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Poetic/literary baggage

Ecritures théâtrales - Plays

Roman et psychanalyse. Books and writers - livres et écrivains. Lit jeunesse / Children's books. Poetry. Various on writing. Le droit dans l'oeuvre de Shakespeare - Idées. Dario Fo & Franca Rame - L'anomalo Bicefalo. Ubù, la vera storia di Berlusconi di DARIO FO. For the Love of Books: A Sarajevo Story – in pictures. During the Bosnian war, a group of men and women risked their lives to rescue thousands of irreplaceable Islamic manuscripts – and preserve a nation's history.

For the Love of Books: A Sarajevo Story – in pictures

Amid bullets and bombs, this handful of passionate book-lovers safeguarded more than 10,000 unique, hand-written antique books and documents – the most important texts held by Sarajevo's Gazi Husrav Beg Library, founded in 1537. As the 20th anniversary of the start of the siege of Sarajevo approaches, a documentary airing tonight on BBC4 tells the story of this extraordinary bid to protect a nation's history.

Here are a few of the film's most striking images. An online magazine of the literary arts. The Outlet @ VWC - The Outlet. Hey everyone! We are very excited about implementing our new website for The Outlet ! Keep checking back, because it will be changing constantly. Congratulations! Posted in Goings On - 04-06-2010, 13:02 Sigma Tau Delta, the International English Honor Society, is proud to announce the new class of inductees for 2009 / 2010! Initiation takes place at 4:30pm today, April 6, 2010. Vol.1 - Pietro Citati racconta Omero e la nascita della letteratura occidentale.

Il Caffè Letterario: Dario Fo Racconta Boccaccio. Il Caffè Letterario - Pietro Citati racconta Giacomo Leopardi. L'art de la bifurcation : dichotomie, mythomanie et uchronie dans l'oeuvre d'Emmanuel Carrère - Mario Touzin. Tout écrivain est double à plusieurs sens [...] il possède un double - ou est possédé par lui.

L'art de la bifurcation : dichotomie, mythomanie et uchronie dans l'oeuvre d'Emmanuel Carrère - Mario Touzin

Alain Green1(*) La bifurcation, chez Emmanuel Carrère2(*), prend les traits d'un univers dans lequel le quotidien bascule et plonge dans un monde d'étrangeté où la frontière entre le réel et le fictionnel semble parfois difficile à définir, où la double vie, ou double réalité, se déploie en vie réelle et vie rêvée, et où la bifurcation fait en sorte que les personnages basculent de l'une à l'autre. Cette bifurcation met en scène les trois structures suivantes : la dichotomie, la mythomanie et l'uchronie. Par dichotomie, nous entendons une figure qui est celle de l'altérité : l'effet de miroir projetant parfois l'image d'un « je » qui est « autre ». Dans le Petit Robert, on donne comme définition de la dichotomie : « Divisions et subdivisions binaires (entre deux éléments qu'on sépare nettement et qu'on oppose). De la mythomanie à l'uchronie * 2 Emmanuel Carrère est né à Paris le 9 décembre 1957. Free Novels Cyber-Books. Read half the novel free - see how Free Online Novels can eventually become a best-selling book.

Free Novels Cyber-Books

These free novels are books and fictional works presented in their entirety online either as html or a downloadable file; they are available as free online novels from the authors in order to promote their work, seek representation, promote additional work, and/or develop a following. Though these free online novels are not found in the mainstream bookstores, many of them will eventually be discovered for their entertaining and enlightening value not always recognized by mainstream publishing until after a following is established. free novels / anthologies / serials / sneak peeks / virtual novels / non-fiction / something different Last Updated: Dec. 14th, 2005 (12/14/2005)

Libro Audio, Libri sonori gratuiti letti e narrati da Ginzo Robiginz. Free Online Literature and Study Guides. Letteratura, lingua, cultura italiana e dintorni - italialibri - Scrittori e libri italiani. RadioAlt - Musica e Libri. American Literature Sites. American Literature Sites General Paul P.Reuben's Perspectives in American Literature Pages.

American Literature Sites

This major site includes extensive bibliographies of American authors as well as study questions about their major works.history; its SiteScene reviews are extensive and thorough. Literary Resources on the Net. Jack Lynch maintains this excellent site at Rutgers; the entries are current, searchable, and annotated. American Studies Web at Georgetown University. General Literature Sites Victorian Web. Books Online Note: Because of copyright restrictions, only works published prior to 1923 and those made available by the copyright holder are available for free online. Google Books. Nineteenth-Century Periodicals and Primary Sources Cornell University's Making of America site is an extensive, searchable collection of major periodicals of the nineteenth century. Miscellaneous Resources. Brief Timeline of American Literature and Events, 1620-1920.

Brief Timeline of American Literature and Events: Pre-1620 to 1920 This timeline provides a short chronology of events in American history and literature.

Brief Timeline of American Literature and Events, 1620-1920

It is linked to course pages and bibliographies as well as to a set of more general linked resources: pages on American authors, literary movements, and American literature sites. Each author page contains a picture (if available), a bibliography (if available), links to major sites about the author, and links to works online. The Short Story Library - American Literature.