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Behind the Scenes at a Five-Star Hotel. As the general manager of the Pierre, Luiggi oversees all the employees.

Behind the Scenes at a Five-Star Hotel

Half work in banquets and events, and the other half run the hotel, working either in the “front of the house,” in jobs that involve interacting with guests, or in the “back of the house,” which includes the laundry room and the kitchens. The back of the house is underground, spread over three basement levels. The main kitchen is on the top level, the laundry room on the bottom, fifty feet below Fifth Avenue. Your Weird Pandemic Meals Are Probably Fine. Kids have necessitated their own set of pandemic adaptations.

Your Weird Pandemic Meals Are Probably Fine

Robinson and her husband, who also works from home most of the time, have two kids who attend school remotely. Despite a rough first few months and plenty of ongoing stresses, Robinson says the at-home life has also given her more opportunity to cook with her kids and teach them the basics. Lately, her 12-year-old son has begun to enthusiastically pitch in during the family’s meals. “He makes a legit great omelet and delicious scrambled eggs, and he makes himself grilled cheese,” Robinson said. The Best Advice After Trying Every Fad Diet? Just Eat. The $70 billion diet industry suffers many fools, including journalist Barry Estabrook, who found himself approaching the age of 60 with the alarming doctor’s orders that he needed to lose 40 pounds.

The Best Advice After Trying Every Fad Diet? Just Eat.

How Dolly Parton became a secular American saint. “I’m sick of Dolly, ain’t you?”

How Dolly Parton became a secular American saint

Said Dolly Parton to the New York Times Magazine in 2020. Few people are. Why our food needs to use less water. While rice is traditionally a water-intensive crop, agronomists around the world are working on new ways to adapt its cultivation to a water-scarce world.

Why our food needs to use less water

“When I first heard about the plan to implement drip irrigation for our rice, I thought it was a crazy idea,” says Michele Conte, an agronomist with La Fagiana, one of Italy’s main rice producers based in the Venice area, in the northeast of Italy. “But since starting with the new method we produced the same quantity of rice without compromising on quality.”

Drip irrigation takes the water directly to the root of the crops, reducing leaks and evaporation which waste a lot of water before it reaches the plants. The traditional method requires 15,000 cubic metres of water per hectare of cultivated rice, “and if we want to increase production, we just can’t carry on this way”, Conte says. The Kind of Love That Makes People Happiest. Read: What if friendship, not marriage, was at the center of life?

The Kind of Love That Makes People Happiest

Best friends get enjoyment, satisfaction, and meaning from each other’s company. They bring out the best in one another; they gently tease one another; they have fun together. President Calvin Coolidge and his wife, Grace, famously had such a friendship. According to one story (perhaps apocryphal), when the president and first lady were touring a poultry farm, Mrs. ‘I thought buying things would make me feel better. It didn’t’: The rise of emotional spending. In the past fortnight, I have bought the following items online: a hideous cat tree that takes up most of my living room, a lavender pillow spray, two scarves, a pair of gloves, two candles, a sheet mask, a pair of fleece-lined jogging bottoms (so comfy!)

‘I thought buying things would make me feel better. It didn’t’: The rise of emotional spending

, a card-holder and an under-eye brightening cream. None of these purchases were essential. ‘A managerial Mephistopheles’: inside the mind of Jeff Bezos. The first thing I ever bought on Amazon was an edutainment DVD for babies.

‘A managerial Mephistopheles’: inside the mind of Jeff Bezos

Why your brain loves it when you exercise, plus 3 easy ways to work out at home. Pete Ryan This post is part of TED’s “How to Be a Better Human” series, each of which contains a piece of helpful advice from people in the TED community; browse through all the posts here.

Why your brain loves it when you exercise, plus 3 easy ways to work out at home

Motivation is not in high supply these days — but ensuring that we move a little bit every day is more important for us than ever, according to Wendy Suzuki PhD, a neuroscientist at New York University. Who’s a good boy? The unbreakable bond between humans and dogs. Why is he here?

