, a modern business-class dashboard centralizes visibility and enables you to easily focus and act on what matters in your busy work and lives. LightArrow Organizer is Freemium Second, by making LightArrow Organizer a fully feature-unlocked freemium download on both platforms, we can put it in the hands of millions of users – well beyond our current 150,000 LightArrow install base. There are no subscription fees and there are no new online accounts to create. All data is stored on your devices and optionally with your preferred 3rd party cloud services. 100 data items are offered upon download. Don’t’ Just Read Your Email. Act on It! Scheduling is where the power of LifeTopix comes into play. LifeTopix comes with 8 powerful calendar views out of the box that give you more ways to schedule and view your calendar than with the stock calendar that your device provides. When you pair up LifeTopix’s powerful inboxes and superb scheduling capabilities, the magic starts to happen.

As you can see below, with the Pro Inbox Pack, you can convert email messages to tasks, projects, products, appointments, hosting events, attending events, notes, trips, visitors and inbox items. Let’s consider a real life example. Imagine you’re a Real Estate agent who has set up a web form on your website for Rental Property Requests. When these requests are sent to you via email from the web form on your website, they’re presented with the title “Rental Property Request.”

Image 1 shows an example of email message and the variety of items available for conversion (with “Project” selected). Multitasking the Sane Way – 10 Tips to be a More Productive Entrepreneur. Whether you’re a full-time entrepreneur or you’re starting a new business on the side, you typically find yourself filling multiple roles and juggling a variety of tasks. On Monday, you’re the CFO; on Tuesday, you’re the CMO; and on Wednesday, you’re the VP of Engineering.

Does this sound familiar? In spite of the many research studies that indicate multitasking worsens most people’s ability to get things done, you still find that it’s a necessity in your busy line of work. Become a “Super Task Manager” Have you heard the term “Supertaskers?” I know many of the entrepreneurs who are reading this are thinking – yep, I’m a supertasker! Multitasking is inevitable at times, so how do you survive in our multithreaded world? Do you want to become a “Super Task Manager?” 1. I don’t care if you won last week’s Jeopardy match; I still believe when it comes to remembering things to do, your memory is terrible. LifeTopix App 2. 3. When I say schedule everything – I mean EVERYTHING – not just events. Morning Rituals That Set Successful Managers Apart. What separates successful managers from less prosperous ones are their morning rituals. These enable them to work things out, mentally prepare for what awaits them at the office, forget about yesterday’s stress and get a head start for the working day.

Here are some of those rituals and how you can apply them to your own career. An Early Start Probably the most important morning ritual is enabling yourself to have a morning – waking up early is a must if you want to seize the day. Tasks that need to be done require time to do them and that is why a number of successful managers wake up near dawn. When compared to the rest of the working force, this is quite early, but it is not only business people who do this: a number of canonical writers also used to sleep less in order to be more productive.

Wake up Your Body However, just because you are out of the bed does not mean your body is awake as well. Good Food Equals a Good Morning Learn a Thing or Two The Biggest Piece of the Pie. Should I Get a New iPhone 6s or 6s Plus and What's the Best Way to Buy It? In case you’ve been on a deserted island over the past few days and you haven’t heard that the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus pre-orders start at midnight at 12:01 a.m. Pacific Time on September 12 in the United States, we thought we would share this exciting news. If you don’t pick one up during pre-order, you’ll need to hit up a store within the next few weeks (expect a long line) if you want to get it quickly. What’s New in the iPhone 6s and 6s Plus? With this new iPhone, Apple is introducing “3D Touch,” which adds new “Peek and Pop” gestures. Now, when you press harder than usual on your iPhone, you can peek at email messages and other pieces of content. Furthermore, if you press even more, you can “pop” to new places.

