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Joomla 2.5 to 3.x Step by Step Migration. The following are step by step instructions to migrate your 2.5.x site to Joomla 3.x.

Joomla 2.5 to 3.x Step by Step Migration

Файловая система Linux полностью на tmpfs — скорость без компромиссов. Ruby nmap script to scan IP range for wireless camera and push IP to web server. How to Remotely Control Your PC (Even When it Crashes) Being able to remotely control your computer is an age old geek trick.

How to Remotely Control Your PC (Even When it Crashes)

But what about changing BIOS settings or installing an operating system remotely? With Intel AMT KMS this is within reach for any geek with the right hardware. Intel vPro is a management platform built into Intel processors and other hardware that allows companies to manage their desktops and laptops out-of-band (OOB). That means the computers can be managed no matter if the computer in on or off, and even if the operating system has failed or there is no hard drive present.

Converting a running physical machine to a KVM virtual machine » The Log Book of Manuel Kiessling. Let’s assume you have a physical machine running a Linux system, and you would like to convert this system into a virtual KVM/QEMU machine, keeping everything as close to the original as possible.

Converting a running physical machine to a KVM virtual machine » The Log Book of Manuel Kiessling

What follows is my approach. The first thing we need is a raw image file which mirrors the exact layout of the physical hard drive in our physical server. In our example scenario, the physical box has one hard drive at /dev/sda with a /boot Partition on /dev/sda2 and a physical LVM volume on /dev/sda3. This LVM volume houses a volume group with two logical volumes, one of them housing the root partition /, and the other one being unused.

KVM-QEMU, QCOW2, QEMU-IMG and Snapshots. During the past few weeks I found myself doing lots of work with Windows VMs.

KVM-QEMU, QCOW2, QEMU-IMG and Snapshots

I finally started reading-up on the use of snapshots. The QCOW2 format is the most powerful format supported by KVM-QEMU. It does not pre-allocate disk space, it offers the ability to create snapshots and, later, you can create new images that use a previous image as a base to dramatically speed-up the setup of a future VM. In this article we will look at some of the advanced features available in the QCOW2 format through the QEMU Image tool.

We will create a QCOW2 image, create snapshots within the image, create an image that is based on a backing file and copy an image to get rid of the reference to the backing file. The QEMU Image tool. Phanan/htaccess. Обзор площадки для тестирования веб-уязвимостей OWASP Top-10 на примере bWAPP. Learn Vim Progressively. Tl;dr: You want to teach yourself vim (the best text editor known to human kind) in the fastest way possible.

Learn Vim Progressively

This is my way of doing it. You start by learning the minimal to survive, then you integrate all the tricks slowly. Vim the Six Billion Dollar editor Better, Stronger, Faster. Installing a Mailserver with Postfix, Dovecot, SASL, LDAP & Roundcube. Installing a mailserver is a quite complex matter because several components are involved.

Installing a Mailserver with Postfix, Dovecot, SASL, LDAP & Roundcube

Since there are many different operational scenarios, there are many different possible configurations, thus lots of different howtos around the internet. In this howto I’m going to describe the basic configuration of a mail server which has the following characteristics: Everything runs on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS x64All software packages are taken from the repository (no compiling necessary)The server is directly connected to the internet using a static IP addressUsers don’t have system accounts on the Unix machineUser accounts are virtual accounts stored in an LDAPUsers with a valid LDAP account can … Send and receive mail via POP3/IMAPSend and receive mail via Web Interface Spam and virus protection (amavis, clamav, spamassasin) is not covered by this howto.

HOW-TO: Настройка Postfix + Dovecot + Dovecot SASL + виртуальные пользователи в LDAP. Install iRedMail on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS. System Requirements IMPORTANT WARNING: iRedMail is designed to be deployed on a FRESH server system, which means your server does NOT have mail related components installed, e.g.

Install iRedMail on Red Hat Enterprise Linux, CentOS

MySQL, OpenLDAP, Postfix, Dovecot, Amavisd, etc. iRedMail will install and configure them for you automatically. Otherwise it may override your existing files/configurations althought it will backup files before modifing, and it may be not working as expected. To install iRedMail on RHEL or CentOS Linux, you need: Я построю свой почтовый сервер с Postfix и Dovecot. CentOS 7 : Postfix : Install. HowTos/postfix sasl. Setup Postfix with a remote SMTP relay host - Zulius. Configuring Squirrelmail/Roundcude Webmail Server with DNS, Postfix, Dovecot and MySQL on RHEL 6 /CentOS 6. Обзор CentOS 7. Часть 1: контейнеры Linux / Облачная инфраструктура InfoboxCloud / Сообщество InfoboxCloud. Сегодня мы анонсируем доступность релиза операционной системы CentOS 7 в облаке InfoboxCloud, основанного на пакетной базе Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 и полностью совместимого с ним.

Обзор CentOS 7. Часть 1: контейнеры Linux / Облачная инфраструктура InfoboxCloud / Сообщество InfoboxCloud

В конце поста ссылка на бесплатное тестирование в облаке. CentOS 7 — первый релиз ОС, после перехода команды CentOS в RedHat. Данная ОС стабильна и готова к корпоративному использованию. Мы начинаем обзор новой ОС, состоящий из серии теоретических и практических статей. В первой главе обзора будет рассказано о поддержке контейнеров Linux в CentOS 7. Сети для самых маленьких. Часть нулевая. Планирование. Установка, настройка и тестирование Fedora 21 Workstation на личном или игровом компьютере. WindowsDualBoot. This page describes how to set up your computer in order to dual boot Ubuntu and Windows.


Although this may seem obvious, it is important to back up your files to an external backup medium before attempting a dual-boot installation (or any other hard drive manipulation), in case your hard drive becomes corrupted during the process. External hard drives, USB flash drives, and multiple DVDs or CDs are all useful for this purpose. Some computer manufacturers that pre-install Windows provide a Windows recovery/re-installation CD or DVD with the computer. However, many companies no longer ship a physical disc but instead create a hidden partition on the hard drive in which the recovery-disk information is stored.

How to use MySQL from SSH (Linux shell) Using MySQL from SSH may seem to be quite tricky if you’ve never done it before – but fear not – below is a list of MySQL commands that you can use to perform the required actions.

How to use MySQL from SSH (Linux shell)

Start by logging-in using a SSH client, like PuTTY, to access the shell command line. Below when you see # it means from the unix shell. Penetration Testing with the Joomla Security Scanner. Joomla Security Scanner Joomla Security Scanner Detects file inclusion, sql injection, command execution vulnerabilities of a target Joomla Websites.It will help web developers and web masters to help identify possible security weaknesses on their deployed Joomla Sites. No web security scanner is dedicated only one CMS.

Features of Joomla Security Scanner Exact version Probing (the scanner can tell whether a target is running version 1.5.12)Common Joomla! Based web application firewall detectionSearching known vulnerabilities of Joomla! Basic tutorial for creating a SFTP-only user on Ubuntu 9.04 and greater. Uploading Files To MySQL Database - PHP MySQL Tutorial. Using PHP to upload files into MySQL database sometimes needed by some web application. For instance for storing pdf documents or images to make som kind of online briefcase (like Yahoo briefcase). For the first step, let's make the table for the upload files. Сети для самых маленьких. Часть нулевая. Планирование / Блог им. admin / LinkMeUp.