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How to Become an Ethical Hacker. Security on internet is very important.

How to Become an Ethical Hacker

And to improve the security, there’s been an increasing demand for ethical hackers (also known as white hat hackers) as they protect the computer systems from dangerous intrusions. There’s been need of technically skilled IT pros with a strong desire to solve problems and prevent malicious hackers from causing damage to network systems.

Shell Scripting - Checking Conditions with if. In Bourne Shell if statement checks whether a condition is true or not.

Shell Scripting - Checking Conditions with if

If so , the shell executes the block of code associated with the if statement. If the statement is not true , the shell jumps beyond the end of the if statement block & Continues on. SUSE Linux Enterprise 12: new features and extensions. Congratulations are in order for the fine folks at SUSE LLC.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 12: new features and extensions

Today in Nuremburg, Germany SUSE announces the availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 (SLES 12). SLES 12 is a much-anticipated release due to several improvements. I had the pleasure of speaking with SUSE's George Shi, Product Marketing Manager and Kerry Kim, Director of Strategic Marketing about the release and some of the new features. We began by talking about the general available release of SLES 12 and the announcement, including the new features and extensions. How To Install The MATE Desktop On Your Linux System. Compared to just a few years ago, the desktop environment landscape for Linux has changed significantly.

How To Install The MATE Desktop On Your Linux System

Elementary OS: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful. The upcoming Freya release is going to be even more popular than its predecessors and no one really knows why elementary OS is a Linux distribution based on Ubuntu, and using solely this description users should not be impressed.

elementary OS: Don't Hate Me Because I'm Beautiful

Linux Training. Linux Training. Linux Training. Linux Training. Fedora Present and Future: a 2014 Update (Part II, “What’s Happening?”) Linuxfoundation : An Introduction to the AWS... An Introduction to the AWS Command Line Tool Part 2. Binarytides - Collection of Linux Command Cheatsheets. The Virtualization Cookbook for IBM z/VM 6.3, RHEL 6.4, and SLES 11 SP3.

25+ examples of Linux find command – search files from command line. Linux find command The Linux find command is a very useful and handy command to search for files from the command line.

25+ examples of Linux find command – search files from command line

It can be used to find files based on various search criterias like permissions, user ownership, modification date/time, size etc. In this post we shall learn to use the find command along with various options that it supports. Software Compilation 4.11. KDE Software Compilation 4.11 August 14, 2013.

Software Compilation 4.11

The KDE Community is proud to announce the latest major updates to the Plasma Workspaces, Applications and Development Platform delivering new features and fixes while readying the platform for further evolution. The Plasma Workspaces 4.11 will receive long term support as the team focuses on the technical transition to Frameworks 5. This then presents the last combined release of the Workspaces, Applications and Platform under the same version number. How to Build a Firewall With Linux. In this Linux training video, Dr.

How to Build a Firewall With Linux

Chris Brown discusses the basics of packet filtering and how you can use them to build a firewall. The material that is presented in this tutorial is covered in great detail in our Linux Network Management (LF342) course. About Dr. Chris Brown. Why did Linux succeed on servers? Mon 20 May 2013 07:45:13 PM PDT Unlike the RISC Unix boxes from back in the day, a typical PC-architecture server is a Purchasing Manager's grab bag of cheap parts available on attractive terms.

Why did Linux succeed on servers?

As an OS developer, you don't know what weird mix of hardware you're going to have to support, even if you're part of the OS team at the hardware vendor. Distributions Shipping KDE. The Linux Foundation Video Site. 9 Linux podcasts you should follow. There are a number of great websites that report on Linux-related news.

9 Linux podcasts you should follow

Ubuntu Offers One Operating System for Any Device - Phone, Tablet, or PC. Making a single operating system work on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and TVs is a tricky proposition. You can’t just scale a mobile OS up or a desktop OS down; you have to build software that is flexible enough to adjust for different use cases. And if you want developers’ apps work across multiple devices running your OS, you have to figure out how to make that work, too. This is what Canonical, the U.K. company that developed Linux-based operating system Ubuntu, is trying to do. On Tuesday, the company revealed its tablet interface for Ubuntu, which it called the “next step” in allowing a “unified family of experiences” on smartphones, tablets, PCs, and TVs. Detailed Error Handling In Bash. By Willem Bogaerts, application smith at Kratz Business Solutions Summary Shell scripts are often running as background processes, doing useful things without running in a visible shell.

Think, for example, of cron jobs or scripts that are fired from a program on a web server.


Fedora Related. Free Linux Permission Chart Conversion Tool. Puppet Labs: IT Automation Software for System Administrators. Unknown Bash Tips and Tricks For Linux. Familiarity breeds ennui, and even though Bash is the default Linux command shell used daily by hordes of contented users, it contains a wealth of interesting and useful features that don't get much attention. Today we shall learn about Bash builtins and killing potential. Bash Builtins Bash has a bunch of built-in commands, and some of them are stripped-down versions of their external GNU coreutils cousins. DeveloperWorks : New to Linux programming and Linux system administration. In the simplest terms, Linux is an operating system.

LPIC or Comptia Exams

Linux. Educational Videos. Samba. Linux OS. The Linux System Administrator's Guide.