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Optimal body and mind

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SKC. We believe in the classic country club experience: mixed doubles, a sauna and a stiff martini.


It’s all about balance. We believe in ‘mens sana in corpore sano’ - a healthy mind in a healthy body – and that wellness should be a central focus of daily life. 5 Natural Ways to Optimize Your Brain. The brain is a wondrous and complex organ.

5 Natural Ways to Optimize Your Brain

It regulates every aspect of the body and cognitive performance including movement, impulse control, reasoning, memory and breathing... just to name a few! Mindfulness- A Powerful Tool for Optimizing Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health. The practice of mindfulness is one of the most powerful holistic self-care tools you can use to optimize your physical, mental and spiritual health.

Mindfulness- A Powerful Tool for Optimizing Your Physical, Mental and Spiritual Health

It's a simple and convenient technique that doesn't require any special skills or training. Not only that, it is completely free, requires no visit to a health practitioner's office and is available at your fingertips 24-hours a day. This makes it cost-effective and accessible even for those with the most challenging financial conditions. The regular use of mindfulness and mindfulness based meditation is one of the most effective ways for reducing stress, managing chronic pain, alleviating anxiety and depression, restoring balance to the autonomic nervous system, coping with life, overcoming addictions, and to top it off, it is a great avenue for spiritual development and creativity. Body and Mind Integration. Sitting on our veranda at Strawberry Hill, a mountaintop retreat in Jamaica where we are teaching a workshop, it’s easy to feel spacious and alive, vast and open, connected to sky and earth.

Body and Mind Integration

This feeling comes naturally here but just as easily dissolves when we’re confronted with the “too many people, too little time, too much to do” syndrome of everyday life back in Manhattan. Maybe if we lived here all the time we’d always feel boundless and accessible…ahhh…that’s a trap. 5 reasons why you should have a body and mind routine. “The rhythm of the body, the melody of the mind and the harmony of the soul create the symphony of life.”

5 reasons why you should have a body and mind routine

B.K.S Lyengar One week ago, I hadn’t even heard of this Lyengar dude, but in searching for a summative quote for this blog, I was struck by the simplicity and beauty of his words. Uk.businessinsider. Stay Well Grand King. Shower Filters remove chlorine with Vitamin C. Creating Workforce Habits That Matter - Virgin Pulse. Healthy holidays and retreats. Be More Human: Physical Fitness Transforms Your Life. MOUNTAIN.

Exhibitions — Worry Will Vanish — Hauser & Wirth. Thync. The Octave of Visible Light: A Meditation Nightclub — LIA CHAVEZ. Thailand Health spa resorts Koh Phangan, health detox retreats. The Sanctuary is located on the small, beautiful tropical island of Koh Phangan in the Gulf of Thailand, a sister island to Koh Samui.

Thailand Health spa resorts Koh Phangan, health detox retreats

We are nestled into the corner of Had Tien Bay and are most easily accessed via Had Rin Town – normally by boat, or by car when the waves are too high for sea travel. The Sanctuary Thailand is “…quite magical.” – The Times UK – February 2008 Getting to Paradise By Plane: The most direct way to get Ko Phangan is to fly from Bangkok to Koh Samui Island with Bangkok Air. By Boat: Koh Phangan island is easily accessible by boat from several places in southern Thailand. From Koh Samui: The easiest way to get to The Sanctuary, between mid January to late October, is on the Thong Nai Pan ferry boat. Please note however that if the waves are big this boat doesn’t run. Forbes Welcome. U.S. Marines learn to meditate in stress-reduction program. AP Photo/Lenny Ignelzi The U.S.

U.S. Marines learn to meditate in stress-reduction program

Marine Corps, known for turning out some of the military's toughest warriors, is studying how to make its troops even tougher through meditative practices, yoga-type stretching and exercises based on mindfulness. Marine Corps officials say they will build a curriculum that would integrate mindfulness-based techniques into their training if they see positive results from a pilot project. Mindfulness is a Buddhist-inspired concept that emphasizes active attention on the moment to keep the mind in the present.

Facing a record suicide rate and thousands of veterans seeking treatment for post-traumatic stress, the military has been searching for ways to reduce strains on service members burdened with more than a decade of fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan. The School Infantry-West at Camp Pendleton will offer the eight-week course starting Tuesday to about 80 Marines. Results from that study are expected in the fall, Marine Corps officials said. Lance Cpl. Yoga Rave #6! with 5Rhythms®: MAY 13TH - Creative Yoga London. We don’t mess about here folks – you’d better get your parents on Speed dial as this one could be a life changer!

Yoga Rave #6! with 5Rhythms®: MAY 13TH - Creative Yoga London

This will be amazing – if you thought the first 4 were fantastic then wait till you experience this one! Creative Yoga London brings you the most spectacular total ultimate yoga event ever – like a yoga Christmas – in a MASSIVE venue (we can get 100 people in there) taking your feel good factor to EXTREME levels!