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The latest news from Wesleyan University Press. Literature. Chimamanda Adichie: 'Dark-skinned girls are never the babes' - Profiles - People. Or, to be precise, life outside Nigeria, where the 35-year-old writer grew up before moving to America, aged 19, and "became black".

Chimamanda Adichie: 'Dark-skinned girls are never the babes' - Profiles - People

She laughs, putting on a fake surprised voice, "Oooh! I'm black! " Then adds: "In Nigeria, I never thought of myself as black, because I didn't need to. " In Nigeria, she also never had to grapple with the fact that for black women, what Western magazines call "nude" underwear is anything but; nor did she get wound up by editorials claiming that "pink lipstick is universal": the reality, as her latest protagonist, Ifemelu, puts it, is she'd "look like a golliwog if I tried that shade of pink". Such talk, such blatant language, should have me, the sort of well-meaning white liberal she parodies in her new book Americanah, squirming in my seat. But after spending five years writing a novel that puts race under a "gritty" spotlight, this is a conversation she wants us to have.

"I like to think of this book as having a cinéma vérité quality. Curriculum vitae. New Zealand crime fiction writers. Sir James Henry Peter McNeish KNZM (born 1931) attended Auckland Grammar School and graduated from Auckland University with a degree in languages.

New Zealand crime fiction writers

He is a New Zealand novelist, playwright and biographer who travelled the world as a young man - working as a deckhand on a Norwegian freighter in 1958, and recording folk music in 21 countries. He worked in the Theatre Workshop in London with Joan Littlewood, and was influenced by her spirit of socially committed drama. He worked as a free-lance programme- and documentary-maker for the BBC Radio's Features Department in the 1960s. He also wrote for The Guardian and The Observer. He spent three years in Sicily with Danilo Dolci, the non-violent anti-Mafia reformer, and wrote Fire under the Ashes (1965, London: Hodder and Stoughton) a biographical account of Dolci's life which is remarkable for its objectivity and clarity.

James McNeish's writing has been the subject of critical acclaim both at home and abroad. Sous le coup de la grâce de László Krasznahorkai. Vagabonde.


AMERIQUE. AFRIQUE. Inde. Scandinave. The Spier Poetry Festival - 9 & 10 May 2014. Read 5 Stories By Haruki Murakami Free Online (For a Limited Time) In her New York Times review of Haruki Murakami’s latest, Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage, Patti Smith writes that the novelist has two modes, “the surreal, intra-dimensional side” and the “more minimalist, realist side.”

Read 5 Stories By Haruki Murakami Free Online (For a Limited Time)

These two Murakamis often coexist within the same work of fiction, as the fantastic or the supernatural invades the real, or the other way around. Like one of his literary heroes, Franz Kafka, Murakami’s work doesn’t so much create alternate realities as it alters reality, with all its mundane details and humdrum daily routines. As Ted Gioia put it in a review of Murakami’s Kafka on the Shore, “this ability to capture the phantasmagorical in the thick of commuter traffic, broadband Internet connections and high-rise architecture is the distinctive calling card of Murakami”—he “mesmerizes us by working his legerdemain in places where reality would seem to be rock solid.”

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Black renaissance

FRANCOPHONIE. Miguel Torga_O Meu Portugal Biografia de Miguel Torga. Raharimanana - Éditions La passe du vent. Les Cauchemars du gecko. Fragments d’un texte qui a été créé au Festival d’Avignon en juillet 2009.Il sera repris au Théâtre des Quartiers d’Ivry du 9 au 19 février 2010.

Les Cauchemars du gecko

Lire l’entretien avec Raharimanana et Thierry Bedard. Mai 2010. L’intégralité de ce texte a paru aux éditions Carnets-livres sous le titre Fragments de cauchemars et autres fulgurances du gecko.C’est un très beau livre, entièrement fabriqué à la main par Francine Chatelain et Daniel Besace. La couverture est en tissu, il y a des photos. Il est édité à 400 exemplaires.On le trouve dans quelques librairies, on peut aussi le commander sur le site des éditeurs, ce qui sera l’occasion de découvrir les autres carnets-livres, tous fabriqués avec autant de soin et d’amour de la littérature.

De l’extension de la cruauté.


Repères biographiques - Victor Segalen, Stèles. Victor Segalen en 1905.

Repères biographiques - Victor Segalen, Stèles

Victor Segalen (né le 14 janvier 1878 à Brest - mort au Huelgoat le 21 mai 1919) est un poète français dont l'œuvre a été particulièrement imprégnée des cultures qu'il a rencontrées dans l'exercice de son métier de médecin de la marine. Pour obtenir son doctorat de médecine, il soutint en 1902 une thèse dont le titre était Les Cliniciens ès lettres. Le sujet en était les névroses dans la littérature contemporaine... En 1903, il arrive en mission à Tahiti. Il y découvre les restes de la culture Maorie décimée par la présence européenne. Culture.

Native poetry

Culture sud.