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Slackware Learn Linux, 302 (Mixed environments): CIFS integration In this article, learn about these concepts: The Server Message Block (SMB) and Common Internet File System (CIFS) protocolsFeatures and benefits of using CIFSMounting CIFS shares on a Linux client This article helps you prepare for Objective 314.1 in Topic 312 of the Linux Professional Institute's (LPI) Mixed Environment specialty exam (302). The objective has a weight of 3. Prerequisites This article assumes that you have a working knowledge of Linux command-line functions and that you understand the basics of Samba configuration. Back to top Understanding SMB/CIFS Before proceeding with a description of how to use Linux as a client to an SMB/CIFS server, it's helpful to review the characteristics of the protocols to see how they compare with Linux's needs for a file system. Basic SMB features Metadata is data associated with, but not part of, a file. Another limit of SMB is its file-size limit of 2GiB. You should be aware of the network ports that SMB uses, as well. CIFS extensions to SMB

So cool ice cubes are jealous » PCLinuxOS Home - Snowlinux - Free Debian- and Ubuntu-based Linux distribution Ultimate Edition Puppy Linux Build a Gaming PC for $500 Just because you don't have a lot of money to spare doesn't mean you can't build a capable—and highly upgradable—gaming desktop. With the economy still struggling, personal budgeting remains vital. Even if you’re not in any financial trouble yourself (and if that’s the case, congratulations) you’re probably keeping a close eye on your bank account to reassure yourself that you’re secure should things take a turn for the worse. So if you want a new computer, particularly one for something relatively frivolous like playing games, chances are you want to make every penny count. And if you really want to restrict the number of pennies you spend, you may feel that you don’t have many choices. Luckily, that isn’t the case. We took a spin through to track down what we needed and had no problem coming up with a satisfying general-purpose PC with a strong gaming focus that came in just under $500.

Top 10 distros con KDE KDE es un entorno mas de los muchos que tenemos para elegir en Linux, es uno de los mas populares y probablemente sea el mas completo de todos y el que mejor integracion entre sus componentes ofrece. Por supuesto eso no se logra con un entorno de escritorio liviano y por eso KDE no lo es, incluso en algun momento antes de que existiera Unity y Gnome 3, KDE era el entorno mas pesado de todos. Luego mejoro bastante en ese aspecto. Hace poco nos topamos con la noticia de que Canonical ya no apoyara economicamente a Kubuntu por lo tanto se me ocurrio hacer esta lista, similar a la que habia hecho antes con el top 10 distros con LXDE. La lista no tiene ningun orden en particular. 1 - Chakra Muchos la han llamado “la mejor distro con KDE”. 2 - Kubuntu Aunque Canonical ya no apoye el proyecto financieramente sigue siendo y probablemente seguira siendo una distro activa porque hay un gran numero de seguidores de este proyecto. 3 - Fedora 4 - Mageia

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