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Six ways hotels are targeting the millennial market (and benefiting us all) | National Post. By Kate Silver Hotels, they are a’changin’, as hoteliers develop properties that cater to the younger, tech-savvy generations. New and older brands are making moves to do away with the beige, interact via apps, double as co-working and social spaces, and score shareable selfie love along the way. But don’t call them “millennial hotels.” While many of the perks and amenities are inspired by research on the group, the properties included below — Hyatt Centric, Radisson RED, Hotel EMC2 and Residence Inn by Marriott — aim to appeal to guests of all ages.

Scott Greenberg, president and chief executive of Smashotels, a hospitality management company near Chicago — and also the owner and founder of Hotel EMC2, a smart, new Chicago hotel with an art-and-science theme in Marriott’s Autograph Collection — says he knows that if he develops a hotel that his three millennial-aged children will love, older generations will follow. “If we attract young people, old people will show up. Forbes Welcome. Local Food: Bay of Quinte | Bay of Quinte Living. Sweet Paul Makerie + New Book Preview in Philly + Best of the Web | Design*Sponge. To Elise Cahill, happiness is something you can create for yourself. More than an emotion, it’s an attitude — one that has gotten her through her fair share of heartaches, and one that continues to be a prevalent theme on her blog. A fun-loving busy bee, Elise has no problem filling her days knowing that, at the end of each day, her big, blue living room couch awaits her along with her husband, Tysen, and their two Australian Shepherds, Albus and Able.

For Elise, the comforts of home provide a gentle balance of safety and inspiration, but more importantly, home is a place where family, friends and pets can come together and bond, despite the fact that many live out of state. Family time is priority one. “There are not enough forms of distraction in the world to make up for all the joy, weirdness, and depth that my friends and family give me,” she explains. “All the hot showers and TV shows in the world can’t replace opportunities to care for people, and to receive care.” The new way to stay in a city | onefinestay.

Marketplace Notes. Visit Hendricks County | Rural Routes to Main Street Cultural Trail. This Self-Directed Driving Tour Leads You to Over 30 Artisan Destinations in Hendricks and Morgan Counties. Find the perfect piece of art, take a hands-on class, and enjoy great food along the Rural Routes to Main Street Cultural Trail, just west of Indianapolis. With locations open Thursday through Saturday, 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. - and many open additional hours throughout the week, you can explore the trail for a day, weekend or an entire vacation. The Rural Routes to Main Street Cultural Trail is a partnership between Visit Hendricks County, Visit Morgan County and the Hendricks County Arts Council. Like it or not, ‘Apply Special Sauce’ app can peg your personality based on Facebook activity. A vaguely disconcerting app from researchers at the University of Cambridge can guess how old you are, how smart you are and who you like to sleep with.

It’s not magic, and it’s not psychic. Instead, the recently redesigned tool, called “Apply Special Sauce,” is based entirely on the pages you’ve “liked” on Facebook. The app essentially works by comparing your “likes” against those of millions of other people. After you grant it access to your Facebook account, it sucks up the records of every page you’ve ever liked and runs that “digital footprint” against a vast internal model that Cambridge has built from tens of thousands of personality tests and six million social media profiles.

Based on how closely your likes do or do not adhere to that model, Apply Special Sauce can guess a lot of things about you — including your age, politics, sexual preference and level of intelligence. It’s a good party trick, and a fun application of a technology that’s grown quite trendy in recent months. Naturaleza y arte en Jupiter Artland - The Food Therapy. Sienta genial pasar un día en parajes naturales, rodeados de vegetación, respirando aire fresco… pero si además te dan un mapa chulísimo y te dicen que investigues porque hay obras de arte escondidas por todo el recinto ¡es mejor aún! Jupiter Artland, en Edimburgo, es eso, una especie de yincana en la que pasar un día haciendo deporte en la naturaleza mientras interactúas con el paisaje y sus obras. Pero ¿cuál es la historia de Jupiter Artland? Bonnington House es una especie de mansión con un terreno de 40 hectáreas que adquirió la familia Wilson en 1999, y que a lo largo de los años se ha ido convirtiendo en un parque lleno de esculturas artísticas gracias a la ambición de Nicky Wilson, escultora frustrada desde el nacimiento de sus cuatro hijos.

