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Persona Template for Content Planning. Do you ever wonder why your site or social media efforts aren’t yielding results?

Persona Template for Content Planning

Maybe it has to do with the way you are communicating about your product or service. If you read your content and messaging, does it sound like a spec sheet outlining features, or does it sound like a customer-focused, problem-solving resource? As a small business owner, it can be tough crafting the right messages to entice potential customers. We sometimes get so focused on the product we’ve lovingly developed that we talk about the wrong things to customers.

We are proud of each little widget, every little color selection. So, what do you do to start really talking to your customers’ needs? The attached Excel workbook template has been developed to help with focusing in on developing a persona and building your keyword focus, link building focus, and content creation focus with those persona traits in mind. Infographic: Millennials are still the demographic du jour, but that's going to change soon.


Enter: Gen Z. The youngest members of the cohort are in middle school, while the oldest are finishing up college. And while their purchasing power is currently considerably less than that of millennials, they know exactly what they want and how they want to be marketed to. Clique Media Group, parent company of wildly popular sites WhoWhatWear, MyDomaine and Byrdie, is wading into this market with Obsessee, a social media-only lifestyle site targeted at the girls in this up-and-coming demo. Clique Media recently conducted a deep-dive study to see how to best reach those young women.

In line with CMG's research and data, EY, the world's third-largest professional services firm, recently released its own study that covers both male and female Gen Zers, noting their social habits—nearly all of them watch YouTube every day—and, perhaps most importantly, their future status in the U.S. population. Conducting a Social Media Audit. Whether marketers like it or not, consumers are now generating over 25% of content that appears in web searches for specific brand names, and consumers often trust those social media messages more than advertising or news articles about the brand.

Conducting a Social Media Audit

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: le business de l'audience fictive. Justin Bieber va s’en remettre, mais le choc a été brutal.

Twitter, Facebook, Instagram: le business de l'audience fictive

En décembre dernier, le site d’échange de photos Instagram a décidé de faire la purge dans les cohortes de faux abonnés sur les comptes de ses utilisateurs. A l’instar d’autres réseaux sociaux, la start-up rachetée par Facebook en 2012 traque ces amis virtuels pour mieux qualifier son audience et mieux séduire les annonceurs. En quelques heures, le jeune chanteur canadien a perdu 3,5 millions d’abonnés. Il lui en reste tout de même plus de 20 millions. L’honneur est sauf. Star du show-business, homme d’affaires ou simple quidam, la quête de popularité est devenue un concours de beauté planétaire sur Facebook ou Twitter. Pour une célébrité, il est devenu inimaginable de ne pas exister numériquement ou, pire, d’y être présent sans y être populaire. Une pratique légale. How Social Half-Life Reveals the Perfect Time to Post.

InShare52 What strategy are you using when you sit down to schedule your twitter posts for the week?

How Social Half-Life Reveals the Perfect Time to Post

If you’re like most people you probably either base your post times on an infographic you found on Pinterest or even ‘a feeling’ on what likely works best. But in reality your posting schedule should be viewed a science. Something meticulous based on a foundation of raw data and hard evidence. But therein lies another issue. Online Consumer Behavior: Theory and Research in Social Media, Advertising ... - Angeline Close - Google Books. 18 Incredibly Useful Market Research Tools for Social Media. You may have heard it said that understanding your audience on social media is one of the keys to success with social media marketing.

18 Incredibly Useful Market Research Tools for Social Media

(We may have even said it ourselves a time or two!) Makes a lot of sense. 5 Ways to Segment Social Media Audiences. The most powerful way to segment social media audiences into really granular slices is by advertising.

5 Ways to Segment Social Media Audiences

The catch? It costs money. If you add a credit card to a social network, seemingly limitless filtering options become available. How to Craft an Effective Social Brand Persona. Brands big and small need to have a presence on social media.

How to Craft an Effective Social Brand Persona

Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and the rising platform du jour have become too ingrained in daily life to ignore them as legitimate avenues for reaching–and being reached by–consumers. The problem lies in that social media can also present an entirely new set of challenges for organizations, as they feel out the best way to convey their brand’s message and devise best practices for social interaction.

An effective presence is no accident – although anyone can create an account, success on social media is not necessarily intuitive. Even habits and methods that brought success can fall by the wayside if those in charge of the accounts move on to other organizations or functions. The Ultimate Beginner's Guide To Finding Your Audience In Social Media. Identifying Audiences for Multichannel Marketing Campaigns. With today’s proliferation of available channels for e-commerce, customers have significantly enjoyed more control over the buying process.

Identifying Audiences for Multichannel Marketing Campaigns

Along with this development, the importance of multichannel marketing has also increased to engage customers better. And with so many avenues for communicating marketing messages, successful multichannel campaigns need to factor in audience segmentation to make campaign content more targeted, and thus more effective. Tailoring specific messages to segmented audiences increases engagement, which is why audience segmentation has become a vital part of this marketing campaign. This article aims to discuss the basics and key points of identifying your audience, and segmenting that identified audience for a more targeted message, as well as more chances for conversion.

How to Craft an Effective Social Brand Persona. 5 Ways to Segment Social Media Audiences. Adage. YORK, Pa.


( -- So it's not just that Mac guy in the "Get a Mac" ads who thinks he's better than everyone else. Apparently so do many of the people who use Apple's computers. Research from internet ad network Mindset Media confirms the ad's personification of Mac users as superior and self-satisfied. Its recent Mac user "mind-set profile" -- a psychographic ranking system that scores respondents on 20 different elements of personality -- found them to be more assured of their superiority, less modest and more open than the general population.

Mindset did not work with Apple, Microsoft or any other PC company for its survey of 7,500 Nielsen online consumers. Far fewer cohesive personality traits emerged among PC owners, likely because of the breadth of PC ownership. Increasing share The "Get a Mac" series of ads, also known as "Mac vs. Empowered. 18 Incredibly Useful Market Research Tools for Social Media. 3 Ways to Find Your Target Audience on Social Media.

It’s interesting reading posts that proclaim Facebook to be dead as a marketing platform. I understand the sentiment - with organic reach in massive decline, many are putting their hands in the air, saying ‘what are we supposed to do?’ And it makes sense that many of these people would feel like turning away from Facebook, but when people ask is Facebook is dead – or, indeed, when people ask if any platform is any good from a marketing perspective – the real answer is that is depends on your audience. Is Facebook dead as a marketing platform?