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Obama’s Dilemma on Troop Surge in Afghanistan Now Vexes Trump - The White House shelved the deliberations over Afghanistan three weeks ago, after an initial Pentagon proposal to deploy up to 5,000 additional American troops ran into fierce resistance from Mr.

Obama’s Dilemma on Troop Surge in Afghanistan Now Vexes Trump -

Bannon, an ardent nationalist, and other political advisers. In the West Wing, some aides have taken to calling Afghanistan “McMaster’s war.” Undeterred, General McMaster plans to bring the debate back to the front burner this coming week, a senior administration official said. Why My Father Votes for Marine Le Pen - America’s 100 Richest Places. By Vincent del Giudice and Wei Lu March 22, 2017 Cities and towns with ties to Wall Street and the Silicon Valley, and a smattering of communities in between, boasted the highest U.S. household incomes in 2015, according to a Bloomberg analysis of census data.

America’s 100 Richest Places

Atherton, California, in the technology corridor between San Francisco and San Jose, topped the list as America’s wealthiest town, while more than one-third of the nation’s 100 richest households were located within 50 miles of New York City. “The industries that are located in the so-called fly-over states don’t pay nearly the same as those on the coasts,” said Richard Yamarone, an economist at Bloomberg Intelligence. The takeaways from Spicer's Monday briefing - Axios. The Dow fell as much 140 points in the early hours of trading Monday, as investors digested the Trump Administration's failure to advance healthcare reform.

The takeaways from Spicer's Monday briefing - Axios

Traders are worried that the lack of unity among Republicans on healthcare means that it will be unable to come to agreement on corporate tax cuts or infrastructure spending. Data:; Chart: Andrew Witherspoon / Axios The dollar also fell on Monday, with the U.S. currency's value droping to its lowest level since November 11th, when measured against a basket of competing currencies. Word on the street: Investors have reined in their expectations of comprehensive tax reform, but still see a path to a deal that allows U.S. multinationals to "repatriate" foreign earnings at lower tax rates, which would both raise government revenue and allow companies to distribute more income to shareholders. A Single-Payer System Won't Make Health Care Cheap - Bloomberg View. A few weeks back, I wrote a story on Vermont's adventures in single-payer health care.

A Single-Payer System Won't Make Health Care Cheap - Bloomberg View

"So this is going to be expensive. So expensive that I doubt Vermont is actually going to go forward with it," I concluded. "This should be instructive for those who hope -- or fear -- that Obamacare has all been an elaborate preliminary to a nationwide single-payer system. It isn't. New details, ticket prices and seating chart for 2017 Alabama-Florida State game revealed. Alabama and Florida State over the summer agreed to open the 2017 season opener.

New details, ticket prices and seating chart for 2017 Alabama-Florida State game revealed

Now there are a few more details. Alabama will receive a $5 million payout to meet the Seminoles in the Sept. 1, 2017 game in Atlanta, according to the game contract obtained by through an open records request. That's $1.5 million less than the $6.5 million payout Alabama will receive to play USC in the 2016 opener in Arlington, Texas. The Curse of Cash: Kenneth S. Rogoff: 9780691172132: Books. Failure to Adjust: How Americans Got Left Behind in the Global Economy (A Council on Foreign Relations Book): Edward Alden: 9781442272606: Books. T. But we really prefer the old-fashioned approach in which presidents put the public interest ahead of their own finances.


Federal ethics officials have told Mr. Trump that he should divest his business interests to avoid allegations of bribery and to assure Americans that their needs are his only concern. Mr. Trump argues that he can put a “firewall” between his businesses and himself by having his eldest sons manage them. The president and the Trump Organization last week hired lawyers to keep an eye on the Trumps, a laughable ploy that doesn’t meet ethical or anti-corruption standards and constitutional requirements.

Mr. Trial Balloon for a Coup? – Yonatan Zunger – Medium. News Reports (1) Priebus made two public statements today.

Trial Balloon for a Coup? – Yonatan Zunger – Medium

One is that the ban on Muslims will no longer be applied to green card holders. Notably absent from his statement was anything about people with other types of visa (including long-term ones), or anything about the DHS’ power to unilaterally revoke green cards in bulk. The other was that the omission of Jews from the statement for Holocaust Remembrance Day was deliberate and is not regretted. A point of note here is that Priebus is the one making these statements, which is not normally the Chief of Staff’s job. Obama’s America Rises Again. John Quincy Adams was defeated for reelection in 1828 by Andrew Jackson, who proceeded to win reelection in 1832, and whose fellow Democrat, Martin Van Buren, won in 1836.

