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How new devices, networks, and consumer habits will change the web experience. 1Executive Summary Delivering a positive web experience has become exceedingly more complex as the access environment has shifted from a desktop-centric vision to one that is increasingly focused on mobile devices — and with potential for other consumer devices in the near future.

How new devices, networks, and consumer habits will change the web experience

Website owners must now consider the customer experience across both desktop and mobile devices and their browsers, a reality that is alarming for many companies. As the access environment has evolved to include mobile devices in addition to desktop ones, it has created pain points in delivering a web experience from the network to the device to the browser and finally to the web design itself. Mobilizing web design is a catch-22; adjusting to design challenges is costly, but not adjusting is equally costly, because a poor mobile web experience results in a loss of revenue. Key issues the report will address include: Illusion vs. Reality – A Story of the Human Mind. “Every great advance in science has issued from a new audacity of imagination.”

Illusion vs. Reality – A Story of the Human Mind

John Dewey If you can think of it, then it’s Real Few people know that the human brain makes little to no difference between what is real and what is bogus. Does Intuition Affect Decisions? In Beyonce we trust & then on iTunes we buy: End nears for physical media. Like pretty much everyone else who is a Beyonce fan, I have been fascinated and bamboozled by the surprise debut of Beyonce’s new album on the iTunes store (instead of the usual offline channels) and in the process setting all sorts of records.

In Beyonce we trust & then on iTunes we buy: End nears for physical media

Being a fan of her music and videos, I thought it was quite a nifty Christmas present and was one of the 830,000-odd people who bought her album — literally within minutes of seeing the tweet from her on Twitter. The “album” and its success prompted some random thoughts in my head. The much maligned “album” format has a future in an all-digital world. Not everyone is a believer in the game-changer tag being attached to Beyonce’s album. In a blog post for The Washington Post, Dominic Basulto wrote: Is Beyoncé’s new album really a “groundbreaking way to experience music” – as touted by iTunes? All fair points, but I believe the time for this kind of new approach to albums and music is now. As I wrote last year: Photo courtesy of Beyonce PR. Regardez comment Beyoncé a fait exploser Twitter.

Dans la nuit du 12 au 13 décembre, le nouvel album de Beyoncé sortait sur ITunes.

Regardez comment Beyoncé a fait exploser Twitter

Un album éponyme composé de 14 chansons et de 17 clips (rien que ça). La chanteuse n’a même pas eu besoin de faire de promotion classique de l’album, ni de diffuser des teasers. Personne n’était au courant, et le monde entier a découvert l'album en même temps (ou presque). Il lui a suffi de laisser faire ses fans, via les réseaux sociaux: et en 24h, 430.000 exemplaires se sont vendus rien qu'aux Etats-Unis, 800.000 dans le monde après le week-end dernier.

Il faut dire que Ms Carter compte plus de 50 millions de fans et 13 millions de followers, ça aide... Le site BuzzFeed a publié plusieurs GIF de la carte du monde et des Etats-Unis illustrant le pouls de Twitter au rythme des mentions «Beyonce» dans la nuit du 12 au 13. Publicité. IBM’s Supercomputer Watson is Now Your Best Shopping Companion. Tech in the spotlight Posted by Sheila Shayon on November 28, 2013 03:22 PM It’s been more than two years since IBM’s Watson made its hit TV debut on Jeopardy!

IBM’s Supercomputer Watson is Now Your Best Shopping Companion

And now, Watson is the latest “cognitive, expert personal shopper” developed by an early stage partner in the IBM Watson Developers Cloud, digital shopping company Fluid. Their Watson-powered app—the Fluid Expert Personal Shopper—marries Watson’s transformational cognitive computing that provides dialogue-driven assistance with product recommendations and content, letting consumers make queries using Watson’s natural language processing (NLP). But, “Watson’s natural language capabilities are not what make it special,” Brooke Aguilar, VP Global Business Development at Fluid told brandchannel. The app incorporates consumer information to become smarter with each interaction and operates as a knowledgeable sales associate in the palm of your hand, fueling a new era of cognitive apps.