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Software Protection Initiative - Lightweight Portable Security

Software Protection Initiative - Lightweight Portable Security
15 June 2011: LPS-Remote Access was certified by AFNIC to connect to the GIG for general telecommuting use Lightweight Portable Security (LPS) creates a secure end node from trusted media on almost any Intel-based computer (PC or Mac). LPS boots a thin Linux operating system from a CD or USB flash stick without mounting a local hard drive. Administrator privileges are not required; nothing is installed. The LPS family was created to address particular use cases: LPS-Public is a safer, general-purpose solution for using web-based applications. LPS-Public allows general web browsing and connecting to remote networks. LPS differs from traditional operating systems in that it isn't continually patched. To get started, download an LPS-Public ISO image or LPS-Public Deluxe ISO image and burn it to a CD. Download the LPS-Public ISO image, version 1.5.6 (5 December 2014). Download the LPS-Public Deluxe ISO image, version 1.5.6 (5 December 2014). Read the LPS-Public Datasheet.

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