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4 New Moments Every Marketer Should Know. "Multi-Screen Marketing. February 23rd, 2014 • mobile • 7 Comments Arguably the biggest shift in consumer behavior in the last few years has been the explosion of devices and the number of screens in a consumer’s life. That has a major impact on media consumption and how marketers reach consumers. As Google reported, 90% of people juggle different devices when working toward a goal. As they move between devices, they expect brand experiences to be seamless yet specific to the nature of the device. Figuring out how to bring a brand to life consistently from the TV to the laptop to the tablet to the smartphone is tricky. The ANA and Nielsen recently predicted that multi-screen campaigns would account for 50% of media spend in 3 years. Yet it’s only 20% today. Measurement and tracking is part of the challenge. But the greatest challenge I think is cultural. Our brands revolve around consumers, whatever ways they choose to connect with our brands.

BROWSE SIMILAR CARTOONS IN: mobile. Enter the DRAGONs: how the Baby Boomer generation is changing the nature of ageing. Baby Boomers are misbehaving. In generations past, licentious behaviour may have gone out of the window the minute you picked up your pension, but thanks to advances in health, passing 60 can symbolise a new lease of life rather than a death knell – especially if you have the cash to enjoy yourself with.

Half of over-65s now enjoy good health, and with it, maintained libidos (helped on a bit by the menfolk in the form of a little azure pill). Havas Worldwide London has identified that this stage of life is the playground of the "DRAGON": Divorced, Rich, Aged 65+, Overseas Traveller, and Networker. "You're only as old as you look" The adage "You’re only as old as you feel" still holds true, but is increasingly being supplemented with "You’re only as old as you look". According to Brent Tanner, a consultant cosmetic surgeon at Spire Tunbridge Wells Hospital, the demand for facial surgery amongst the older community is coming from a new set of variables.

The silver separators On the move. Five Tips For Marketing To Generation Z. (Photo credit: Inc) The days of Sears Roebuck catalogs and radio marketing are long gone. Today’s youngest consumers, aka Generation Z, are looking for a social and intuitive way to absorb the barrage of sights and sounds that make up today’s advertising industry. Called the “holy grail for brands” by Marketing Magazine, these consumers are a highly coveted yet hard-to-reach market segment. If your brand or startup is trying to figure out how to reach Gen Z, start with these five tips: 1. In today’s business journals, it’s almost impossible to escape the many social media marketing articles telling you why you need a Facebook page — and how you should post on it incessantly.

To be effective in this space, consider running mobile-only promotions. 2. In contrast to their perceived superiority, Facebook is losing a significant portion of their under-18 users to Facebook-owned Instagram. Take advantage of these new tools. 3. As a result, Beats by Dr. 4. 5. Courtesy of YEC. Word of Mouth and Digital Marketing. It’s safe to say that social media has forever changed the way we make recommendations about any product or brand. Marketers have known for years that word of mouth marketing (WOMM) is the most credible form of advertising because promoters don’t stand to gain anything personally by recommending the product and are even willing to put their own reputations on the line.

It’s a good day for a brand when satisfied customers happily share and swap their views about products and experiences. So in the digital world, where should we be focusing to best generate the WOMM energy? Well, according to Social Media Link’s recent survey of over 10,000 “connected” consumers (93% of them female by the way), Facebook is the most trusted online platform for product and service recommendations. Household product reviews are trusted the most. What leads customers to share? It’s all in the vein of good will. What makes the review trustworthy? Connect: Authored by: Sharn Kandola See complete profile. YouTube. Nutella se prend les pieds dans le pot. Après avoir exigé la fermeture du site de fans « Nutella Day », la marque fait marche arrière sous la pression des internautes.

Si la plupart des marques tentent toutes les ruses pour créer des liens avec leurs consommateurs, la pâte à tartiner a décidé de remettre de l'ordre dans les rangs de ses plus fidèles fans. Car, malgré toutes les polémiques que Nutella suscite au sujet de l’utilisation de l’huile de palme, la marque draine depuis sa création en 1964 des milliers de fans à travers le monde. Sara Rosso , une blogueuse américaine vivant en Italie, est une de ces grandes amoureuses de Nutella. En 2007, elle lui a dédié un site et a pris la libre initiative d'instaurer une fête annuelle pour célébrer la pâte à tartiner. L’évènement est relayé, chaque année, par les media du monde entier et le Nutella Day capitalise plus de 40 700 fans sur Facebook et 6 800 followers sur Twitter .

Pourtant, la marque a décidé de mettre un terme à cette aventure. Martin Lindstrom Segment 1. Ethical consumers are influencers.