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DL BL19 Lesser Kan Li. [Mantak Chia, Maneewan Chia] Fusion of 5 Elements(BookFi. Salads. EatingforyouBloodtype. BioChemicalSaltHandbook. BioChemicalSalt. MantakChiaTaoistSecretsOfLoveCultivatingtheMaleSexualEnergy. DanWinterAlphabetoftheHeart. Chakra Healing Report. Chakra Yoga w Images. AcidAkalineandMineralBalance. CosmicOrbit. Polarity Therapy. - Chinese meridians - Meridian (Chinese medicine) Samuel Sagan Awakening the Third Eye. THE ROOT CHAKRA HANDBOOK. Vegetarian Nutrition Guide Jan2014. PDHPE-First Aid. Physical to etherial terrain (body) modification. Jing Builder. Jing in Chinese medicine is the Chinese word for "essence", specifically kidney essence.

Jing Builder

Jing is stored in the kidneys and is yin in nature, which means it nourishes, fuels, and cools the body. Production of semen, in the man, and menstrual blood in the woman, are believed to place the biggest strains on jing. Although semen is sometimes equated with jing, this is not accurate. Semen is not jing, although semen is one of the primary expressions of jing in the male body. Because production of semen in men places the greatest strain on jing, a full and healthy supply of semen serves to nourish jing and allow it to transform more easily into chi and thus into shen, fueling the spiritual and creative aspects of human expression.

Our formula serves several purposes. Taoist, Buddhist, and Tantric Hindu teachings all stress the importance of keeping one’s seminal essence intact, and replenishing it when lost. Jing Builder Ingredients Per Capsule: Ingredient Discussion. PURE SHILAJIT - A GUARANTEED CHI SUPER TONIC - NOW AVAILABLE. "This is simply the finest Shilajit available in the world.


Harvested in Ladakh at elevations of over 3000 meters, the raw material is processed through an elaborate series of Ayurvedic stages to produce the pure elixir found here. " Well well well things just keep getting better. I have finally tested and secured a source for Pure Shilajit. Here are the facts. In several conversations about certain individuals walking amongst us with large amounts of Chi power such as Dynamo Jack I was always inquisitive if there was anything beyond meditation that they were doing in order to build such high levels of Chi.

I began to discover through various channels that in fact they were and that Alchemy played a major part in Chi building, development, and cultivation. So what should you expect with the super tonic? The fact is you only need a pepper corn size dose of Pure Shilajit for it to begin its effects and by the next day you can begin feeling the change in energy levels. ASTRAXYME ENZYMES - THE NEXT LEVEL OF CULTIVATION AND DIGESTION. Find Astraxyme Enzymes here Wholeness!


This is a major part of my personal work in getting the body back in to alignment. The infinite spiral of our existence involves the bodies utilizing one another for energy. This means that several micro functions must take place in order for the bodies to fully process all materials they have access to, even on an Ethereal level. Etherium Gold. Thousands of people from all walks of life have benefited from Etherium Gold.

Etherium Gold

Many have been able to use Etherium Gold for learning disabilities such as ADD/ADHD. Many athletes, especially those in the Martial Arts love Etherium Gold because it tends to promote greater mind/body integration. It contains electromagnetic frequency and wave patterns that increase alpha brain wave production through an electromagnetic modality that harmonizes the two hemispheres of the brain. It works very well whenever increased mental focus is essential. This can be before an important career meeting or event, or simply wanting to pay more attention to a teacher or a public speaker. This powder is from a trace mineral deposit caused by a meteorite implosion. Vital chart. Timeless-Secrets-of-Health-Rejuvenation. CELL PHONE EFFECTS ON DNA.

Lists of Alkaline Food. I want to share a great article I found on alkaline that I found myself to be helpful.

Lists of Alkaline Food

Enjoy family List of Alkaline Foods - The pH Balanced Diet By Christopher Vasey, ND Acidification in the body comes as a result of THREE primary things: 1. Realm Dynamics — Internal Cleansing FAQ. April 05, 2014 Can I eat during the internal cleanse?

Realm Dynamics — Internal Cleansing FAQ

Diet is a major factor in determining how mild or strong your cleansing will be. The only difference between a mild and strong cleanse (Besides your comfort level) is that it takes longer to achieve the same effect. There are specific foods that you should try to eliminate for best results, they include: dairy products, fried foods, processed sugars and syrups, heavy salts and meats. By making your diet lighter the same energy that your body would normally use to break down food can now be us... Does cleansing help fight fatigue? After your cleanse you should feel invigorated, full of renewed energy and vitality.

Is cleansing effective for parasite removal? Yes – although it must be noted that no Blessed Herbs cleanse (whether the Para Cleansing Kit™ or other cleanse) is intended to cure or treat any condition or disease. Pineal Gland. The Pineal Gland is the Spirtual center of Our Original bodies; often referred to as the "Spritual Eye", "Eye of Heru"; "I have eyes behind my head...

Pineal Gland

"; "Third Eye"; and so on. The Pineal Gland is responsible for the secretion of Melanin (naturally producing the hormones - Seratonin by Day & Melatonin by Night). Melanin is known as the Chemical of the Soul, and plays a key role in the Spiritual, Mental & Physical Greatness that Our People (Afrikan, Black, Original, Nubian, etc.) are known for. The Wholeness Store. Schuessler Cell Salts - 27 tissue salts for your health. Bio-Chemical Cell Salt Kit. Bioplasma is a mixture of all 12 Biochemical Cell Salts at the strength of 6x.

Bio-Chemical Cell Salt Kit

12 cell salts.