You can watch the following video to get a look at the new iPhone 6s devices. The key new features include: Should I buy an unlocked phone, which is carrier-free? Who are the carriers? Apple, AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint offer plans for your new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus. Comments. IQTELL Shutting Down: LightArrow Has A Top GTD® All-in-One Organizer as Alternative. If you’ve been one of the faithful users of IQTELL, you’ve probably heard the news by now that their web and mobile apps, which are optimized for GTD®, are shutting down on September 16, 2015. See the IQTELL shutdown announcement here. This might leave you scrambling to find a new GTD app to help you with organizing your work and life. LightArrow has you covered via its mobile apps for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Our app, LifeTopix, is an excellent alternative to IQTELL for personal and business organization on the iOS devices. Note: Currently iOS is supported, and the Mac version is in beta and will be available soon.

What Does LifeTopix Offer for GTD? IQTELL Focuses on the management of Emails, Actions, Projects, Calendars, Evernote®, and Contacts. Just like IQTELL, LifeTopix is an all-in-one app that offers a variety of options for organizing your work and life. There are advantages of your data NOT being in the cloud. Email Accounts and Other Inboxes Convert Email to Actionable Item. Unique Ways Big Data is Making Our World Better.

In an industry where everyone seems to discuss when to implement Hadoop Excel solutions, “big data” is a term that gets tossed around often. Ask yourself a question: How big is big? Like everything else, our abilities and perspectives determine what the answer is going to be. If you ask someone if reading the whole phone book is a big task, they’ll certainly agree. A computer, on the other hand, barely blinks before it’s done. Big data exists to analyze for patterns, and it’s already proving to be very useful in today’s world. 1. AutoCorrect certainly isn’t a perfect technology, but more often than not, it’s an extremely useful tool that cleans up your mistakes before sending off the message.

Consider how many combinations of letters there are and how many there are when you include adjacent letters on a keyboard. 2. While it’s of a business focus, this is another important focal point of big data. 3. Businesses can also improve internally as a result of big data. 4. 5. 6. 7. Successful Students Know These 8 Things About the LifeTopix App. With the new school year quickly approaching, students and teachers are gearing up with the best tools and apps to manage and organize their busy education schedules. Lucky for them, LifeTopix is available to manage school and life in one place. This amazing app unifies contacts, calendars, projects, documents and other related information in one app, which allows students to focus on what matters – their education.

LifeTopix is based on 12 topics, which include: Tasks + Projects, Shopping + Gifts, Events + Appointments, Travel + Places, People + Services, Health + Goals, Finances, Home + Assets, Education, Notes + Files, Lists, Media and Bookmarks + Lockers. Keep reading to learn how successful and organized students use LifeTopix to get ahead. 1. When starting a new school year, there’s usually a ton of to-dos – forms, shopping, making calls and arranging finances are just to name a few. With LifeTopix’s built-in checklists (shown below), keeping track of these details is stress-free. 5 Ways Freelancers Can Develop Focus and Improve Productivity. One of the greatest challenges of a freelancer or those who work from home is staying focused, which leads to improved productivity.

Many freelancers indicate that technology distractions and boredom are the focus-zapping culprits that plague their days. Traditional workers might be in disbelief when the freelancer complains that they’re troubled by distractions. In their opinion, the freelancer doesn’t deal with loud office mates, chattering colleagues, persistent pestering from a helicopter boss and the never-ending meetings. The distractions that freelancers face differ from those of the traditional worker. For example, in our modern environments, we’re bombarded with information that is competing for our attention.

Facebook, Twitter and text messages are just to name a few. For freelancers, increased productivity means a bigger payday so the benefits of increased focus are clear. 1. If universities offered Productivity 101 classes, this nugget of advice would be offered on day one. GTD Basics – Methods for Organizing Actions and To Dos in LifeTopix. LifeTopix is an all-in-one productivity app for iPad and iPhone. We have many customers who follow David Allen’s Getting Things Done® (GTD) method and use LifeTopix to stay organized and productive. Many of these customers ask about the most efficient ways to use LifeTopix for GTD® and our best practices.