Who’s a good boy? The unbreakable bond between humans and dogs

Why is my dog lying at my feet in the shape of a croissant as I write this? How have I come to cherish his warm but lightly offensive pungency? How has his fish breath become a topic of humour when friends call round for dinner? Lost touch: how a year without hugs affects our mental health. There’s only so much a dog can do, even if that is a lot. I live alone with my staffy, and by week eight of the first lockdown she was rolling her eyes at my ever-tightening clutch. I had been sofa-bound with Covid and its after-effects before lockdown was announced, then spring and summer passed without any meaningful touch from another person. I missed the smell of my friends’ clothes and my nephew’s hair, but, more than anything, I missed the groundedness only another human body can bring.

The Mystery Is Holmes: Why We Return to Conan Doyle’s Stories Over and Over Again ‹ CrimeReads. "if Holmes’s thoughts were laid bare, if his methods ever became commonplace, then Holmes would lose his mystery... " The day my voice broke: what an injury taught me about the power of speech. Some years ago, I was invited by my then boss, Jann Wenner, the owner of Rolling Stone, to be the lead singer in a band he was putting together from the magazine’s staff. I had just turned 41, and I jumped at the opportunity to sustain the delusion that I was not getting old. Forget the Gym: Walking Is the Superior Form of Exercise. I am certainly not advocating civil disobedience in the pages of Men’s Health, but if there’s one thing that kept me fit, sane and healthy during the first lockdown of 2020, it was walking.

And should the worst happen and lockdowns become a semi-regular feature of the coming months, it’s in the simple practice of pedestrianism that I know I’ll find solace again. Last spring, as infection levels rocketed and the numbers of people hospitalised, intubated and dying were all rising, I would set out for long walks on the empty streets of south London, where I live. In the government’s “shield” category – by reason of being on chemotherapy for an incurable myeloid blood condition – I knew I’d encounter no one who would pose any threat to me, viral or otherwise, while I would scrupulously avoid coming into contact with the rare and fugitive souls I’d spot traversing the once-bustling but now eerily silent city. The Outside Advantage. How the world embraced consumerism - BBC Future. Is This the End of the Buffet? In Liverpool, before the pandemic, I went to a hotel breakfast buffet. I always fret about the breakfast buffet, mainly about what to wear, because it’s one of those weird places where the full 7am suit-and-tie crowd sit elbow-to-elbow with people yawning in frayed jogging bottoms and thin hotel slippers.

So anyway, I found my hotel slippers, rubbed a small mark off my jogging bottoms, and wound through the carpeted hallways, down the silent pinging elevator and through one of those weird hotel open spaces where a corridor is intersected with three small sofas arranged around a table with flowers on that nobody has ever sat at in history, which bloomed out into the huge, heaving, wall-to-wall meat market that was the Liverpool Hilton Breakfast Buffet. That’s where I saw a man put four hash browns and a single crumpet into a bowl and eat it.

The Way We Make Fitness Resolutions Is All Wrong. Photo-Illustration: Getty Images. Talking out loud to yourself is a technology for thinking. This week, a woman was strolling in my street, walking in circles and speaking out loud to herself. People were looking at her awkwardly, but she didn’t particularly mind, and continued walking vigorously and speaking. Yes, that woman was me. Is eating fish healthy? - BBC Future. Why Some People Are Always Running Late. 8 Questions to Ask Someone Other Than “What Do You Do?” Photo by Grant Faint/Hayon Thapaliya/Getty Images We’ve all been in the awkward situation of meeting someone new and having to build rapport quickly — at networking events, industry conferences, charity events, dinner parties, and other social-professional situations. If you’re like many people — especially most Americans — you break the awkward silence with a pretty standard question: Plot Twist: The Key to Better Sleep Is Not a Bedtime—It’s a Wake-Up Time.

Why Do Dogs Love Us? Science Explains. 43 Embarrassing Grammar Mistakes Even Smart People Make. How To Start a Digital Detox. What Coffee-Brewing Method Makes the Best-Tasting Cup? No-kill, lab-grown meat to go on sale for first time. Stop Throwing Out Your Used Tea Bags. The Tricks to Make Yourself Effortlessly Charming. The Truth About Hydration: Should You Drink Eight Glasses of Water a Day? Before you read this article, can I just check you’ve drunk enough water today?