Obama’s America Rises Again

It seemed to cement for all time the defeat of Adams’ vision of an active federal government that would invest in education and infrastructure, and the triumph of the southern vision of slavery and weak central authority. “I fell, and with me fell, I fear never to rise again the system of internal improvement by national means and national energies,” he wrote in 1837, according to Louisa Thomas, and mourned that the defeats would “rivet into perpetuity the clanking chain of the slave.” Michael Froman - Wikipedia.

Early life and education[edit] Career[edit] Froman served as liaison of the American Bar Association's Central and East European Law Initiative (CEELI) legal assistance program in Albania.

Michael Froman - Wikipedia

He was also a member of the Forward Studies Unit of the European Commission in Brussels.[2] Between January 1993 and December 1995, Froman was Deputy National Security Advisor for International Economic Affairs on the United States National Economic Council, a position held jointly at the National Security Council and the National Economic Council.[2] He was Deputy Assistant Secretary for Eurasia and the Middle East, where his work was related to economic policy towards the former Soviet Union, Central and Eastern Europe, as well as economic components of the Dayton Accords.[2] He was a Senior Fellow at the Council of Foreign Relations and a Resident Fellow at the German Marshall Fund. Proposed-football-league-envisions-a-no-college-path-to-the-pros. “Most other leagues usually took players who were deemed not good enough for the N.F.L.,” Yee said.


“We’re now trying to go to the head of the line at the buffet instead of getting the picked-over ones.” Despite the long odds of success, Yee is not the only person trying to get a football league off the ground. In April, a new spring league will roll out in West Virginia, where players “who may have been overlooked by the N.F.L., C.F.L. and other professional leagues” can pay $350 to showcase their talents in a six-game season, the league’s website says. The N.F.L. also has toyed with starting a developmental league. In October, Commissioner Roger Goodell said the team owners had discussed the idea of working with 300 to 400 players to make them “ready to play as quickly as possible,” though nothing concrete emerged from the discussions. Study: US is an oligarchy, not a democracy. Image copyright Thinkstock A review of the best commentary on and around the world... Today's must-read The US is dominated by a rich and powerful elite.

So concludes a recent study by Princeton University Prof Martin Gilens and Northwestern University Prof Benjamin I Page. Log In. A-bigger-economic-pie-but-a-smaller-slice-for-half-of-the-us. The new findings, by the economists Thomas Piketty, Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman, provide the most thoroughgoing analysis to date of how the income kitty — like paychecks, profit-sharing, fringe benefits and food stamps — is divided among the American population.

Inequality has been a defining national issue for nearly a decade, thanks in part to groundbreaking research done by Mr. Piketty at the Paris School of Economics and Mr. Saez at the University of California, Berkeley. But now a new administration in Washington is promising to reshape the government’s role in curbing the intense concentration of wealth at the top and improving the fortunes of those left behind. During his tenure in the White House, President Obama pushed to address income stagnation by shifting more of the tax burden from the middle class to the rich and expanding public programs like universal health insurance. Trump-defeated-clinton-not-women. Bundy-brothers-acquitted-in-takeover-of-oregon-wildlife-refuge. Generation Adderall. If Trump Weren’t a Monster, Clinton’s Speeches Would Matter. If the Republican Party hadn’t nominated a man whose favorite pastimes (apparently) include committing sexual assault and then bragging about it, the Clinton campaign would be having a very bad Saturday.

Between the end of her tenure as secretary of State and the launch of her presidential campaign, Hillary Clinton earned millions of dollars giving closed-door speeches to financial firms and other private entities. This was a risky enterprise for an aspiring presidential candidate to pursue. Nearly a decade after the financial crisis, Wall Street remains an object of scorn with a large swath of the American public; the idea that our government is too cozy with the big banks has purchase among voters of both parties.

Letter of Complaint: Cards Against Humanity. Photo “Cards Against Humanity” is a pun, of sorts, on “crimes against humanity” — which isn’t really funny. But if you got a half-dozen people to vote on it, they’d probably say it was. Individual taste becomes awful in groups, and nothing demonstrates this phenomenon better than Cards Against Humanity, a party game for horrible people. Looking Glass: Tech start-up aims to move virtual reality beyond goggles. Volume suffers from some of the problems one might associate with the first generation of an emerging device: A price tag large enough to make the average techie balk and questions about whether it can stake a claim in a highly competitive sector.