Hoy en día es un lugar de visita más que recomendable si viajas a Escocia. Los parajes son preciosos, y el encanto de ir encontrando obras de arte asentadas en ellos es espectacular. Photo credits: The Food Therapy. Brewery Tour Ireland | Beer Tour Ireland | Tour the Craft Breweries of Ireland with Brewery Hops. Six Reasons Why Content Is No Longer King (And What Now Holds the Throne) “Content is king” is confusing people and the reign is over.

There’s a different ruler in town that is driving successful organizations: connectivity. “Content is king,” said Bill Gates famously as the chief executive of Microsoft in 1996. And for a while, there was little reason to disagree with Mr. Gates’s assessment – so much so that this mantra has been used by marketers the world over. It makes sense: You need content to inspire folks to act in your organization’s best interest (i.e. become a member, purchase a ticket, make a donation, etc.). Let’s clear the air and work together to update the saying so that it can be more effectively applied to the purpose of inspiring action in today’s world. Let’s get one thing straight: Content is not unimportant. The marketing channels about which the “content is king” saying may have originated were one-way communication channels.

In other words, content is not necessarily about your audience. If you supply content, they will come? Great Little Places is Tinder for local eateries, find hidden gems while you travel. If you only count on Yelp and TripAdvisor to cover your food cravings while you travel, you might miss that great mom-and-pop local restaurants or pancake place that the locals frequent, as it will never in a million years make it to the popular guidebooks.

We all know such places very often serve amazing food at rock bottom prices that are meant for patrons from the neighborhood, not tourists that are mentally prepared to spend extra anyway. Moreover, it's a great way to experience the real topical cuisine of the place, unlike the prefabricated "local" recipes you might find at the most popular tourist restaurants. How do we find such hidden gem of an eatery in another town or country, though? Well, there is an app for that now, aptly-called Great Little Places (GLP), which is the equivalent of a crowdsourced restaurant finder in the local area. Great Little Places app Zoom level: FIT (85%) 5 Apps That Help You Find Your City's Hidden Gems. Finding hidden gems for your travel plans. New travel site TripGems helps travelers find things to do (tips and deals) on their next destination and let them share hidden gems with their friends and the world.

With the plentiful number of sites that you to get to a destination: flight search engines, hotel booking sites, There is no authority yet on the ‘Things to do’ market, let alone one that involves advice from your friends. This is the place where TripGems wants to be. “We want to unlock the ‘travel wisdom’ every traveler has in their head or in documents full of travel tips sitting on someone’s hard drive, bringing these hidden gems online is a firs step” says co-founder Maarten Munster.

“The second step is letting local businesses that are ‘gemmed’ promote themselves and give them full autonomy over their deals, instead of being squeezed (what happens at different deal websites).” For local businesses, TripGems also provides an opportunity to market their deals to a specific group and keep full autonomy on the deal.

Finding hidden gems while travelling with new apps | News | Tech. TORONTO - News apps are helping users share information about sights and hidden gems in cities and countries around the globe so other people can benefit from their knowledge. Findery, a free app for iPhone and Android available worldwide, lets people view trivia and stories about favourite locations, whether it's a building, beach, or a landmark, such as the Eiffel Tower. "We want to help bring curiosity, adventure and exploration into daily life," said Caterina Fake, founder and chief executive officer of Findery, based in San Francisco. When users open the app they can read notes and inside tips or view photos and videos by others about nearby locations, which can be viewed on a map.

"I was standing in front of a building I pass a thousand times and found out that Ann Rice wrote Interview with a Vampire there," Fake said of the vampire novel by the American author. Findery and other apps aim to enhance the travel experience. "It will need to hit critical mass. Inntravel brochures | Download an Inntravel brochure. Call Inntravel on+44 (0)1653 617001 +44 (0)1653 617001search home our holidays destinations travel choices offers inspiration why inntravel? The Slow Lane My Shortlist | 0 HOLIDAYS Request a brochure (overseas) back to top> © Inntravel Limited 2015.