Anyone Can Learn to Be a Better Leader. Occupying a leadership position is not the same thing as leading. Feeling Overwhelmed? Here’s How to Get Through the Workday. The Easiest Way to Sanitize Your Bed Sheets, According to a Laundry Expert. How a Single Mom Created a Plastic Food-Storage Empire. On an unseasonably warm day in April 1954, hundreds of women in cowboy hats gathered outside Tupperware™’s Florida headquarters to dig for buried treasure.

The man who taught Uber how to say sorry. Physiotherapists on the functional exercises everyone should do from home (and they do themselves) For the sake of our physical and mental health, GPs recommend that we exercise five times per week. What Happened When I Ate The Best Brain Foods For A Week. America Has Lost Its Taste for Iceberg Lettuce. How Where You’re Born Influences the Person You Become. I Lost My Life to Airbnb. 10 Things Incredibly Likable People Never, Ever Do (and Why You Love Them for It) The rise of the 'half-tourist' who combines work with a change of scene. These Magical One-Pot Pasta Recipes Only Need 5 Ingredients and a Glance. How To Quick Pickle Any Vegetable. Do You Really Need It—or Only Want It? Here’s How To Tell the Difference.

Why the World Is Becoming More Allergic to Food. The Best Way to Store Kitchen Towels. 8 Simple Tips to Live Longer and Healthier. The movements that betray who you are - BBC Future. 4 Tips for Talking to People You Disagree With. The Best Method for Making Bacon. What Coffee-Brewing Method Makes the Best-Tasting Cup? Whoa: This Is What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Enough Water. The Dirty History of Soap. What Happens to Your Body When You Give Up Caffeine. How to Eat Healthy. 30 Things Your Home Doesn’t Really Need. The No-Brainer Meals Chefs Make When They’re Too Tired to Cook. Clever Cleaning Tips We Learned From Pro Housekeepers.

10 Inventors Who Came to Regret Their Creations. Genetics Research Explains Why Dogs Are Very Good Boys. People Constantly Underestimate How Much They Benefit From Being Kind. When You Eat Can Be Just as Important as What You Eat. How Many Hours of Sleep Do You Actually Need? No Flour, Pasta, or Eggs? The Perfect Substitutes for 20 Common Ingredients.

What Would Happen If the World Suddenly Went Vegetarian? How is food made on airplanes? Airplane food, explained. Why Don’t People Return Their Shopping Carts? Why the French Don’t Show Excitement. The Real Trick to Staying Young Forever. Gossiping Is Good. When You Don’t Know What to Do, Make Tea. Meet the Pasta Perfectionist Making Waves in Italy. Why You Should Never Eat Food on Planes, and Other Jet-Set Tips. How you attach to people may explain a lot about your inner life. How Writing To-Do Lists Helps Your Brain (Whether Or Not You Finish Them) The Japanese Skill Copied by the World. Why the Simple Life Is Not Just Beautiful, It’s Necessary. How to Email. Why Do People Mistake Narcissism for High Self-Esteem? How To Exercise 312 Times A Year.

Why Men Don’t Live as Long as Women. I Lost My Life to Airbnb. I asked my students to turn in their cell phones and write about living without them. How Your Diet Affects Your Mental Health. Jenny Odell on Why We Need to Learn to Do Nothing: ‘It’s a Reminder That You’re Alive’ 12 Shocking Things I Learned by Working as a Butler at the Plaza Hotel. The Tricks to Make Yourself Effortlessly Charming. Is it Safe to Eat Snow? Highly Confident People Avoid These 14 Behaviors. Americans Can’t Escape Long-Disproven Body Stereotypes.

Why Airlines Make Flights Longer on Purpose. Baking With the Bread Whisperers of Paris. How Well-Intentioned White Families Can Perpetuate Racism. How to Break Up with Your Bad Habits. Want to Retain Information Better? Try This Popular, 70-Year-Old Note-Taking Method. The Long Lines for Women’s Bathrooms Could Be Eliminated. Why Haven’t They Been? Believing Without Evidence Is Always Morally Wrong. Stop Reclining Your Seat on Airplanes. The Most Powerful Learning Tool (That Doesn’t Involve Studying)