Hillary Clinton calls Bernie Sanders supporters uninformed basement dwellers in hacked audio clip. Hillary Clinton calls Bernie Sanders supporters uninformed basement dwellers in hacked audio clip. Hacked audio of Democrat Hillary Clinton speaking with donors about her then-primary rival, Sen. Secret trove reveals Abbott's bold 'crusade' to sell OxyContin. WELCH, W.Va. — The pharmaceutical sales representatives from health care giant Abbott Laboratories had a problem. How the Sugar Industry Shifted Blame to Fat. Photo. Jimmy Fallon and the Dangers of Normalizing Trump. 5 emails in which Colin Powell slammed Hillary Clinton. Former Secretary of State Colin Powell ripped into Hillary Clinton in several personal emails over the years, according to a document dump of hacked emails on the website

The document batch, which included emails from June of 2014 to August of 2016, gave a revealing look into the former secretary's thoughts on the 2016 election. America’s Inequality Problem: Real Income Gains Are Brief and Hard to Find. Gabourey Sidibe Says She Has to 'Block Racist Followers' on Social Media. ‘A terribly devastating event’: Black man killed by SWAT team was innocent, officials say. Nothing criminal suspected in boy's death on world's tallest water slide, police say. Only 9% of America Chose Trump and Clinton as the Nominees. In Dissents, Sonia Sotomayor Takes On the Criminal Justice System. How Donald Trump Bankrupted His Atlantic City Casinos, but Still Earned Millions. Bernie Sanders Facing Pressure Over Supporters’ Actions in Nevada. The Best Old-Fashioned Cocktail in New York. Open Letter on Trump from GOP National Security Leaders. Don’t Break Up the Banks. They’re Not Our Real Problem.

Goldman Sachs Says It May Be Forced to Fundamentally Question How Capitalism Is Working. U.S. Relies Heavily on Saudi Money to Support Syrian Rebels. Ratings Agencies Still Coming Up Short, Years After Crisis. $250,000 a Year Is Not Middle Class. Lawyer Accused With Shkreli Allowed to Travel to Mexico. Why People Believe Meaningless Bullsh*t. Still in a Crib, Yet Being Given Antipsychotics. NASA Adds to Evidence of Mysterious Ancient Earthworks. Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Mobile.nytimes. Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Businessinsider.

Businessinsider. Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Cecil the Lion, White Supremacy, and Speciesism. Scenes from Skid Row. Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Nestlé’s Programmatic Branding Campaign Brews Strong Results. Businessinsider. The Love For All Things Global. Forbidden secrets of the ancient Aryans, Aliens, and Nazis.

Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Everything We Know About the N.Y. Prison Break. Mobile.nytimes. Agencies Weigh In on Moat/Mediaocean Deal For Viewability Data - CMO Today. Explicit cookie consent. Student Loan Options, Default, and Dealing with Debt Collectors. Conservatives Use Novels to Justify Inequality. The Tough Reality Facing an Advertising Mother of the Year. The Intercept. 881 Putnam Avenue - $1,050,000, Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, NY. Teargas used as Ethiopian Jews protest in Israel - BBC News. Comments. Protests in Baltimore: It's chaos.

Welfare Statistics. Bud Light Apologizes For A Message On Its Bottle. Exclusive New York City "UFO" Footage. Here's how you can see and delete your entire Google search history. Crash Boys. Racist ad for movie casting angers French actors. About. Upgraded Coffee Upgrades Your Head - Bulletproof. Q&A with Mary Spio, a rocket scientist with down-to-earth advice. 1.5 Million Missing Black Men. Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Glogin?mobile=1&URI= Virtu Explains Why It Lost Money On Just One Trading Day In 6 Years. Virtu IPO Tests Perceptions of High-Speed Trading. Virtu raises $314M in first IPO of high-speed trader. FRANKLIN MUTUAL SERIES FUNDS - 485BPOS - 20020426 - DIRECTORS_AND_OFFICERS. Judith Miller's WMD reporting - New York Times war reporting - Hunt for WMD.

Kentucky-Notre Dame Thriller Most-Viewed College Basketball Game In Cable TV History. Uk.businessinsider. Jed Malitz V2 Glass Sculptures. The boy with a seven-inch tale who is worshipped by his neighbours for resembling the Hindu Monkey god Hanuman. A Scrapbook of Late-Night New York. How to Trade Options - Yahoo Video Search Results.