Follow us. The Graham & Co. SEATTLE TRAVEL GUIDE | get your travel on! Why We Love Seattle: The coffee culture, the black hoodies and rocker attitudes, and a ton of great neighborhoods each with their own vibe. And yes, we love the rain. When To Visit: Most people fall in love with Seattle in the summertime, where the blue sunny skies outnumber the typical overcast ones. It’s the perfect time to explore the many parks and outdoor cafes. Since the climate of Seattle is generally temperate, any time of the year is suitable for travel especially if a little rain won’t stop you from exploring! Budget: You can make Seattle work, no matter your budget. View GYTO! Sitka & Spruce: A great dinner destination for anyone seeking authentic Pacific-Northwest inspired dishes.

Sun Liquor: Dreamtastic. Hotel Max: This affordable hotel is in a great location for those girls who may want to go heavy on the downtown shopping during their trip. Rock Box: Are you too nervous to sing karaoke in front of a group of total strangers? Get the lay of the land by riding The Great Wheel. 5 Inspired Travel Guides for Planning Out-of-the-Box Vacations. If you are looking to have an outside-the-box travel experience and avoid the same tourist traps that most never make it beyond, picking up a unique travel guide is a great place to start. We’ve found five standout series, both for their great design and the wealth of information packed into their pages, to get you started on your own unique adventure.

Previous image Next image 1. In a unique spin on the traditional guidebook the CitiX60 guides tap local creatives, 60 to be exact, for their favorite local spots. 2. If you are on the "hunt" for a great meal or the best local shopping, this guide is perfect for you. 3. Consider these simple, colorful guides love stories to the places they cover. 4. Perfect for design lovers, the Design Guides are beautiful enough to serve as coffee table books although we suggest you bring them along on your adventures. 5. (Image credits: Jaime Kowal; Citix60; The Hunt Guides; Wildsam Field Guides; The Design Guides; Herb Lester Guides) Blog - deliciouslyorkshire. East Yorkshire Brewery highly commended at food and farming industry awards A Yorkshire Coast brewery has been highly commended at a national industry awards event. Wold Newton based Wold Top Brewery, received a Highly Commended award for its farm diversification enterprise in the Rural Enterprise Award at the 2014 Farm Business Food and Farming Industry Awards.

The awa... Read more... Posted 1 week, 4 days ago Arrow Sunstreams onto East Yorkshire farm shop shelves for Christmas As the shortest day approaches, tomatoes of the variety “Sunstream’ have been harvested at Selby’s Stockbridge Technology Centre (STC) and will be on sale exclusively in two East Yorkshire farm shops. Read more... Artisan Bakehouse proves the knead for a bakery school Huddersfield’s newest artisan bakery, Farnley Market, is set to deliver artisan bakery courses aimed at home bakers from January 2015.

Read more... The award-winning Yorkshire pie maker will supply products for the store’s Christma... Read more... Clubhouse Caravan Home Page. Nextdoor Plots Holiday Festivities with Cheer Map — Design News. Holiday House walk 2014 link party!! - Jennifer Rizzo. This is the party! Time to show us your house all dressed up for the holidays and be entered to win a chance to be in next years holiday house walk! Here are the rules: You must have a blog. This button must appear at the top of your post linked back here. You must do one Instagram post or Facebook post linking back to this party announcing your home is linked up. This year’s house walk participants will pick their 3 favorite homes and winners will be taken from those!

Some tips about showing your home: -Make sure you take your pictures in natural light -Show both full size room shots and vignettes -Tell us about your decor -if you are having trouble linking- check your backlink. -Homes/Post’s that do not follow the rules will be disqualified. I can’t wait to see your holiday home! And if you need more Christmas inspiration your can check out my holiday decorating book here on Amazon or see my Christmas decor stencils here at Royal Design Studio!

Go ahead and link up! You are next...