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Jared Ficklin: New ways to see music (with color! and fire!)

Jared Ficklin: New ways to see music (with color! and fire!)

Common Elements In Music And Design Though you may not think of this, one of the wonderful places designers can look for inspiration is the world of music. In fact, some of you might already do this unconsciously; how many of you listen to music as you design? As a writer, I keep my headphones on when I write so I can let the music inspire me, so I imagine other creative types would find music to be just as helpful to their own work. But a closer look at how music works can really give us a sense for how its elements can directly translate into great design. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our older articles on Website Design Trends Of 2011, Mistakes To Avoid While Designing Your Website, What Does Effective Graphic Design Do for Your Website? Advertisement Pitch (Melody and Harmony) Pitch describes what place on the musical scale a note falls. Rhythm Dynamics Dynamics in music refers to how loud or quiet a range of notes are played. Texture

The 5 Weirdest Ways Music Can Mess With the Human Brain It's no secret that many people prefer to listen to music when they work out. But music doesn't just make physical activity more pleasant -- it actually makes our physical performance measurably better. When listening to music, people are able to hold heavy weights for longer than when they're standing in silence. They can also complete sprints in smaller amounts of time and are even able to reduce their oxygen intake. This is why Rocky does all of his training in musical montages. How the hell does music do that? Similar to the time-perception effect we referenced above, one element is just plain old distraction. First, there's synchronicity. It's all in the music. Music can even make you feel less pain. And even if you're lucky enough to be asleep during surgery, there's a good chance the doctors working on you are listening to music, since most surgeons believe it improves their performance, too. "Here I go again on my own, sawing through the whitest bones I've ever knooown ..."

Paul Simon And A Moment Of Pure Sobbing Joy : All Songs Considered Blog hide captionPaul Simon with fan Rayna Ford in Toronto. YouTube Paul Simon with fan Rayna Ford in Toronto. Paul Simon has brought joy to so many for so long, but on this night he made Rayna Ford's dream come true. It was an absolute moment of sobbing joy for Ford and for the crowd. Oh, oh, what a nightOh, what a garden of delightEven now that sweet memory lingersI was playing my guitarLying underneath the starsJust thanking the LordFor my fingers,For my fingers