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Littérature étrangère

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The Catcher in the Rye

The theme of Society, Individuality, and Isolation in Robinson Crusoe from LitCharts. At the center of Robinson Crusoe is a tension between society and individuality.

The theme of Society, Individuality, and Isolation in Robinson Crusoe from LitCharts

As the novel begins, Robinson breaks free of his family and the middle-class society in which they live in order to pursue his own life. If he were to stay at home, he would live a life already arranged for him by his father and by the constraints of English society. By setting out to sea, Robinson prioritizes his sense of individuality over his family and society at large. Robinson gets exactly what he asks for (and more than he bargained for) when he finds himself stranded alone on his island. There, he lives entirely as an individual apart from society and is forced to struggle against nature to survive.


Doris Lessing - 'Ben is me!': why kids like Ben (16/26) Doris Lessing - Dealing with an alien child (15/26) Doris Lessing - "The Fifth Child" (9/26) Doris Lessing's unfinished business with 'Ben in the World' “The shadow of the fifth”: patterns of exclusion in Doris Lessing’s The Fifth Child — Anglais. Introduction.

“The shadow of the fifth”: patterns of exclusion in Doris Lessing’s The Fifth Child — Anglais

SATIRE as a powerful weapon

Swift's Satire in Gulliver's Travels. Gulliver's Travels was unique in its day; it was not written to woo or entertain.

Swift's Satire in Gulliver's Travels

It was an indictment, and it was most popular among those who were indicted — that is, politicians, scientists, philosophers, and Englishmen in general. Swift was roasting people, and they were eager for the banquet. Swift himself admitted to wanting to "vex" the world with his satire, and it is certainly in his tone, more than anything else, that one most feels his intentions. Besides the coarse language and bawdy scenes, probably the most important element that Dr. Bowdler deleted from the original Gulliver's Travels was this satiric tone. After that literary operation, the original version was largely lost to the common reader.

The Crucible

Edward P. Jones. Animal Farm. Romare Bearden Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works. "Black art has always existed.

Romare Bearden Biography, Art, and Analysis of Works

It just hasn't been looked for in the right places. " Synopsis A prominent American artist, Romare Bearden created dazzling work celebrating the black American experience, which he integrated into greater (predominantly white) American modernism. After working several decades as a painter, during the politically tumultuous 1960s Bearden found his own voice by creating collages made of cut and torn photographs found in popular magazines that he then reassembled into visually powerful statements on African-American life.

A Writer in His Own Mind. This week in the magazine and here online (see Fiction), Edward P.

A Writer in His Own Mind

Jones, who recently won the Pulitzer Prize for fiction, publishes “Old Boys, Old Girls,” which is set, like many of his stories, in Washington, D.C. Here, with The New Yorker’s Cressida Leyshon, Jones discusses his stories, his inspirations, and the importance of place. CRESSIDA LEYSHON: “Old Boys, Old Girls” is about a character called Caesar Matthews, who appeared in “Young Lions,” a story in your first collection, “Lost in the City,” which was published in 1992. I wondered why you decided to return to Caesar. EDWARD P. GCSE Bitesize: The Poem. Easter, 1916 - Poetry Foundation. One of the most powerful political poems of the 20th century was written by a man who was ambivalent about politics.

Easter, 1916 - Poetry Foundation

William Butler Yeats (1865–1939) began his career under the spell of the late Victorian era. Themes. LELE : Textes littéraires pour le lycée. Un article de Wiki Agreg-Ink.

LELE : Textes littéraires pour le lycée

LELE : littérature étrangère en langue étrangère Cette page en construction et modifiable par tous est le complément de Littérature Anglaise en Langue Anglaise en L. Elle est destinée à accueillir des ressources sur des oeuvres complètes et des idées de séquence pour la LELE en anglais. Pour le moment cette page est fortement inspirée du programme d'anglais de complément en vigueur jusqu'en juin 2012.

Si un lien est invalide, remplacez-le, enlevez-le ou signalez-le à . Insight 2° Pages 144-5. Gatsby’s Green Light Beckons a New Set of Strivers. Photo BOSTON — Jinzhao Wang, 14, who immigrated two years ago from China, has never seen anything like the huge mansions that loomed over Long Island Sound in glamorous 1920s New York.

Gatsby’s Green Light Beckons a New Set of Strivers

But ’s 1925 novel, “The Great Gatsby,” with its themes of possibility and aspiration, speaks to her. She is inspired by the green light at the end of the dock, which for Jay Gatsby, the self-made millionaire from North Dakota, symbolizes the upper-class woman he longs for. “Green color always represents hope,” Jinzhao said. “My green light?” Some educators say the best way to engage racially and ethnically diverse students in reading is with books that mirror their lives and culture. The novel had fallen into near obscurity by the time Fitzgerald died in 1940, said Charles Scribner III, whose great-grandfather signed the author with the family publishing company in 1919.

Book Of A Lifetime: Wide Sargasso Sea, by Jean Rhys. Wide Sargasso Sea is not just a great novel, it is many brilliant books in one.

Book Of A Lifetime: Wide Sargasso Sea, by Jean Rhys

Multi-layered and complex, Jean Rhys's prelude to Jane Eyre vividly illustrates how accounts and understanding differ, and creates a sense of the characters' past being inescapable. In this poignant evocation of the bitter romance between the white Creole heiress Antionette Cosway, of the Jamaican plantation-owning class, and the increasingly cold Englishman Mr Rochester, Rhys creates a relationship that is intense with the rage of desire and marked by deep tragedy.

I first read Wide Sargasso Sea before coming to Jane Eyre.