GTD, LifeTopix and the Organizing Phase David Allen rewrote the “Getting Things Done” book for 2015 and beyond, which was originally published in 2001. We previously published two posts described below. Master Organizing The video below discusses the “Organizing” phase. Watch the Video More to Come In the next few weeks, we’ll be posting more videos and tips to assist you with utilizing LifeTopix for GTD. GTD® and Getting Things Done® are registered trademarks of the David Allen Company. Successful CRM Recipes for the Small Business Owner. Smart business owners and sales reps hang out where their customers and potential customers come together, and they know that social media highly impacts decisions when making purchases. In fact, according to, 71% of consumers are more likely to make a purchase based on social media referrals. Social media strategies include: GTD Basics – Methods for Clarifying Actions and To Dos in LifeTopix. LifeTopix is an all-in-one productivity app for iPad and iPhone.

We have many customers who follow David Allen’s Getting Things Done® (GTD) method and use LifeTopix to stay organized and productive. Many of these customers ask about the most efficient ways to use LifeTopix for GTD® and our best practices. GTD, LifeTopix and the Clarifying Phase David Allen rewrote the “Getting Things Done” book for 2015 and beyond, which was originally published in 2001. In addition, LifeTopix has evolved since we first published the popular post, “Best Practices for Getting Things Done – Processing” in 2013.

We strive to keep our customers up-to-date and hope you enjoy the new information we’re providing for you today. We previously published a post about how to capture and collect all the things that are in your head and how to get them outside your head in LifeTopix. Watch the Video Important Information About LifeTopix Integrations More to Come. Tempo Smart Calendar Discontinued: LightArrow Has A Top All-in-One Productivity App as an Alternative. List Views are an excellent way to view events and things to do. Both apps include list views to help you stay productive. LifeTopix includes two different list views — the Agenda view and the Year view. LifeTopix also integrates checklists/to do lists into the Agenda view. LifeTopix flags all your overdue items to keep you on track in the Agenda view. The LifeTopix list views include a variety of different items types.

These items include tasks, notes, projects etc. Tempo includes your events and reminders in a list view and adds new information that it finds from your contacts, email, social media, etc. Both apps allow you easily contact an associated person via the item on the calendar; however, LifeTopix does not provide pre-populated responses. 10 Amazing Quotes and Lessons Learned from Successful Entrepreneurs. This Game Changing App Gets Business Owners Organized. Mother's Day 2015 - 12 Best Apps for Moms. 8 Common Time Management and Productivity Mistakes That Moms Make. Inc | 8 Best Life Hacks to Beat Procrastination. Boost Productivity Through Workplace Humor and Happiness. Pro.Calendar for iOS does more than standard calendar apps.

Be the Best That You Can Be! Learn to Set Goals in LifeTopix. Boost Productivity Through Workplace Humor and Happiness. Managing Real Estate Projects and Tasks With LifeTopix. Learn How to Effortlessly Track Things That You Own. A New Beginning: A Personal Story of Minimalism and De-cluttering Bootcamp. 5 Business Tips for Right-Brained Marketing and Media Professionals.

Freelance Writing Organization: Spreadsheets, Money, and Pretty Colors. Apps for Mobile Productivity | Calendars, Social CRM, Self-Tracking, Goals, Passwords & More. Life Blog. Shortcuts for a productive and organized work and life. 10 Secrets of Highly Productive People. Real Estate Professionals and Property Managers – LifeTopix is for You. Set Yourself Up for Success with These New Year’s Resolutions Tips. Better Manage Customer Relationships with Custom Forms. Inc | 7 Tips for Staying Productive When Life Throws You a Curveball. Inc | 8 Best Life Hacks to Beat Procrastination. Inc | 10 Unexpected Ways to be the Most Productive Person You Know. The Power of All in One Tools and Why We Love Them. Introducing Best Calendar App, Pro.Calendar. 8 Common Myths and Fallacies About Productivity - LightArrow Inc. 5 Ways to Transform Your Small Business with LightArrow Mobile Apps - LightArrow Inc.